Dr Selena Fisk | School data coach and consultant
Selena Fisk

Dr Selena Fisk, School data coach and consultant, Selena Fisk

Selena is a data storyteller who is passionate about helping others sort through the numbers to tell the real stories and lead positive change. Drawing on her 16 years' teaching experience in Australia and the UK, she has developed resources to promote data storytelling in schools, including an online self-paced data course, and three books published by Amba Press. Selena mentors system leaders, school leaders, middle leaders and teachers in data storytelling, ultimately to benefit the young people that we aim to serve. Selena's book, 'I'm not a numbers person: How to make good decisions in a data rich world’ was published by Major Street Publishing in 2022.


Day 2 @ 14:00

Using data to measure your impact

- ways data can help identify progress through a change process- the importance of good baseline data- ways to discuss impact that are tangible and measurable

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