Dr Bronwen Bollaert, Healthy Pet Behaviour Services

Craig Challen, Veterinarian- Cave Diver, 2019 Australian of the Year

Samantha clutterbuck, Veterinary nurse, The University of Melbourne

Samuel Demssie, Animal Health, Dallas Veterinary Clinic

Ann Enright, Animal Sheltering Options

Jennie Frost, Owner & Operator, Blue Mountains Animal Rehabilitation Centre

Louise Ginman, Dog Trainer, Positive Dogs

Heather Hopkinson, Veterinary Technician Specialist - Equine Veterinary Nursing, North Carolina State University

Dr Olivia James, CEO and Founder, The Veterinary Dental Company

Dr Everard Kasimanwuna, Pets Health Veterinary Clinic

Dr Evie Knight, Specialist Veterinary Dermatologist, Veterinary Specialist Services

Amy Lam, Small Animal Medicine Specialist, Small Animal Specialist Hospital

Amy Lam | Small Animal Medicine Specialist | Small Animal Specialist Hospital » speaking at The Vet Expo

Alianna Munakata, Veterinary Technician, The unusual pet vets

Dr Vanessa Pirotta, Whale Snot Expert -Marine Scientist- Women in STEM Advocate, Macquarie University

Kersti Seksel, Senior Lecturer- Animal Behaviour Specialist, Sydney Animal Behaviour Service

Kersti Seksel | Senior Lecturer- Animal Behaviour Specialist | Sydney Animal Behaviour Service » speaking at The Vet Expo

Moss Siddle, Veterinary Surgeon And It Start Up Chief Executive Officer, VetCheck Pty Limited

Luke Smith, Equine Veterinarian, Motion Equine Podiatry Consulting

Luke Smith | Equine Veterinarian | Motion Equine Podiatry Consulting » speaking at The Vet Expo

Claire Stevens, Small Animal Veterinarian, Author & Trainer, Global Vet Solutions

Freddy Umlil, Managing Director, Compounded

Freddy Umlil | Managing Director | Compounded » speaking at The Vet Expo

Dr Jane Yu, University of Sydney

Dr Kirsten Hailstone, Animal Referral Hospital

Dr Anthony Caiafa, Qualified human & veterinary dentist, James Cook University

Dr Charles A Kuntz, Worlds' 1st Robotic Surgery, Southpaws Specialty Surgery For Animals

Dr Stewart Ryan, Senior Lecturer & Head Of Small Animal Surgery Service, University of Melbourne

Professor Lorenzo Crosta, Avian Practitioner of the Year, University of Sydney

Dr Christine Griebsch, Senior Lecturer Small Animal Internal Medicine Unit Head Medicine, Sydney University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Dr Arthur House, Peninsula Vet Emergency And Referral Hospital

Dr Anne Fawcett, Co-author & Companion animal veterinarian, University of Sydney

Dr Fernando Taboada, Senior Lecturer & Head of Veterinary Anaesthesia & Analgesia, Animal Anaesthesia and Analgesia (3A)

Dr Mark Kelman, Lead Researcher Canine Parvovirus, Paws For A Purpose

Nicolas Lyons, Development Officer Dairy, NSW Department Of Primary Industries

Professor Tim Karl, Head of Research for Schizophrenia & Alzhemier's disease in Rodents, Western Sydney University

Dr Francois-Rene Bertin, Senior Lecturer, Equine Internal Medicine, The University of Queensland

Dr David Vella, Veterinarian, Sydney Exotics & Rabbit Vets

Dr Lucy Kirton, Director, Flexi Vet Training

Dr Mark Westman, Associate Lecturer In Veterinary Microbiology And Animal Disease, University of Sydney

Dr Timothy Portas, Zoo and Wildlife Veterinary Consultancy

Dr Stephen Page, Director Veterinary Clinical Pharamcology & Toxicology, Advanced Veterinary Therapeutics

Paul Higgins, Veterinarian & Foresight Strategist, Emergent Futures

Dr Jackie Campbell, Australia's leading voice in Veterinary Palliative Care, Sunset Vets

Dr Asaf Dagan, Chief Veterinary Scientist, PetPace LLC

Dr Sarah Bolton, Project Officer- Animal Health, Welfare and Fertility, Dairy Australia, Dairy Australia

Suzanne Wu, Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine Student, University of Sydney

Lyndal Hulse, Senior Research Technician, The University of Queensland

Shannon Lee, Equine Veterinary Dentist, Advanced Equine Dentistry

Dr Kim Kendall, Director, The Cat Palace

Dr Matthew Muir, Integrative Veterinarian & Founder of VetFunctions, All Natural Vet Care

Dr Yvonne Van Der Veek, Director, Flexi Vet Training

David Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Cerestag

Dr Cam Day, Media Presenter & Pet Behaviour Consultant, Cam Day Consulting

Dr Dani Mcvety, Founder, Lap Of Love Veterinary Hospice

Dr Alex Rosenwax, Birds & Exotics

Dr Brianna Talbot, Avian Reptile and Exotic Pet Hospital

Prof Frank Nicholas, Sydney School Of Veterinary Science The University Of Sydney

Robert Banks, Director Animal Genetics And Breeding Unit, University of New England

Dr Tony Batterham, Apiam Animal Health Limited

Anita Parkin, Nurse Manager - Veterinary Specialist Services Jindalee, Veterinary Specialist Services

Dr Geoff Golovsky, VET HQ

Dr Crystal C Loh, Hallam Veterinary Clinic

Dr Kevin Ng, Cornell University

Dr Nigel Brown, Northern Tablelands Local Land Services

Dr Liam Donaldson, Queensland Veterinary Specialists

Thierry Beths, Associate Professor, Veterinary Anesthesia And Pain Management, University of Melbourne

Gary Fitzgerald, Nurse Manager, The University of Queensland

Dr Kate Hill, Massey University

Dr Jana Leshinsky, Sash Vets

Dr Andrew O'shea, Camden Valley Hospital

Dr Marvin Kung, Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre

Professor Rosanne Taylor, Professor Of Veterinary Education, University of Sydney

Dr Jacquie Rand, The University of Queensland

Dr Chris Tan, Sydney Veterinary Emergency And Specialists

Dr Peter Chitty, North Shore Veterinary Hospital

Associate Professor Imke Tammen, University of Sydney

Dr Helsa Teh, Animal Referral Hospital

Dr Elias Gumpel, Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre

Momoko Ito, Primary Chemotherapy Veterinary Nurse, Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre

Dr Jayne Mcghie, The University of Queensland

Dr Hamish Baron, Director, Unusual Pet Vets

Dr Raquel Butler, Charles Sturt University

Dr David Clarke, Hallam Veterinary Clinic

Dr Ian Dacre, FAO, United Nations

Dr Robert Hilton, Skin Vet

Dr Joey Rheinberger, Ironmines Veterinary Clinic

Jane Bindloss, Veterinary Management Consultant, Sane Vet Management

Dr Julien Dandrieux, Lecturer In Small Animal Medicine, University of Melbourne

Dr David Butchart, Chief Executive Officer, Veterinary Growth Partners

Dr Nellie Choi, Murdoch University

Dr Shari Cohen, Senior Animal Welfare Officer, The University of Melbourne

Dr Margie McEwen, VetPrac

Dr Ri Scarborough, University of Melbourne

Dr Kellie Thomas, Charles Sturt University, AMR Vet Collective

Professor Gail Anderson, The University Of Adelaide

Chris Burrows, Veterinary Technician, University of Sydney

Dr Jaime Jackson, Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine Veterinarian, Primal Paws

Dr Jeannet Kessels, Greater Springfield Veterinary

Isabel Macphillamy, Project Officer, Mekong Livestock Research and PhD Candidate, University of Sydney

Dr Suzanna Richards, University of Melbourne

Michael Valenzuela, Professor of Regenerative Medicine, The University of Sydney Brain & Mind Centre

Dr Ann Herbst, Emergency Veterinarian, Kick Ass Vets

Dr Zachary Lederhose, Director, Goulburn Veterinary Clinic

Chiara Palmieri, Associate Professor Veterinary Pathology, The University of Queensland

Lisa Partel, Nurse Manager And Integrator, Critical Care Nurse, Sydney Veterinary Emergency And Specialists

Dr Donna White, Veterinary Anaesthetist, Sydney School Of Veterinary Science The University Of Sydney





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