Pauline Willis | Organisational & Coaching Psychologist

Pauline Willis, Organisational & Coaching Psychologist, Lauriate

Pauline is a leading Australian Organisational & Coaching psychologist with a focus on designing, launching, and sustaining psychologically healthy resilient teams. She is a sought-after speaker and innovator who offers thought leadership in the area of creating success by embracing all levels of change from individual, through teams to organisation wide initiatives to create sustainable approaches to business success whilst providing the conditions for mental health and well-being. Pauline has brought tools developed by psychologists to support high performing teams in high pressure roles and environments in military, aerospace, healthcare, and emergency services settings to veterinary practice. A key focus of her work through executive and team coaching and consultancy has been the upskilling and development of leaders who are ready to embrace the science of leading teams to create mentally healthy workplaces. Her work with Veterinarians includes the ongoing collaboration between Dr Ola Jankowska from the Blackwater Veterinary Clinic and Dr Ivor Wolstencroft.


Day 1 @ 13:05

Top tips for creating psychologically healthy veterinary teams – ‘with love’ from the team at Blackwater Vets

Success in the face of increasing external challenges for independent veterinary practices, comes at increasing costs at both the business and personal level. Research focused on the veterinary professions is starting to show that methods and approaches tried and tested in other domains from human healthcare to aerospace are key for all teams in high stakes, high pressure workplaces. Whilst the research has been catching up, there have been ‘pockets of practice’ where veterinary teams have successfully demonstrated ‘practice based evidence’ for addressing the organisational as well as the personal factors to create and sustain psychologically healthy teams. Blackwater Vets is one of these teams and we have distilled ‘top tips’ for success with you at the Vet Expo in 2024.

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