Only the most forward-thinking executives from across the urban mobility spectrum speak at MOVE.




Gonzalo Alcaraz, Program Director Connected & Autonomous Vehicles, International Road Federation

Gonzalo Alcaraz | Program Director Connected & Autonomous Vehicles | International Road Federation » speaking at MOVE

Thalia Baldwin, CEO, Geospatial Commission

Thalia Baldwin | CEO | Geospatial Commission » speaking at MOVE

Glynn Barton, Network Management Director, Transport for London

Glynn Barton | Network Management Director | Transport for London » speaking at MOVE

Claudia Becker, Senior Expert Sustainability & Responsible Supply Chain Management, BMW

Janette Bell, Managing Director First Bus, First Group

Janette Bell | Managing Director First Bus | First Group » speaking at MOVE

Thomas Bitter, Senior Vice President of Technology, Volvo Construction Equipment

Katie Black, Head Office for Low Emission Vehicles, Department for Transport

Katie Black | Head Office for Low Emission Vehicles | Department for Transport » speaking at MOVE

Katelijne Boerma, Bicycle Mayor, City of Amsterdam

Katelijne Boerma | Bicycle Mayor | City of Amsterdam » speaking at MOVE

Aimee Boulanger, Executive Director, Initiative For Responsible Mining Assurance

Aimee Boulanger | Executive Director | Initiative For Responsible Mining Assurance » speaking at MOVE

Grayson Brulte, Innovation Strategist & Co-Founder, Brulte & Company

Nicolas Brusson, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, BlaBlaCar

Nicolas Brusson | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | BlaBlaCar » speaking at MOVE

Cindi Choi, Managing Director, Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures

Cindi Choi | Managing Director | Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures » speaking at MOVE

Pamela Cohn, Chief Operating Officer, UAM Division, Hyundai Motor Group

Pamela Cohn | Chief Operating Officer, UAM Division | Hyundai Motor Group » speaking at MOVE

Henk Coppens, CEO

Henk Coppens | CEO |  » speaking at MOVE

Juan Corro Beseler, Chief Information Officer, EMT Madrid

Juan Corro Beseler | Chief Information Officer | EMT Madrid » speaking at MOVE

Aurelien Cottet, International Sales Director, INSTANT System

Mark Cracknell, Head Of Technology, Zenzic

Mark Cracknell | Head Of Technology | Zenzic » speaking at MOVE

Gary Cutts, Director - Future Flight Challenge, UK Research And Innovation

Gary Cutts | Director - Future Flight Challenge | UK Research And Innovation » speaking at MOVE

John David Von Oertzen, CEO, Mobimeo

John David Von Oertzen | CEO | Mobimeo » speaking at MOVE

Lucette Demets, Head of Urban, London & Partners

Lucette Demets | Head of Urban | London & Partners » speaking at MOVE

Daniel Deparis, Head Of Urban Mobility, Daimler AG

Daniel Deparis | Head Of Urban Mobility | Daimler AG » speaking at MOVE

Robert Dingemanse, Chief Executive Officer, PAL-V

Robert Dingemanse | Chief Executive Officer | PAL-V » speaking at MOVE

Matt Drayer, Manager, Customer Solutions and Senior Solutions Architect, edX

Thomas Duscha, Chief Executive Officer, Swobbee

Andy Eastlake, Managing Director, Zemo Partnership

Andy Eastlake | Managing Director | Zemo Partnership » speaking at MOVE

Shamala Evans, Senior Project Manager: Transport and Innovation, Coventry City Council

Carme Fabregas, Chief Technology Officer, Autoritat Del Transport Metropolita (Metropolitan Transport Authority Barcelona)

Carme Fabregas | Chief Technology Officer | Autoritat Del Transport Metropolita (Metropolitan Transport Authority Barcelona) » speaking at MOVE

Yasmine Fage, Co-Founder And Chief Operating Officer, Goggo Network

Yasmine Fage | Co-Founder And Chief Operating Officer | Goggo Network » speaking at MOVE

Henrik Fisker, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Fisker Inc

Henrik Fisker | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer | Fisker Inc » speaking at MOVE

Astrid Fontaine, Member of the Board of Management, People, Digitalization & IT, Bentley Motors Ltd

Astrid Fontaine | Member of the Board of Management, People, Digitalization & IT | Bentley Motors Ltd » speaking at MOVE

Amaury Gailliez, Director Battery Business & Operations, Renault

Amaury Gailliez | Director Battery Business & Operations | Renault » speaking at MOVE

Miguel Gaspar, Deputy Mayor For Mobility And Safety, City of Lisbon

Miguel Gaspar | Deputy Mayor For Mobility And Safety | City of Lisbon » speaking at MOVE

Michael Glotz-Richter, Senior Project Manager for Sustainable Mobility, City of Bremen

Michael Glotz-Richter | Senior Project Manager for Sustainable Mobility | City of Bremen » speaking at MOVE

Jonny Goldstone, Managing Director, Green Tomato Cars Ltd

Jonny Goldstone | Managing Director | Green Tomato Cars Ltd » speaking at MOVE

Andrew Grant, Senior Associate, BloombergNEF

Andrew Grant | Senior Associate | BloombergNEF » speaking at MOVE

Agnes Grisoglio, Director Mass Transit Academy, SNCF

Agnes Grisoglio | Director Mass Transit Academy | SNCF » speaking at MOVE

Stefan Gruettner, Project Director, KelRide, District of Kelheim

Stefan Gruettner | Project Director, KelRide | District of Kelheim » speaking at MOVE

Michael Guerin, District Lead Smart Docklands, City Of Dublin

Michael Guerin | District Lead Smart Docklands | City Of Dublin » speaking at MOVE

Geeta Gupta-Fisker, Co-Founder & CFO, Fisker Inc

Geeta Gupta-Fisker | Co-Founder & CFO | Fisker Inc » speaking at MOVE

Gustav Hasselskog, Foudner & CEO, Candela

Gustav Hasselskog | Foudner & CEO | Candela » speaking at MOVE

Ahti Heinla, CEO & CTO, Starship Technologies

Ahti Heinla | CEO & CTO | Starship Technologies » speaking at MOVE

Steve Hellman, Managing Partner, Mobility Impact Partners

Jonas Hernlund, Chief Commercial Officer, Einride

Jonas Hernlund | Chief Commercial Officer | Einride » speaking at MOVE

Jamie Heywood, Regional General Manager - UK, Northern And Eastern Europe, Uber

Jamie Heywood | Regional General Manager - UK, Northern And Eastern Europe | Uber » speaking at MOVE

Isbrand Ho, Managing Director Europe, B.Y.D.

Isbrand Ho | Managing Director Europe | B.Y.D. » speaking at MOVE

Lex Hoefsloot, Chief Executive Officer, Lightyear

Lex Hoefsloot | Chief Executive Officer | Lightyear » speaking at MOVE

Paul Hollway, Managing Partner, KX Ventures

Paul Hollway | Managing Partner | KX Ventures » speaking at MOVE

Chris Holmes, Programme Director, Transport, West Midlands 5G

Chris Holmes | Programme Director, Transport | West Midlands 5G » speaking at MOVE

Dan Hutcheson, Chief Executive Officer, VLSI Research

Dan Hutcheson | Chief Executive Officer | VLSI Research » speaking at MOVE

Francesco Iacorossi, Cycling Mayor, City of Rome

Francesco Iacorossi | Cycling Mayor | City of Rome » speaking at MOVE

Thomas Ingenlath, Chief Executive Officer, Polestar

Thomas Ingenlath | Chief Executive Officer | Polestar » speaking at MOVE

Dylan Itzikowitz, Associate, Expa

Dylan Itzikowitz | Associate | Expa » speaking at MOVE

Daniel Ives, Managing Director, Equity Research, Wedbush Securiities

Daniel Ives | Managing Director, Equity Research | Wedbush Securiities » speaking at MOVE

Peter Janevik, CEO, AstaZero

Peter Janevik | CEO | AstaZero » speaking at MOVE

Ian Johnston, Chief Executive Officer, Engenie

Ian Johnston | Chief Executive Officer | Engenie » speaking at MOVE

Jeremy Kahn, Senior Writer, Fortune

Jeremy Kahn | Senior Writer | Fortune » speaking at MOVE

Silvia Kaupa-Gotzl, Chief Executive Officer, O.B.B. Postbus

Silvia Kaupa-Gotzl | Chief Executive Officer | O.B.B. Postbus » speaking at MOVE

Jenny Keisu, CEO, XShore

Jenny Keisu | CEO | XShore » speaking at MOVE

Craig Knight, CEO, Hyzon Motors

Craig Knight | CEO | Hyzon Motors » speaking at MOVE

Brian Koslowski, COO HoppyGo & Senior Project Manager, ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab

Brian Koslowski | COO HoppyGo & Senior Project Manager | ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab » speaking at MOVE

Matilda Landén, Director Green City Zone, City Of Gothenburg

Matilda Landén | Director Green City Zone | City Of Gothenburg » speaking at MOVE

Justin Laney, Partner, General Manager, Fleet, John Lewis

Justin Laney | Partner, General Manager, Fleet | John Lewis » speaking at MOVE

Daniel Laury, CEO & Chief Product Officer, Udelv

Daniel Laury | CEO & Chief Product Officer | Udelv » speaking at MOVE

Martyn Lee, Editor, EV News Daily

Martyn Lee | Editor | EV News Daily » speaking at MOVE

Chong Lee, Head Of Urban Solutions, Volkswagen AG

Chong Lee | Head Of Urban Solutions | Volkswagen AG » speaking at MOVE

David Leipziger, Innovation Lead for Cities & Mobility, Innovate UK

David Leipziger | Innovation Lead for Cities & Mobility | Innovate UK » speaking at MOVE

Sam Li, Senior Innovation Officer, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Sam Li | Senior Innovation Officer | Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council » speaking at MOVE

Jewel Li, Chief Operating Officer,

Jewel Li | Chief Operating Officer | » speaking at MOVE

Jani Lillberg, Advisor, KimiRing

Jani Lillberg | Advisor | KimiRing » speaking at MOVE

Anders Linnarsson, Head of Electrolux Logistics AB, Electrolux

Anders Linnarsson | Head of Electrolux Logistics AB | Electrolux » speaking at MOVE

John Lippe, Director, City Engagement, Europe, Ford Smart Mobility

John Lippe | Director, City Engagement, Europe | Ford Smart Mobility » speaking at MOVE

David Liu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Plus

David Liu | Founder and Chief Executive Officer | Plus » speaking at MOVE

Lars Gunnar Lundestad, Project Manager Autonomous Vehicles, Ruter AS

Lars Gunnar Lundestad | Project Manager Autonomous Vehicles | Ruter AS » speaking at MOVE

Joe Ma, Deputy General Manager, Shenzhen Bus

Lesley Macinnes, Transport & Environment Convener, City of Edinburgh Council

Lesley Macinnes | Transport & Environment Convener | City of Edinburgh Council » speaking at MOVE

Ann-Kristin Mackensen, Company Building, Porsche Digital

Ann-Kristin Mackensen | Company Building | Porsche Digital » speaking at MOVE

Thierry Mallet, Chief Executive Officer, TRANSDEV

Thierry Mallet | Chief Executive Officer | TRANSDEV » speaking at MOVE

Niall McArt, Founder & Managing Director, Retrospective Scooters

Niall McArt | Founder & Managing Director | Retrospective Scooters » speaking at MOVE

John McKenna, CEO,

John McKenna | CEO | » speaking at MOVE

Steve McNamara, General Secretary, Licensed Taxi Drivers Association

Steve McNamara | General Secretary | Licensed Taxi Drivers Association » speaking at MOVE

Cetin Mericli, Co-founder & CEO, Locomation

Cetin Mericli | Co-founder & CEO | Locomation » speaking at MOVE

Rupert Mitchell, Chief Strategy Officer, WM Motor

Rupert Mitchell | Chief Strategy Officer | WM Motor » speaking at MOVE

Mahmut Mobassit, eTruck Director Europe, B.Y.D.

Mahmut Mobassit | eTruck Director Europe | B.Y.D. » speaking at MOVE

henri moissinac, CEO, Dott

henri moissinac | CEO | Dott » speaking at MOVE

Peter Molyneux, Major Roads Director, Transport for the North

Peter Molyneux | Major Roads Director | Transport for the North » speaking at MOVE

Lars Moreke, Director Automotive And Mobility, Deutsche Bahn

Lars Moreke | Director Automotive And Mobility | Deutsche Bahn » speaking at MOVE

Dominick Moxon-Tritsch, Director of Regulation & Public Policy, bolt

Dominick Moxon-Tritsch | Director of Regulation & Public Policy | bolt » speaking at MOVE

Jacqui Murray, Deputy Director, Faraday Battery Challenge, Innovate UK

Jacqui Murray | Deputy Director, Faraday Battery Challenge | Innovate UK » speaking at MOVE

Meera Nayyar, Head Of Passenger Experience, DfT

Meera Nayyar | Head Of Passenger Experience | DfT » speaking at MOVE

Will Norman, Walking And Cycling Commissioner, Office of the Mayor of London

Will Norman | Walking And Cycling Commissioner | Office of the Mayor of London » speaking at MOVE

Nicolas Olivier, Chief Executive Officer, Carfit Corporation

Nicolas Olivier | Chief Executive Officer | Carfit Corporation » speaking at MOVE

Lola Ortiz Sanchez, Director General Of Mobility Planning and Infrastructure, City of Madrid

Lola Ortiz Sanchez | Director General Of Mobility Planning and Infrastructure | City of Madrid » speaking at MOVE

Matthew Owen, Group Director, Strategy, Caburn Group

Andy Palmer, President and Group Chief Executive Officer, Switch Mobility

Andy Palmer | President and Group Chief Executive Officer | Switch Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Lamprini Papafoti, Future Mobility Officer, Transport for West Midlands

Lamprini Papafoti | Future Mobility Officer | Transport for West Midlands » speaking at MOVE

Gunjan Parik, Programme Director Transportation & Urban Planning, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

Gunjan Parik | Programme Director Transportation & Urban Planning | C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group » speaking at MOVE

Isobel Pastor, Head, Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Department for Transport

Isobel Pastor | Head, Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles | Department for Transport » speaking at MOVE

Markku Pietilä, CEO, KimiRing

Markku Pietilä | CEO | KimiRing » speaking at MOVE

Ian Plummer, Commercial Director, Autotrader.Com

Ian Plummer | Commercial Director | Autotrader.Com » speaking at MOVE

Alexander Polyakov, Director of Research and Development Institute for Urban Transportation “MosTransProekt, Moscow Transport

Chuck Price, Chief Product Officer, TuSimple

Chuck Price | Chief Product Officer | TuSimple » speaking at MOVE

Usha Raghavachari, Lab Director, D-Ford London, Melbourne and São Paulo, Ford Motor Company

Usha Raghavachari | Lab Director, D-Ford London, Melbourne and São Paulo | Ford Motor Company » speaking at MOVE

Alvaro Ramis, Advisor to the Board, bestmile

Alvaro Ramis | Advisor to the Board | bestmile » speaking at MOVE

Peter Rawlinson, CEO & CTO, Lucid Motors

Peter Rawlinson | CEO & CTO | Lucid Motors » speaking at MOVE

Carlton Reid, Transport Contributor, Forbes

Carlton Reid | Transport Contributor | Forbes » speaking at MOVE

Philipp Reth, CEO, WeShare & Head of New Mobility, Volkswagen

Philipp Reth | CEO, WeShare & Head of New Mobility | Volkswagen » speaking at MOVE

Alex Rodrigues, CEO, Embark Trucks

Alex Rodrigues | CEO | Embark Trucks » speaking at MOVE

Sandra Roling, Head Of EV100, The Climate Group

Sandra Roling | Head Of EV100 | The Climate Group » speaking at MOVE

Paul Rooijmans, Founder, Tranzer B.V.

Avinash Rugoobur, President, Arrival

Avinash Rugoobur | President | Arrival » speaking at MOVE

Bob Sanguinetti, Chief Executive Officer, Uk Chamber Of Shipping

Aram Sargsyan, Regional General Manager EMEA & CIS, Yandex.Taxi Group

Aram Sargsyan | Regional General Manager EMEA & CIS | Yandex.Taxi Group » speaking at MOVE

Tobias Scharfen, Chief Sales Officer, Has to be GmbH

Anna Schindler, Director Of Urban Development, City Of Zurich

Anna Schindler | Director Of Urban Development | City Of Zurich » speaking at MOVE

Raoul Schmidt-Lamontain, Deputy Mayor for Climate Protection, Enviroment & Mobility, City Of Heidelberg

Raoul Schmidt-Lamontain | Deputy Mayor for Climate Protection, Enviroment & Mobility | City Of Heidelberg » speaking at MOVE

Manuel Schneider, Head Of Business Model Innovation, BMW

Manuel Schneider | Head Of Business Model Innovation | BMW » speaking at MOVE

Dakota Semler, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Xos Trucks

Dakota Semler | Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder | Xos Trucks » speaking at MOVE

Valentino Sevino, Planning and Mobility Management Director, Milan Environment & Mobility Agency

Valentino Sevino | Planning and Mobility Management Director | Milan Environment & Mobility Agency » speaking at MOVE

Rikesh Shah, Head Of Commercial Innovation, Transport for London

Rikesh Shah | Head Of Commercial Innovation | Transport for London » speaking at MOVE

Nadeem Sheikh, VP Autonomous Vehicle Programs, Lyft

Nadeem Sheikh | VP Autonomous Vehicle Programs | Lyft » speaking at MOVE

Isobel Sheldon OBE, CSO, BritishVolt

Isobel Sheldon OBE | CSO | BritishVolt » speaking at MOVE

Laura Shoaf, Managing Director, Transport for West Midlands

Laura Shoaf | Managing Director | Transport for West Midlands » speaking at MOVE

Mariano Silveyra, President, Europe, Cabify

Mariano Silveyra | President, Europe | Cabify » speaking at MOVE

Robin Svaricek, Chief Executive Officer, HoppyGo

Robin Svaricek | Chief Executive Officer | HoppyGo » speaking at MOVE

Karina Tiekstra, Chief Executive Officer, MyWheels

Karina Tiekstra | Chief Executive Officer | MyWheels » speaking at MOVE

Elliot Treharne, Head of Air Quality, Greater London Authority

Elliot Treharne | Head of Air Quality | Greater London Authority » speaking at MOVE

Aarjav Trivedi, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Ridecell

Aarjav Trivedi | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Ridecell » speaking at MOVE

Jessica Uguccioni, Lead Lawyer Automated Vehicles Review, Law Commission Of England And Wales

Jessica Uguccioni | Lead Lawyer Automated Vehicles Review | Law Commission Of England And Wales » speaking at MOVE

Karen Vancluysen, Secretary General, Polis Network

Karen Vancluysen | Secretary General | Polis Network » speaking at MOVE

Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor, City of Helsinki

Jan Vapaavuori | Mayor | City of Helsinki » speaking at MOVE

Martin Varsavsky, CEO, Goggo Network

Martin Varsavsky | CEO | Goggo Network » speaking at MOVE

Matthew Vickerstaff, Chief Executive, Infrastructure and Projects Authority (HM Treasury and Cabinet Office)

Matthew Vickerstaff | Chief Executive | Infrastructure and Projects Authority (HM Treasury and Cabinet Office) » speaking at MOVE

Sakshi Vij, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, MylesCar

Sakshi Vij | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | MylesCar » speaking at MOVE

Duncan Walker, CEO, Skyports

Duncan Walker | CEO | Skyports » speaking at MOVE

Jill Warren, Chief Executive Officer, European Cyclists' Federation

Jill Warren | Chief Executive Officer | European Cyclists' Federation » speaking at MOVE

Mike Waters, Director, Policy, Strategy And Innovation, Transport for West Midlands

Mike Waters | Director, Policy, Strategy And Innovation | Transport for West Midlands » speaking at MOVE

Kate Weinberg, Director of Sustainability, OVO Energy

Kate Weinberg | Director of Sustainability | OVO Energy » speaking at MOVE

Marla Westervelt, Director of Policy, Commission on the Future of Mobility

Marla Westervelt | Director of Policy | Commission on the Future of Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Marla Westervelt, Director of Policy, Commission on the Future of Mobility

Marla Westervelt | Director of Policy | Commission on the Future of Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Matt Windle, Managing Director, Group Lotus plc

Matt Windle | Managing Director | Group Lotus plc » speaking at MOVE

Sam Zaid, Founder & Executive Chairman, Getaround

Sam Zaid | Founder & Executive Chairman | Getaround » speaking at MOVE

Susanna Zammataro, General Director, International Road Federation

Susanna Zammataro | General Director | International Road Federation » speaking at MOVE

Hui Zhang, VP Europe, Nio

Hui Zhang | VP Europe | Nio » speaking at MOVE