Jocelyn Birch Baker | BVSc (Hons) Founder, practice owner, veterinarian, mother.
Smooth Operating Vets

Jocelyn Birch Baker, BVSc (Hons)  Founder, practice owner, veterinarian, mother., Smooth Operating Vets

Jocelyn Birch Baker BVSc (Hons), Founder, practice owner, veterinarian, mother.  Jocelyn is dedicated to inspiring and enabling veterinary women to achieve whatever they desire in their careers while balancing it with their families and their lives.  Since graduating in 1983, Jocelyn has experienced many areas of the vet profession, from the cattle industry to mixed and small animal clinics. She has held positions on National and State Boards and Committees. As the Owner of High Street Veterinary Surgery, Jocelyn has hands-on, day-to-day experience in today’s veterinary marketplace. She understands the complexities of running a profitable practice while having an excellent lifestyle for herself and every team member. As the founder of Smooth Operating Vets, Jocelyn is working to create mother-friendly Veterinary practices. Jocelyn has been a speaker at conferences, nationally and internationally, and has done many podcasts and webinars, speaking about how we as a profession must change our workplace systems to keep our fantastic women veterinarians in the clinical space. She presented at the World Veterinary Association Congress in South Africa on the topic of the future success of veterinary women. Jocelyn addressed how we, as veterinary women, must take up leadership positions and also become the practice owners of the future, enabling our women vets to have financial, professional, and personal success. Jocelyn was the year's keynote speaker at the Veterinary Encouragement Conference in South Carolina. Jocelyn has won the Veterinary Business Thought Leader Award, and presented at the VetForum International in Singapore, AVA conferences and VetExpo.      


Day 1 @ 14:45

Roundtable: Women Vet career & work life balance

Day 1 @ 14:45

Roundtable discussions

There will be roundtables of 30 minutes duration at 2:45pm and 3.20pm

Location: Practice Management Theatre 3

  • Wildlife Triage: Host Ludo Valenza    
  • Business Opportunity Identification  Host: Adele Feakes
  • Women Vet career & work life balance Host: Jocelyn Birch Baker  
  • Animal Mental Health: Jacqui Ley     
  • Wellbeing & burnout
  • Mentor meeting up 
  • More details coming soon

Day 2 @ 10:00

Position your career as a veterinarian mum

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