The VET Expo covers content from every facet of the veterinary and animal health ecosystem. Our speakers will share unique perspectives and offer fresh insights on operational innovation and clinical excellence for vets and animal health professionals.

Speakers are carefully sourced for their knowledge and thought leadership. They are experts, innovators and more importantly purpose-driven to improve animal health and care. From practical clinical discussions, "how-to" sessions, innovation and technology, The VET Expo has it all.

Our content innovates, transforms and inspires the veterinarian and animal health professionals! Working with an Advisory Board of leading industry experts and organisations, we bring you a world-class in-person conference that fulfils the need to learn, grow and develop as well as giving you the insight and knowledge to ensure success!

  • 150 educational sessions from industry experts
  • Learn from and participate in industry hot topics by discussing the latest insights and trends 
  • A platform to share knowledge and discuss key industry trends 
  • 2000 attendees from SMEs and veterinary practices across Australia


Through case studies, mini-workshops and future-oriented presentations you will have a tool kit to navigate your rapidly changing world.

Take a sneak peak at some of our topics:

The VET Expo, World class conference livestock

• Mobile sensors to monitor health and increase productivity
• Alternatives to antibiotics – getting more from your medicine cabinet
• Herd level health – how to plan, prevent, protect
The VET Expo, World class conference wildlife

• Stabilisation and anaesthesia for acute abdominal emergencies
• Taking your post mortem skills from good to great
• Best practice for wildlife darting, capture and relocation
The VET Expo, World class conference companion

• Advanced surgical procedures
• Next–gen vaccines
• Quality of life – the options and do they work
• Animal behaviour and anxiety management
The VET Expo, World class conference

• Source new petcare and pettech products to stock in your clinics
• Discover what pet owners really want and how you can increase profits by selling more petcare products and services
The VET Expo, World class conference equine

• What’s new in managing Australian horse sickness
• Tips and tricks for dealing with complicated wounds
• Modern methods to manage musculoskeletal injuries to reduce mortality
The VET Expo, World class conference innovation arena

• The vibrant arena hosting exciting demonstration of first-world technology specifically adapted to the variety of unique challenges that vets and animal health professionals face in Australia
The VET Expo, World class conference business

• Arming vets with telemedicine apps
• How to generate revenue from veterinary nurse consultations
• Make sure you are insured – the do’s, don’ts and absolute essentials
• Recruit staff
• Finance your business
The VET Expo, World class conference animal health

• Devices, real time data and the internet: enabling the farmers & breeders
 Why good medicine leads to good business – the importance of preventatives
• How and when to intervene in feeding and caring


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