Ashleigh Smith | Manager, Business Systems Maintenance, Digital Solutions
Department of Education, Queensland

Ashleigh Smith, Manager, Business Systems Maintenance, Digital Solutions, Department of Education, Queensland

With a background in psychology and primary education, Ashleigh has lead technical teams to support systems integral to teaching and learning within Queensland state schools, including Office 365, Apple iOS, and Learning Management Systems. 

More recently she has contributed to the development of the Safer Technologies for Schools (ST4S) assessment program, a national initiative, coordinated by Education Services Australia, which assesses online services against a set of consistent information security, privacy and online safety criteria.  

Ashleigh is the Chair of the ST4S Working Group and member of the ST4S Assessment team. To date, ST4S has assessed over 150 online services and have 50 assessments planned for the remainder of 2021.


Day 2 @ 13:30

How the QLD Department of Education makes decisions about the use of online services in QLD schools

  • Schools and school authorities have obligations to protect the privacy and security of personal information held on behalf of students, parents and staff.
  • With the plethora of online services available, the importance of ensuring these obligations are clear and adhered is now even more important.
  • In this session, you will learn about the risk-based decision making process the Queensland Department of Education follows regarding software products and services used in their schools and the use of the Safer Technologies 4 Schools program.
last published: 28/Jul/21 23:15 GMT
last published: 28/Jul/21 23:15 GMT
last published: 28/Jul/21 23:15 GMT

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