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Karina Graham, Small Animal Medicine Specialist, Veterinary Specialists of Sydney

Dr Karina Graham Specialist in Small Animal Medicine
BVSc (Hons), FANZCVS (Small Animal Medicine)   Dr. Karina Graham is a highly respected Specialist in Small Animal Medicine with a profound dedication to advancing veterinary care. Beginning her journey as a veterinary nurse in specialty practice, she diligently honed her skills and knowledge over the years. This commitment led her to achieve a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons) from Sydney University in 2006, kickstarting her pursuit of excellence in the field.   Building upon her foundational education, Dr. Graham embarked on a path of continuous learning and specialisation. Notably, she engaged in externship training at the University of California, Davis, focusing on cardiology and neurology, broadening her expertise in these critical areas of veterinary medicine. Her unwavering passion for delivering exceptional care to small animals culminated in her attainment of a Fellowship at the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in 2013, marking a significant milestone in her career.   Dr. Graham's professional journey is distinguished by her unwavering commitment to innovation and patient-centric care. Particularly notable is her expertise in vascular interventions, encompassing advanced procedures such as prostatic embolisation, transarterial chemoembolisation for liver tumours, and transapical edge-to-edge cardiac interventions. These cutting-edge techniques represent the forefront of veterinary medicine, allowing for precise, minimally invasive treatments with optimal outcomes for her patients.   Driven by a profound empathy for animals and their human companions, Dr. Graham approaches each case with meticulous care and a solution-oriented mindset. Her dedication to enhancing the lives of her patients extends beyond conventional treatments, as she embraces groundbreaking approaches to address complex medical conditions. By incorporating the latest advancements in veterinary care and maintaining a compassionate approach, Dr. Graham continues to redefine standards in small animal medicine, ensuring superior clinical outcomes and fostering trust among her clientele    


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Panel: Promoting inter-professional collaboration

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