Nikki Catley | Grief Facilitator
Paws for Talk

Nikki Catley, Grief Facilitator, Paws for Talk

Nichole ( Nikki) Catley is a Grief Facilitator and founder of Paws For Talk. As a certified Grief Facilitator, Nikki has been supporting pet families for the past seventeen years as they consider end of life or quality of life assessment. Nikki can provide a safe space for clients to share their fears and concerns and really unpack all aspects of their fur loved one to ascertain if they are living an acceptable quality of life or really just existing as these are two very different things. Nikki also offers bereavement support to those who have experienced the loss of a pet family member. Nikki is extremely passionate and committed to raising awareness that pet loss should be acknowledged and recognised and has published a short book ' Fur the Broken Hearted' as a tangible tool to support clients with the devastating thought of beginning end of life discussions and processes.


Day 2 @ 15:10

Supporting End of Life - conversation with your team

Day 2 @ 15:35

Panel: Palliative and End of Life Care Q&A

last published: 16/Jul/24 23:45 GMT

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