James Ramsden | Director
Pet Pack

James Ramsden, Director, Pet Pack

Dr James Ramsden is a vet with over 15 years of mass media and online marketing experience. James founded Petpack - Australasia's only digital marketing agency run by vets, for vets, after recognising the need for effective and regular communication to pet owners to increase animal health outcomes. James, and the Petpack team of both marketing and veterinary experts, use digital marketing to help vet clinics in two main ways: 1) Growth - using websites, Google Ads and other professional tools for clinics that are just starting out or simply want to grow or enhance their practice traffic, and; 2) Bringing pet owners back - using regular, vet-curated content to educate pet owners and keep them returning regularly, rather than waiting for the next emergency. James and the team (including veteran office dogs Poppy and Griff) are always happy to have an informal chat about how they can help your vet clinic thrive.


Day 2 @ 13:30

Effective communications lift animal health care outcomes by 50% - what are you doing to harness this?

  • The latest tools from Google, Meta and Tik Tok for practice use
  • Brushing is the gold standard but 80% of dogs and cats have dental disease - how to bridge this gap
  • Personalisation is the future - how to embrace this for your clinic to grow
last published: 12/Jul/24 00:15 GMT

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