Only the most forward-thinking executives from across the urban mobility spectrum speak at MOVE. Our cross-modal structure ensures this line-up is unrivalled by any other event. MOVE brings together the people and companies redefining the transport tech industry around the world: MOVE in London, MOVE America in Austin and MOVE Asia in Singapore.


See the thought leaders who made MOVE 2020 incredible below... stay tuned for our 2021 speaker-line up!







Thomas Ableman, Founder & CEO, Snap Travel

Thomas Ableman | Founder & CEO | Snap Travel » speaking at MOVE

Marc Agrain, Investment Officer, European Investment Bank

Marc Agrain | Investment Officer | European Investment Bank » speaking at MOVE

Janine Albrecht-Webb, General Manager Digital, Retail, Royal Dutch Shell

Janine Albrecht-Webb | General Manager Digital, Retail | Royal Dutch Shell » speaking at MOVE

Chantal Ambord, General Manager, PRO, BlaBlaCar

Chantal Ambord | General Manager, PRO | BlaBlaCar » speaking at MOVE

Alan Anderson, Board Member, The Ray

Alan Anderson | Board Member | The Ray » speaking at MOVE

Graham Armitage, Partner, Co- Head of Mobility 2030, KPMG

Graham Armitage | Partner, Co- Head of Mobility 2030 | KPMG » speaking at MOVE

Christophe Arnaud, CEO, BLUE SYSTEMS - BOLLORE

Christophe Arnaud | CEO | BLUE SYSTEMS - BOLLORE » speaking at MOVE

Omid Ashtari, President, Citymapper

Omid Ashtari | President | Citymapper » speaking at MOVE

Edward Ataii, Associate Director of Mobility 2030, KPMG

Edward Ataii | Associate Director of Mobility 2030 | KPMG » speaking at MOVE

Shakeel Avadhany, Chief Executive Officer, Clear Motion

Shakeel Avadhany | Chief Executive Officer | Clear Motion » speaking at MOVE

Paul Ayres, Chief Operating Officer, Connected Kerb

Paul Ayres | Chief Operating Officer | Connected Kerb » speaking at MOVE

Gemma Ball, Business Manager, Satellite Applications Catapult

Gemma Ball | Business Manager | Satellite Applications Catapult » speaking at MOVE

Jacob Bangsgaard, Chief Executive Officer, E.R.T.I.C.O.

Jacob Bangsgaard | Chief Executive Officer | E.R.T.I.C.O. » speaking at MOVE

Christopher Barker, Vice President of New Mobility, Keolis

Christopher Barker | Vice President of New Mobility | Keolis » speaking at MOVE

Sarah Barnes, Mobility Soutions Expert, Beryl

Sarah Barnes | Mobility Soutions Expert | Beryl » speaking at MOVE

Scott Belcher, President and Chief Executive Officer, S.F.B.

Scott Belcher | President and Chief Executive Officer | S.F.B. » speaking at MOVE

Ryan Bennett, Software Engineer, Filament

Ryan Bennett | Software Engineer | Filament » speaking at MOVE

Jeroen Berends, Policy, City of Groningen

Jeroen Berends | Policy | City of Groningen » speaking at MOVE

Oliver Bishop, General Manager Hydrogen, Royal Dutch Shell

Oliver Bishop | General Manager Hydrogen | Royal Dutch Shell » speaking at MOVE

Angie Boakes, E-mobility manager, Royal Dutch Shell

Angie Boakes | E-mobility manager | Royal Dutch Shell » speaking at MOVE

Shareen Racke Bodha, Head Of Marketing Communications, NewMotion

Shareen Racke Bodha | Head Of Marketing Communications | NewMotion » speaking at MOVE

Tarik Bolat, Chief Executive Officer, WaveSense

Tarik Bolat | Chief Executive Officer | WaveSense » speaking at MOVE

Bert Brans, Vice President Of Business Development, Sentiance

Bert Brans | Vice President Of Business Development | Sentiance » speaking at MOVE

Gideon Bullock, Head of UX, Toyota Connected Europe

Gideon Bullock | Head of UX | Toyota Connected Europe » speaking at MOVE

Travis Bushnell, Product Manager, DeepMap

Travis Bushnell | Product Manager | DeepMap » speaking at MOVE

David Carnero, Business Development, International, Kisio Digital

David Carnero | Business Development, International | Kisio Digital » speaking at MOVE

Thibault Castagne, CEO, Spark Horizon

Thibault Castagne | CEO | Spark Horizon » speaking at MOVE

Robin Chase, Executive Chairman & Former CEO, Zipcar, Veniam

Robin Chase | Executive Chairman & Former CEO, Zipcar | Veniam » speaking at MOVE

Natasha Chu, Business Development Manager, Ouster

Natasha Chu | Business Development Manager | Ouster » speaking at MOVE

Edwin Colella, VP Sales & Marketing, Omoove

Edwin Colella | VP Sales & Marketing | Omoove » speaking at MOVE

Brian Collie, Senior Partner And Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Brian Collie | Senior Partner And Managing Director | Boston Consulting Group » speaking at MOVE

Charlene Consolacion, Co-Founder and CEO, Biig Technologies Inc.

Charlene Consolacion | Co-Founder and CEO | Biig Technologies Inc. » speaking at MOVE

Paul Copping, Advisor, Sightline Innovation

Paul Copping | Advisor | Sightline Innovation » speaking at MOVE

Michael Copson, Hydrogen Business Development, Royal Dutch Shell

Michael Copson | Hydrogen Business Development | Royal Dutch Shell » speaking at MOVE

Paul-Adrien Cormerais, Co-Founder, Pony Bikes

Paul-Adrien Cormerais | Co-Founder | Pony Bikes » speaking at MOVE

James Cowen, Vice President, Corporate Development & Expansion, Cargo

James Cowen | Vice President, Corporate Development & Expansion | Cargo » speaking at MOVE

James Crawford, Product Development & Mobility Solutions Manager, Hitachi Capital

James Crawford | Product Development & Mobility Solutions Manager | Hitachi Capital » speaking at MOVE

Ryan Croft, Co-Founder And Chief Operating Officer, TransitScreen

Ryan Croft | Co-Founder And Chief Operating Officer | TransitScreen » speaking at MOVE

Sigrid Dalberg-Krajewski, Global Head Of Communications, TRAFI

Sigrid Dalberg-Krajewski | Global Head Of Communications | TRAFI » speaking at MOVE

Rich Davey, Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group

Rich Davey | Associate Director | Boston Consulting Group » speaking at MOVE

Devin De Vries, Chief Executive Officer, WhereIsMyTransport

Devin De Vries | Chief Executive Officer | WhereIsMyTransport » speaking at MOVE

Paulin Dementhon, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Drivy

Paulin Dementhon | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Drivy » speaking at MOVE

Mark Desantis, CEO, RoadBotics

Mark Desantis | CEO | RoadBotics » speaking at MOVE

Christoph Domke, Director Of Mobility 2030, KPMG

Christoph Domke | Director Of Mobility 2030 | KPMG » speaking at MOVE

Jonathan Donovan, CPO, Masabi

Jonathan Donovan | CPO | Masabi » speaking at MOVE

Israel Duanis, Co-Founder & CEO, Fleetonomy

Israel Duanis | Co-Founder & CEO | Fleetonomy » speaking at MOVE

Will Earle, Corporate Development, Lilium

Will Earle | Corporate Development | Lilium » speaking at MOVE

Camille Egloff, Senior Partner & Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Camille Egloff | Senior Partner & Managing Director | Boston Consulting Group » speaking at MOVE

Seth Elliott, Chief Marketing Officer, Free 2 Move

Seth Elliott | Chief Marketing Officer | Free 2 Move » speaking at MOVE

Johan Engström, CTO & Co-Founder, Enevo

Johan Engström | CTO & Co-Founder | Enevo » speaking at MOVE

Gunnlaugur Erlendsson, CEO, ENSO Tyres

Gunnlaugur Erlendsson | CEO | ENSO Tyres » speaking at MOVE

Andrew Everett, Managing Director, Shyft Mobility

Andrew Everett | Managing Director | Shyft Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Tim Fendley, Founder, Applied Wayfinding

Tim Fendley | Founder | Applied Wayfinding » speaking at MOVE

Julian Francis, Director of Policy & External Affairs, The Association for Engineering & Consultancy Ltd

Julian Francis | Director of Policy & External Affairs | The Association for Engineering & Consultancy Ltd » speaking at MOVE

Jennifer Fulford, Head Of Diversification, Eurostar

Jennifer Fulford | Head Of Diversification | Eurostar » speaking at MOVE

Andrew Gaule, CEO, Aimava

Andrew Gaule | CEO | Aimava » speaking at MOVE

Tasha Geurts, Product Manager, TomTom

Tasha Geurts | Product Manager | TomTom » speaking at MOVE

Raphael Gindrat, Chief Executive Officer And Co Founder, Bestmile SA

Raphael Gindrat | Chief Executive Officer And Co Founder | Bestmile SA » speaking at MOVE

Andrea Giuricin, Rail Expert, University Of Milano - Bicocca

Andrea Giuricin | Rail Expert | University Of Milano - Bicocca » speaking at MOVE

Tamara Goriely, Lawyer Automated Vehicle Review, Law Commission Of England And Wales

Tamara Goriely | Lawyer Automated Vehicle Review | Law Commission Of England And Wales » speaking at MOVE

Gent Grinvalds Harbro, Programme Manager, Copenhagen Electric

Gent Grinvalds Harbro | Programme Manager | Copenhagen Electric » speaking at MOVE

Martynas Gudonavičius, CEO, TRAFI

Martynas Gudonavičius | CEO | TRAFI » speaking at MOVE

Bryan Hansel, Chief Executive Officer, Chanje

Bryan Hansel | Chief Executive Officer | Chanje » speaking at MOVE

Jennifer Haroon, Chief Operating Officer, Nauto

Jennifer Haroon | Chief Operating Officer | Nauto » speaking at MOVE

Henry Harris-Burland, Vice President Marketing, Starship Technologies

Henry Harris-Burland | Vice President Marketing | Starship Technologies » speaking at MOVE

Joël Hazan, Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Joël Hazan | Partner and Managing Director | Boston Consulting Group » speaking at MOVE

Vilhelm Hedberg, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Ekar

Vilhelm Hedberg | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Ekar » speaking at MOVE

Matthias Heutger, Global Head Of Innovation And Commercial Development, DHL

Matthias Heutger | Global Head Of Innovation And Commercial Development | DHL » speaking at MOVE

Adi Hirzer, Cycling Data Generation And Analysis, Bike Citizens

Adi Hirzer | Cycling Data Generation And Analysis | Bike Citizens » speaking at MOVE

Maurits Hol, Senior Product Manager, TomTom

Maurits Hol | Senior Product Manager | TomTom » speaking at MOVE

Dan Hubert, CEO & Founder, AppyParking

Dan Hubert | CEO & Founder | AppyParking » speaking at MOVE

Colin Hughes, New Mobility, Products & Policy, Jump Bikes

Colin Hughes | New Mobility, Products & Policy | Jump Bikes » speaking at MOVE

Roger Hunter, VP Digital Businesses, Royal Dutch Shell

Roger Hunter | VP Digital Businesses | Royal Dutch Shell » speaking at MOVE

Catherine Hutt, Mobility Innovation Lead, Addison Lee Group

Catherine Hutt | Mobility Innovation Lead | Addison Lee Group » speaking at MOVE

Tobias Jahn, Investment Principal, BMW IVentures

Tobias Jahn | Investment Principal | BMW IVentures » speaking at MOVE

Ja'Nese Jean, Chief Executive Officer, SAFETRIP

Ja'Nese Jean | Chief Executive Officer | SAFETRIP » speaking at MOVE

Andreas Jentzsch, Senior Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Andreas Jentzsch | Senior Partner and Managing Director | Boston Consulting Group » speaking at MOVE

Stefan Jenzowsky, Co-Founder, Kopernikus Automotive

Stefan Jenzowsky | Co-Founder | Kopernikus Automotive » speaking at MOVE

Clare Jones, CCO, what3words

Clare Jones | CCO | what3words » speaking at MOVE

Fred Jones, Head Of New Mobility, Uber

Fred Jones | Head Of New Mobility | Uber » speaking at MOVE

Ali Kagalwalla, Head of Sustainability & Innovation, CitySprint

Ali Kagalwalla | Head of Sustainability & Innovation | CitySprint » speaking at MOVE

Jeremy Kahn, Senior Tech Reporter, Bloomberg

Jeremy Kahn | Senior Tech Reporter | Bloomberg » speaking at MOVE

Jens Kahrweg, General Manager Emea, SAVARI Inc.

Jens Kahrweg | General Manager Emea | SAVARI Inc. » speaking at MOVE

Dominik Keupp, Principal, Boston Consulting Group

Dominik Keupp | Principal | Boston Consulting Group » speaking at MOVE

Parminder Kohli, Global head of marketing and operations, Royal Dutch Shell

Parminder Kohli | Global head of marketing and operations | Royal Dutch Shell » speaking at MOVE

James Kong, CEO & Founder, Alp Technologies

James Kong | CEO & Founder | Alp Technologies » speaking at MOVE

Alexander Kroller, Research Manager, TomTom

Alexander Kroller | Research Manager | TomTom » speaking at MOVE

Damian Kysely, Infrastructure Manager at Skyports | Founding Partner, The Aviary Project

Damian Kysely | Infrastructure Manager at Skyports | Founding Partner | The Aviary Project » speaking at MOVE

Stéphane Labrunie, Chief Commercial Officer, Kisio Digital

Stéphane Labrunie | Chief Commercial Officer | Kisio Digital » speaking at MOVE

Eliot Landrum, Head of Solutions Engineering, Filament, LLC

Eliot Landrum | Head of Solutions Engineering | Filament, LLC » speaking at MOVE

Harold Langenberg, MD Benelux and the UK, Allego

Harold Langenberg | MD Benelux and the UK | Allego » speaking at MOVE

Jean-Baptiste Latil D'Albertas, Development Manager – Benelux/UK/Ireland, Navya Group

Jean-Baptiste Latil D'Albertas | Development Manager – Benelux/UK/Ireland | Navya Group » speaking at MOVE

Jean-Marc Lazard, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, OpenDataSoft

Jean-Marc Lazard | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | OpenDataSoft » speaking at MOVE

Glenn Le Faou, Innovation Consultant, Innovia Technology

Glenn Le Faou | Innovation Consultant | Innovia Technology » speaking at MOVE

Andrea Lee, Senior Campaigner, ClientEarth

Andrea Lee | Senior Campaigner | ClientEarth » speaking at MOVE

Robbert Lohmann, Chief Commercial Officer, 2getthere

Robbert Lohmann | Chief Commercial Officer | 2getthere » speaking at MOVE

Max Lomuscio, Head of Growth, Dovu

Max Lomuscio | Head of Growth | Dovu » speaking at MOVE

Adrien Long, Strategic Partnerships, Flx Rides

Adrien Long | Strategic Partnerships | Flx Rides » speaking at MOVE

Joe Luong, Chief Executive Officer, Crypta Labs

Joe Luong | Chief Executive Officer | Crypta Labs » speaking at MOVE

David Maher, Executive Vice President And Chief Technology Officer, Intertrust

David Maher | Executive Vice President And Chief Technology Officer | Intertrust » speaking at MOVE

Raffi Mardirosian, VP Of Corporate Development, Ouster

Raffi Mardirosian | VP Of Corporate Development | Ouster » speaking at MOVE

Daniela Gerd Tom Markotten, Chief Executive Officer, moovel Group GmbH

Daniela Gerd Tom Markotten | Chief Executive Officer | moovel Group GmbH » speaking at MOVE

Agustín Martin, CEO, Toyota Connected Europe

Agustín Martin | CEO | Toyota Connected Europe » speaking at MOVE

Liam Martin, Architect, Lewis-Hickey

Liam Martin | Architect | Lewis-Hickey » speaking at MOVE

Antoine Mathiaud, Global Sales Director, BRIDGE, TomTom

Antoine Mathiaud | Global Sales Director, BRIDGE | TomTom » speaking at MOVE

Cliff Matsuya, Head of Business Support, Sustrans

Cliff Matsuya | Head of Business Support | Sustrans » speaking at MOVE

Michael Mazur, Chief Operating Officer, Greenspot Smart Mobility

Michael Mazur | Chief Operating Officer | Greenspot Smart Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Edward Miller, CEO, Scape Technologies

Edward Miller | CEO | Scape Technologies » speaking at MOVE

Lara Moura, Research & Innovation Manager, A-To-Be

Lara Moura | Research & Innovation Manager | A-To-Be » speaking at MOVE

Dominick Moxon-Tritsch, Director of Regulation and Public Policy, Taxify

Dominick Moxon-Tritsch | Director of Regulation and Public Policy | Taxify » speaking at MOVE

Roberta Mugellesi Dow, Integrated Applications Manager, European Space Agency

Roberta Mugellesi Dow | Integrated Applications Manager | European Space Agency » speaking at MOVE

Saskia Mureau, General Manager Digital, Global Commercial, Royal Dutch Shell

Saskia Mureau | General Manager Digital, Global Commercial | Royal Dutch Shell » speaking at MOVE

Paul Murphy, Partner, Northzone

Paul Murphy | Partner | Northzone » speaking at MOVE

Michele Nati, Lead Tech Analyst & Personal Data Expert, IOTA Foundation

Michele Nati | Lead Tech Analyst & Personal Data Expert | IOTA Foundation » speaking at MOVE

Zeina Nazer, Co-Founder, Cities Forum

Zeina Nazer | Co-Founder | Cities Forum » speaking at MOVE

Lukas Neckermann, Advisor, Chief Strategist, Splyt

Lukas Neckermann | Advisor, Chief Strategist | Splyt » speaking at MOVE

Alex Nesic, Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer, CLEVR Mobility

Alex Nesic | Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer | CLEVR Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Jessica Oppetit, General Manager, London, ViaVan

Jessica Oppetit | General Manager, London | ViaVan » speaking at MOVE

Erdem Ovacik, CEO & Co-Founder, Donkey Republic

Erdem Ovacik | CEO & Co-Founder | Donkey Republic » speaking at MOVE

Laia Pages, International Business Developer, Silence Urban Ecomobility

Laia Pages | International Business Developer | Silence Urban Ecomobility » speaking at MOVE

Tom Pakenham, Director, Electric Vehicles, Ovo Energy Ltd

Tom Pakenham | Director, Electric Vehicles | Ovo Energy Ltd » speaking at MOVE

Amish Parashar, Partner And Co-Founder, Yamaha Motor Ventures and Laboratory Silicon Valley

Amish Parashar | Partner And Co-Founder | Yamaha Motor Ventures and Laboratory Silicon Valley » speaking at MOVE

Natasha Patel, Associate Director of Mobility 2030, KPMG

Natasha Patel | Associate Director of Mobility 2030 | KPMG » speaking at MOVE

Pietro Perlo, President, Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles

Pietro Perlo | President | Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles » speaking at MOVE

Chris Perry, Head Of Uk Partnerships, MaaS Global

Chris Perry | Head Of Uk Partnerships | MaaS Global » speaking at MOVE

Ruben Polderman, Project Manager Smart Mobility, City of Amsterdam

Ruben Polderman | Project Manager Smart Mobility | City of Amsterdam » speaking at MOVE

Silvan Rath, CSO, Twinner

Silvan Rath | CSO | Twinner » speaking at MOVE

Dannick Riteco, Head of UTM Risk Services, AirMap

Dannick Riteco | Head of UTM Risk Services | AirMap » speaking at MOVE

Sam Robinson, Director, Love To Ride

Sam Robinson | Director | Love To Ride » speaking at MOVE

Lisa Joy Rosner, Chief Marketing Officer, Otonomo

Lisa Joy Rosner | Chief Marketing Officer | Otonomo » speaking at MOVE

Arnaud Rouault, VP Sales, Navya Group

Arnaud Rouault | VP Sales | Navya Group » speaking at MOVE

Daniel Ruiz, CEO, Meridian Mobility

Daniel Ruiz | CEO | Meridian Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Sahil Sachdev, Head Of Brand Experience, Quiqup Ltd

Sahil Sachdev | Head Of Brand Experience | Quiqup Ltd » speaking at MOVE

Olaf Sakkers, Partner, Maniv Mobility

Olaf Sakkers | Partner | Maniv Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Fabien Sauthier, Chief Operating Officer And Head Of Business Development, MOTIONTAG

Fabien Sauthier | Chief Operating Officer And Head Of Business Development | MOTIONTAG » speaking at MOVE

Heiko Schilling, Head of Navigation, TomTom

Heiko Schilling | Head of Navigation | TomTom » speaking at MOVE

Bjoern Schmidt, Chief Financial Officer, Blacklane

Bjoern Schmidt | Chief Financial Officer | Blacklane » speaking at MOVE

Julian Scriven, Managing Director Brompton Bike Hire, Brompton

Julian Scriven | Managing Director Brompton Bike Hire | Brompton » speaking at MOVE

Kara Selke, VP of Commercial Development & Privacy, StreetLight Data

Kara Selke | VP of Commercial Development & Privacy | StreetLight Data » speaking at MOVE

Luis Sequeira Villarreal, 5G Ppp Automotive Wg

Luis Sequeira Villarreal |  | 5G Ppp Automotive Wg » speaking at MOVE

Pamir Sevincel, Founding Partner, Head Of Partnerships, The Aviary Project

Pamir Sevincel | Founding Partner, Head Of Partnerships | The Aviary Project » speaking at MOVE

Scott Shepherd, Director, European Partnerships, Free2Move

Scott Shepherd | Director, European Partnerships | Free2Move » speaking at MOVE

Ian Simmons, VP Business Development, Magna International

Ian Simmons | VP Business Development | Magna International » speaking at MOVE

Charlie Simpson, Partner And Head Of Mobility 2030, KPMG

Charlie Simpson | Partner And Head Of Mobility 2030 | KPMG » speaking at MOVE

Torben Spitzer, Vice President - Product And Marketing, FreeWire Technologies

Torben Spitzer | Vice President - Product And Marketing | FreeWire Technologies » speaking at MOVE

Laura Stagno, Strategic Account Manager, Destygo

Laura Stagno | Strategic Account Manager | Destygo » speaking at MOVE

Matt Stevens, Chief Executive Officer, Fleetcarma, a Geotab company

Matt Stevens | Chief Executive Officer | Fleetcarma, a Geotab company » speaking at MOVE

Suresh Subudhi, Partner and Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group

Suresh Subudhi | Partner and Managing Director | Boston Consulting Group » speaking at MOVE

Shai Suzan, CIO, WayCare

Shai Suzan | CIO | WayCare » speaking at MOVE

Paolo Tebaldi, Business Development Manager EMEA, Comau

Paolo Tebaldi | Business Development Manager EMEA | Comau » speaking at MOVE

Yulia Temnikova, International communications advisor, Moscow Metro

Yulia Temnikova | International communications advisor | Moscow Metro » speaking at MOVE

Luc Texier, Director, Sales, New Mobility, Bestmile SA

Luc Texier | Director, Sales, New Mobility | Bestmile SA » speaking at MOVE

Gerard Tolner, Urban Planner, City of Groningen

Gerard Tolner | Urban Planner | City of Groningen » speaking at MOVE

Tine Toma?I?, Director R&D, Pipistrel

Tine Toma?I? | Director R&D | Pipistrel » speaking at MOVE

James Tomkins, Chief Architect, Met Office

James Tomkins | Chief Architect | Met Office » speaking at MOVE

Jessica Uguccioni, Lead Lawyer Automated Vehicles Review, Law Commission Of England And Wales

Jessica Uguccioni | Lead Lawyer Automated Vehicles Review | Law Commission Of England And Wales » speaking at MOVE

Ben Upcroft, Director of Projects, Oxbotica

Ben Upcroft | Director of Projects | Oxbotica » speaking at MOVE

Sjouke Van Der Vlugt, Senior Policy, City of Groningen

Sjouke Van Der Vlugt | Senior Policy | City of Groningen » speaking at MOVE

Anja Van Niersen, CEO, Allego

Anja Van Niersen | CEO | Allego » speaking at MOVE

Philippe Vangeel, Secretary General, Avere

Philippe Vangeel | Secretary General | Avere » speaking at MOVE

Juan Vicén Balaguer, Co-Founder & CMO, Zeleros

Juan Vicén Balaguer | Co-Founder & CMO | Zeleros » speaking at MOVE

Huibert Vigeveno, Executive Vice President Global Commercial, Royal Dutch Shell

Huibert Vigeveno | Executive Vice President Global Commercial | Royal Dutch Shell » speaking at MOVE

Tram Vo, Chief Creative Officer, Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative

Tram Vo | Chief Creative Officer | Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative » speaking at MOVE

Anders Wall, Chief International Officer, Green Mobility

Anders Wall | Chief International Officer | Green Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Timothy Waltniel, Chief Operating Officer, Toyota Connected Europe

Timothy Waltniel | Chief Operating Officer | Toyota Connected Europe » speaking at MOVE

Inara Watson, PhD Researcher, London South Bank University

Inara Watson | PhD Researcher | London South Bank University » speaking at MOVE

Sue Weekes, News Editor, Smart Cities World

Sue Weekes | News Editor | Smart Cities World » speaking at MOVE

Rob Whitehead, Director of Communications and Knowledge, Future Cities Catapult

Rob Whitehead | Director of Communications and Knowledge | Future Cities Catapult » speaking at MOVE

Roy Williamson, Vice President Of Mobility, BP

Roy Williamson | Vice President Of Mobility | BP » speaking at MOVE

Matt Winfield, Director, Sustrans

Matt Winfield | Director | Sustrans » speaking at MOVE

Sandra Witzel, Head Of Marketing, SkedGo

Sandra Witzel | Head Of Marketing | SkedGo » speaking at MOVE

Chris Wood, Head of Business Development, Filament, LLC

Chris Wood | Head of Business Development | Filament, LLC » speaking at MOVE

Sarah Wray, Editor, Smart Cities World

Sarah Wray | Editor | Smart Cities World » speaking at MOVE

Lucy Yu, Director Public Policy, FiveAI

Lucy Yu | Director Public Policy | FiveAI » speaking at MOVE

Michael Halbherr, Chairman, TRAFI

Michael Halbherr | Chairman | TRAFI » speaking at MOVE

Sabine Scheunert, CDO, Daimler

Sabine Scheunert | CDO | Daimler » speaking at MOVE

Martin Krähling, Head of Autonomous Driving Systems, Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH

Martin Krähling | Head of Autonomous Driving Systems | Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH » speaking at MOVE

Jay Rogers, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, LM Industries

Jay Rogers | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | LM Industries » speaking at MOVE

Karl-Thomas Neumann, In Charge Of Mobility, EVelozcity

Karl-Thomas Neumann | In Charge Of Mobility | EVelozcity » speaking at MOVE

Iain Forbes, Head Of The Centre For Connected And Autonomous Vehicles, Department for Transport

Iain Forbes | Head Of The Centre For Connected And Autonomous Vehicles | Department for Transport » speaking at MOVE

Sebastien Peck, Managing Director InMotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover

Sebastien Peck | Managing Director InMotion Ventures | Jaguar Land Rover » speaking at MOVE

Elmer Francisco, Chief Executive Officer, Elmer Francisco Industries

Elmer Francisco | Chief Executive Officer | Elmer Francisco Industries » speaking at MOVE

Danny Shapiro, Senior Director Of Automotive, NVIDIA

Danny Shapiro | Senior Director Of Automotive | NVIDIA » speaking at MOVE

Gilbert Gagnaire, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Easymile

Gilbert Gagnaire | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Easymile » speaking at MOVE

Sakshi Vij, Managing Director, Carzonrent India Pvt Ltd

Sakshi Vij | Managing Director | Carzonrent India Pvt Ltd » speaking at MOVE

Marc Berg, Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Apps

Marc Berg | Chief Executive Officer | Intelligent Apps » speaking at MOVE

Deepak Garg, Chief Executive Officer, Rivigo

Deepak Garg | Chief Executive Officer | Rivigo » speaking at MOVE

Sebastian Saxe, Member Of The Management Board, Cdo, Cio And Head Of Services Division, Hamburg Port Authority

Sebastian Saxe | Member Of The Management Board, Cdo, Cio And Head Of Services Division | Hamburg Port Authority » speaking at MOVE

João Barros, Chief Executive Officer, Veniam

João Barros | Chief Executive Officer | Veniam » speaking at MOVE

Alisa Maas, Lead Mobility Track, IOTA Foundation

Alisa Maas | Lead Mobility Track | IOTA Foundation » speaking at MOVE

Gary Fisher, Inventor Of The Modern Mountain Bike, Trek Bicycle

Gary Fisher | Inventor Of The Modern Mountain Bike | Trek Bicycle » speaking at MOVE

Paul Steely White, Director Of Safety Policy And Advocacy, Bird Rides

Paul Steely White | Director Of Safety Policy And Advocacy | Bird Rides » speaking at MOVE

Will Butler-Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Brompton Bicycles Ltd

Will Butler-Adams | Chief Executive Officer | Brompton Bicycles Ltd » speaking at MOVE

Sytse Zuidema, Chief Executive Officer, NewMotion

Sytse Zuidema | Chief Executive Officer | NewMotion » speaking at MOVE

Finn Age Hänsel, Chief Executive Officer, Movinga

Finn Age Hänsel | Chief Executive Officer | Movinga » speaking at MOVE

Daniel Bentham, Head Of Research And Development For Smart Customers, EDF Energy PLC

Daniel Bentham | Head Of Research And Development For Smart Customers | EDF Energy PLC » speaking at MOVE

Beate Kubitz, Chief Operating Officer, Travel Spirit

Beate Kubitz | Chief Operating Officer | Travel Spirit » speaking at MOVE

Henrik Falk, Chairman, Pensionskasse der Hamburger Hochbahn

Henrik Falk | Chairman | Pensionskasse der Hamburger Hochbahn » speaking at MOVE

Marisca Zweistra, Leader V-2-G Project, CityZen Amsterdam

Marisca Zweistra | Leader V-2-G Project | CityZen Amsterdam » speaking at MOVE

Michael Hajesch, Public relations Manager, Ionity

Michael Hajesch | Public relations Manager | Ionity » speaking at MOVE

Graeme Cooper, Director Of Electric Vehicles, National Grid

Graeme Cooper | Director Of Electric Vehicles | National Grid » speaking at MOVE

Jim Barna, Chief Engineer And Executive Director, Ohio Department of Transportation

Jim Barna | Chief Engineer And Executive Director | Ohio Department of Transportation » speaking at MOVE

Bridget Rosewell, Commissioner, National Infrastructure Commission

Bridget Rosewell | Commissioner | National Infrastructure Commission » speaking at MOVE

Asher Bennett, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Tevva Motors

Asher Bennett | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Tevva Motors » speaking at MOVE

Lise Fuhr, Director General, ETNO

Lise Fuhr | Director General | ETNO » speaking at MOVE

Florian Reuter, Chief Executive Officer, Volocopter

Florian Reuter | Chief Executive Officer | Volocopter » speaking at MOVE

Sasha Afanasieva, Chief Executive Officer, Blubel

Sasha Afanasieva | Chief Executive Officer | Blubel » speaking at MOVE

Jan Vapaavuori, Mayor, City of Helsinki

Jan Vapaavuori | Mayor | City of Helsinki » speaking at MOVE

Päivi Haikkola, Ecosystem Lead, DIMMEC Ltd.

Päivi Haikkola | Ecosystem Lead | DIMMEC Ltd. » speaking at MOVE

Stefanie Lemcke, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, GoKid

Stefanie Lemcke | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | GoKid » speaking at MOVE

Syeda Ramla Hassan, Chief Executive Officer Pakistan, Safr

Syeda Ramla Hassan | Chief Executive Officer Pakistan | Safr » speaking at MOVE

Peter Harris, Director Of Sustainability, UPS

Peter Harris | Director Of Sustainability | UPS » speaking at MOVE

Brent Lessard, Co-Founder And Project Manager, RLoop

Brent Lessard | Co-Founder And Project Manager | RLoop » speaking at MOVE

Reetta Putkonen, Head Of Mobility Department, City of Helsinki

Reetta Putkonen | Head Of Mobility Department | City of Helsinki » speaking at MOVE

Christian Langer, Chief Digital Officer, Lufthansa Group

Christian Langer | Chief Digital Officer | Lufthansa Group » speaking at MOVE

Michael Thacker, Evp Technology And Innovation, Bell Helicopter

Michael Thacker | Evp Technology And Innovation | Bell Helicopter » speaking at MOVE

Mar Pallas Poy, Vice President Europe Market Development - Expansion, Scoot

Mar Pallas Poy | Vice President Europe Market Development - Expansion | Scoot » speaking at MOVE

Anselm Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Albora

Anselm Adams | Chief Executive Officer | Albora » speaking at MOVE

Matt Allen, Chief Executive Officer, Pivot Power

Matt Allen | Chief Executive Officer | Pivot Power » speaking at MOVE

Martin Anderlind, Chief Operating Officer, Northvolt

Martin Anderlind | Chief Operating Officer | Northvolt » speaking at MOVE

Bruno Azevedo, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, AddVolt

Bruno Azevedo | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | AddVolt » speaking at MOVE

Oriol Badia Rafart, Chief Executive Officer, Malloy Aeronautics Ltd

Oriol Badia Rafart | Chief Executive Officer | Malloy Aeronautics Ltd » speaking at MOVE

Bryn Balcombe, Chief Strategy Officer, Roborace

Bryn Balcombe | Chief Strategy Officer | Roborace » speaking at MOVE

Chris Ballinger, Chief Executive Officer, Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative

Chris Ballinger | Chief Executive Officer | Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative » speaking at MOVE

Miklós Berencsi, Head Of Department, Ministry Of Innovation And Technology, Government of the Republic of Hungary

Miklós Berencsi | Head Of Department, Ministry Of Innovation And Technology | Government of the Republic of Hungary » speaking at MOVE

Douglas Braun, Chief Executive Officer, BluJay

Douglas Braun | Chief Executive Officer | BluJay » speaking at MOVE

Janet Carpman Phd, Director Of Wayfinding, Institute for Human Centred Design

Janet Carpman Phd | Director Of Wayfinding | Institute for Human Centred Design » speaking at MOVE

Madeline Cheah, Cyber Security Innovation Lead, HORIBA MIRA

Madeline Cheah | Cyber Security Innovation Lead | HORIBA MIRA » speaking at MOVE

Ed Clarke, Managing Director, Yojee

Ed Clarke | Managing Director | Yojee » speaking at MOVE

Noam Copel, Founder, DAV Foundation

Noam Copel | Founder | DAV Foundation » speaking at MOVE

Colin Corbally, Partner And Head Of Investment Strategy, Downing LLP

Colin Corbally | Partner And Head Of Investment Strategy | Downing LLP » speaking at MOVE

Marion Decaillet, Director Of Inclusive Transportation, Institute for Human Centred Design

Marion Decaillet | Director Of Inclusive Transportation | Institute for Human Centred Design » speaking at MOVE

Eduardo Dominguez De La Puerta, Head Of Urban Air Mobility, Airbus

Eduardo Dominguez De La Puerta | Head Of Urban Air Mobility | Airbus » speaking at MOVE

Paulo Ferreira Santos, Chief Executive Officer, UbiRider

Paulo Ferreira Santos | Chief Executive Officer | UbiRider » speaking at MOVE

Rajit Gadh, Co-Founder, MOEV

Rajit Gadh | Co-Founder | MOEV » speaking at MOVE

Matt Ginsberg, CEO, Connected Signals

Matt Ginsberg | CEO | Connected Signals » speaking at MOVE

Bill Goodwin, Head Of Legal And Policy, AirMap

Bill Goodwin | Head Of Legal And Policy | AirMap » speaking at MOVE

Oliver Haines, European Accounts Director, Blockchain in Transport Alliance

Oliver Haines | European Accounts Director | Blockchain in Transport Alliance » speaking at MOVE

Casper Harboe, Head, Mobility Unit, City of Copenhagen

Casper Harboe | Head, Mobility Unit | City of Copenhagen » speaking at MOVE

Jim Heathcote, CEO, Superdielectrics

Jim Heathcote | CEO | Superdielectrics » speaking at MOVE

George Johnston, Chief Executive Officer, Tech City Ventures

George Johnston | Chief Executive Officer | Tech City Ventures » speaking at MOVE

Arthur Keller, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Knot

Arthur Keller | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | Knot » speaking at MOVE

Allie Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, The Ray

Allie Kelly | Chief Executive Officer | The Ray » speaking at MOVE

Mike Kenny, Chief Executive Officer, MetroCount

Mike Kenny | Chief Executive Officer | MetroCount » speaking at MOVE

Pavel Kirienko, Chief Executive Officer, Zubax Robotics

Pavel Kirienko | Chief Executive Officer | Zubax Robotics » speaking at MOVE

Kristian Kolind, Director, Mobility Services And Business Development, NSB

Kristian Kolind | Director, Mobility Services And Business Development | NSB » speaking at MOVE

Jozsef Kovacs, Chief Executive Officer, Commsignia

Jozsef Kovacs | Chief Executive Officer | Commsignia » speaking at MOVE

Ken Kroeger, Chief Executive Officer, Seeing Machines

Ken Kroeger | Chief Executive Officer | Seeing Machines » speaking at MOVE

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley, Chief Executive Officer, Level Five Supplies

Alex Lawrence-Berkeley | Chief Executive Officer | Level Five Supplies » speaking at MOVE

Paul Leibold, Chief Executive Officer, Adaptive City Mobility

Paul Leibold | Chief Executive Officer | Adaptive City Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Kristjan Lind, Chief Executive Officer, Bikeep

Kristjan Lind | Chief Executive Officer | Bikeep » speaking at MOVE

Michael Loehr, Founder, tiramizoo GmbH

Michael Loehr | Founder | tiramizoo GmbH » speaking at MOVE

Victor Malachard, Chief Executive Officer, Bookmycharge

Victor Malachard | Chief Executive Officer | Bookmycharge » speaking at MOVE

Paul Manwaring, Founder, IoT Living Labs BV

Paul Manwaring | Founder | IoT Living Labs BV » speaking at MOVE

Michael Masquelier, Chief Executive Officer, WAVE

Michael Masquelier | Chief Executive Officer | WAVE » speaking at MOVE

Jonathan Matus, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Zendrive

Jonathan Matus | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Zendrive » speaking at MOVE

John Monarch, Chief Executive Officer, Ship Chain

John Monarch | Chief Executive Officer | Ship Chain » speaking at MOVE

Oliver Montague, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, SwytchBike

Oliver Montague | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | SwytchBike » speaking at MOVE

Brian Murray, Vice President And Head Of Research, Craft Ventures

Brian Murray | Vice President And Head Of Research | Craft Ventures » speaking at MOVE

Doron Myersdorf, Chief Executive Officer, StoreDot Ltd

Doron Myersdorf | Chief Executive Officer | StoreDot Ltd » speaking at MOVE

Temitope Olodo, President, Africa Security Forum

Temitope Olodo | President | Africa Security Forum » speaking at MOVE

Chris Pendleton, Head of Azure Maps, Microsoft

Chris Pendleton | Head of Azure Maps | Microsoft » speaking at MOVE

Michael Potter, Chief Executive Officer, DriveElectric

Michael Potter | Chief Executive Officer | DriveElectric » speaking at MOVE

Svilen Rangelov, Chief Executive Officer, Dronamics

Svilen Rangelov | Chief Executive Officer | Dronamics » speaking at MOVE

Olivier Reppert, Chief Executive Officer, Car2go

Olivier Reppert | Chief Executive Officer | Car2go » speaking at MOVE

David Richards, Business Development, A2Bplus

David Richards | Business Development | A2Bplus » speaking at MOVE

Mate Rimac, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Rimac Automobile

Mate Rimac | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | Rimac Automobile » speaking at MOVE

Markus Seidel, Vice President And Head Of Bmw Technology Group China, BMW Group

Markus Seidel | Vice President And Head Of Bmw Technology Group China | BMW Group » speaking at MOVE

Peter Servaas, President, DoubleMap Inc

Peter Servaas | President | DoubleMap Inc » speaking at MOVE

Graham Paul Smith, Urban Designer, Urban Design

Graham Paul Smith | Urban Designer | Urban Design » speaking at MOVE

Craig Smith, Senior Director of Product Security, Byton

Craig Smith | Senior Director of Product Security | Byton » speaking at MOVE

Chris Snyder, Senior Vice President Of Expansion & CEO ViaVan, Via

Chris Snyder | Senior Vice President Of Expansion & CEO ViaVan | Via » speaking at MOVE

Andrej Sobotkiewicz, Chief Executive Officer, Paztir

Andrej Sobotkiewicz | Chief Executive Officer | Paztir » speaking at MOVE

David Sturzenegger, Product Development Team Lead, Teralytics

David Sturzenegger | Product Development Team Lead | Teralytics » speaking at MOVE

Tim Sylvester, Chief Executive Officer And Chief Technology, Integrated Roadways

Tim Sylvester | Chief Executive Officer And Chief Technology | Integrated Roadways » speaking at MOVE

Sergey Vladimirov, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Capte

Sergey Vladimirov | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Capte » speaking at MOVE

Harry Wagner, Chief Executive Officer, Future Mobility Solutions GmbH

Harry Wagner | Chief Executive Officer | Future Mobility Solutions GmbH » speaking at MOVE

Marianne Weinreich, Chairman, Cycling Embassy of Denmark

Marianne Weinreich | Chairman | Cycling Embassy of Denmark » speaking at MOVE

Desmond Wheatley, Chief Executive Officer, Envision Solar International

Desmond Wheatley | Chief Executive Officer | Envision Solar International » speaking at MOVE

Sarah Jayne Williams, Director Of Smart Mobility, Ford of Europe

Sarah Jayne Williams | Director Of Smart Mobility | Ford of Europe » speaking at MOVE

Adam Woolway, Managing Director And Co-Founder, Plugsurfing

Adam Woolway | Managing Director And Co-Founder | Plugsurfing » speaking at MOVE

Karlheinz Wurm, CEO, Autonomous Intelligent Driving

Karlheinz Wurm | CEO | Autonomous Intelligent Driving » speaking at MOVE

Roberto Abbondio, Managing Director - New Digital Business, Eurostar

Roberto Abbondio | Managing Director - New Digital Business | Eurostar » speaking at MOVE

Nico Anten, Executive Chairman, Connekt

Nico Anten | Executive Chairman | Connekt » speaking at MOVE

Szabolcs Balogh, Managing Director, NKM Mobilitas

Szabolcs Balogh | Managing Director | NKM Mobilitas » speaking at MOVE

Tim Blumenthal, President, People for Bikes Coalition

Tim Blumenthal | President | People for Bikes Coalition » speaking at MOVE

Jonathan Bouaziz, Chief Executive Officer, Citodi

Jonathan Bouaziz | Chief Executive Officer | Citodi » speaking at MOVE

Taco Carlier, Founder, VanMoof Commuter Bikes

Taco Carlier | Founder | VanMoof Commuter Bikes » speaking at MOVE

Amy Gu, Managing Partner, Hemi Ventures

Amy Gu | Managing Partner | Hemi Ventures » speaking at MOVE

Niels Haverkorn, General Manager, Connected Transport, Irdeto

Niels Haverkorn | General Manager, Connected Transport | Irdeto » speaking at MOVE

Chris Heiser, Chief Executive Officer, Renovo

Chris Heiser | Chief Executive Officer | Renovo » speaking at MOVE

Johan Herrlin, Chief Executive Officer, Ito World

Johan Herrlin | Chief Executive Officer | Ito World » speaking at MOVE

Lars Hesselgren, Research Director, P.L.P. Architecture

Lars Hesselgren | Research Director | P.L.P. Architecture » speaking at MOVE

Jeffrey Hiott, American Public Transportation Association

Jeffrey Hiott |  | American Public Transportation Association » speaking at MOVE

Chris Jobs, COO, Close Circle

Chris Jobs | COO | Close Circle » speaking at MOVE

Ralf Kalupner, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Nextbike

Ralf Kalupner | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Nextbike » speaking at MOVE

Yuval Karmi, Architect And Urban Economist, BoLepo

Yuval Karmi | Architect And Urban Economist | BoLepo » speaking at MOVE

Alexander Kirn, CEO, INVERS

Alexander Kirn | CEO | INVERS » speaking at MOVE

Christian Lang, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Chargery

Christian Lang | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Chargery » speaking at MOVE

Arja Lukin, Project Director, City of Vantaa

Arja Lukin | Project Director | City of Vantaa » speaking at MOVE

Adel Mardini, Chief Executive Officer, Jet Ex Flight Support

Adel Mardini | Chief Executive Officer | Jet Ex Flight Support » speaking at MOVE

Tarun Mehta, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Ather Energy

Tarun Mehta | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | Ather Energy » speaking at MOVE

Laurent Mercat, Chief Executive Officer, Smoove

Laurent Mercat | Chief Executive Officer | Smoove » speaking at MOVE

Simbarashe Mhuriro, Chief Executive Officer, Oxygen Energy Zimbabwe

Simbarashe Mhuriro | Chief Executive Officer | Oxygen Energy Zimbabwe » speaking at MOVE

Jonathan Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer, JpU

Jonathan Schwartz | Chief Executive Officer | JpU » speaking at MOVE

Omer Sharar, Chief Executive Officer, infiniDome

Omer Sharar | Chief Executive Officer | infiniDome » speaking at MOVE

Eran Shir, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Nexar

Eran Shir | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Nexar » speaking at MOVE

Gary Smith, Director Of Operations Transformation, EasyJet

Gary Smith | Director Of Operations Transformation | EasyJet » speaking at MOVE

Steve Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Rapid Flow

Steve Smith | Chief Executive Officer | Rapid Flow » speaking at MOVE

Ian Sweeney, General Manager, Mobility, TROV

Ian Sweeney | General Manager, Mobility | TROV » speaking at MOVE

Bijit Halder, Chief Executive Officer, Driveai

Bijit Halder | Chief Executive Officer | Driveai » speaking at MOVE

Johan Von Porat, Chief Operating Officer, UbiGo Innovation

Johan Von Porat | Chief Operating Officer | UbiGo Innovation » speaking at MOVE

Barry White, Chief Executive Officer, Transport for the North

Barry White | Chief Executive Officer | Transport for the North » speaking at MOVE

Brian Zheng, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, LIVALL IoT Technology

Brian Zheng | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | LIVALL IoT Technology » speaking at MOVE

Chris Bristow, Chief Operating Officer, BetterPoints

Chris Bristow | Chief Operating Officer | BetterPoints » speaking at MOVE

Karen Vancluysen, Secretary General, Polis Network

Karen Vancluysen | Secretary General | Polis Network » speaking at MOVE

Safa Alkateb, Managing Director, Autocab

Safa Alkateb | Managing Director | Autocab » speaking at MOVE

Markus Basler, Director Digital Business, SBB

Markus Basler | Director Digital Business | SBB » speaking at MOVE

Stan Boland, CEO, FiveAI

Stan Boland | CEO | FiveAI » speaking at MOVE

Xavier Brice, Chief Executive Officer, Sustrans

Xavier Brice | Chief Executive Officer | Sustrans » speaking at MOVE

Oliver Cameron, Chief Executive Officer, Voyage

Oliver Cameron | Chief Executive Officer | Voyage » speaking at MOVE

Sampo Hietanen, Chief Executive Officer, MaaS Global

Sampo Hietanen | Chief Executive Officer | MaaS Global » speaking at MOVE

Olav Madland, Chief Executive Officer, Applied Autonomy

Olav Madland | Chief Executive Officer | Applied Autonomy » speaking at MOVE

Philipp Mintchin, Chief Executive Officer, Splyt

Philipp Mintchin | Chief Executive Officer | Splyt » speaking at MOVE

Lars Möreke, Director Automotive And Mobility, Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures

Lars Möreke | Director Automotive And Mobility | Deutsche Bahn Digital Ventures » speaking at MOVE

Daryn Nakhuda, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Mighty AI

Daryn Nakhuda | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | Mighty AI » speaking at MOVE

Raphael Pfaff, Professor Of Rail Vehicle Engineering, FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Raphael Pfaff | Professor Of Rail Vehicle Engineering | FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences » speaking at MOVE

Paul Priestman, Director, PriestmanGoode

Paul Priestman | Director | PriestmanGoode » speaking at MOVE

Alexandr Wang, Chief Executive Officer, Scale Api

Alexandr Wang | Chief Executive Officer | Scale Api » speaking at MOVE

Andrew Wheeldon, Advocacy And Research, Bicycle Cities

Andrew Wheeldon | Advocacy And Research | Bicycle Cities » speaking at MOVE

Sam Zaid, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Getaround

Sam Zaid | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | Getaround » speaking at MOVE

Richard Barlow, Chief Executive Officer, Wejo Ltd

Richard Barlow | Chief Executive Officer | Wejo Ltd » speaking at MOVE

Bob Bennett, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Kansas City Missouri

Bob Bennett | Chief Innovation Officer | City of Kansas City Missouri » speaking at MOVE

Christian Bering, Technology And Data Lead, Autonomous Mobliity

Christian Bering | Technology And Data Lead | Autonomous Mobliity » speaking at MOVE

Christopher Burghardt, MD Europe, ChargePoint Inc

Christopher Burghardt | MD Europe | ChargePoint Inc » speaking at MOVE

Rob Chapman, Managing Director, Founder's Intelligence

Rob Chapman | Managing Director | Founder's Intelligence » speaking at MOVE

Jan Charouz, Chief Executive Officer, HoppyGo

Jan Charouz | Chief Executive Officer | HoppyGo » speaking at MOVE

Ant Chisnall, Chief Executive Officer, Drivernet

Ant Chisnall | Chief Executive Officer | Drivernet » speaking at MOVE

Sam Clarke, Co-Director, Gnewt Cargo

Sam Clarke | Co-Director | Gnewt Cargo » speaking at MOVE

Karl Filip Coenegrachts, Founder And Director, citiesofpeople

Karl Filip Coenegrachts | Founder And Director | citiesofpeople » speaking at MOVE

Justin Coetzee, Chief Executive Officer, GoMetro

Justin Coetzee | Chief Executive Officer | GoMetro » speaking at MOVE

Xavier Collins, Managing Director Uk, Turo

Xavier Collins | Managing Director Uk | Turo » speaking at MOVE

Isaiah Cox, Chief Executive Officer, Wheeltug

Isaiah Cox | Chief Executive Officer | Wheeltug » speaking at MOVE

Rafael Cuesta, Head Of Innovation, Transport for Greater Manchester

Rafael Cuesta | Head Of Innovation | Transport for Greater Manchester » speaking at MOVE

Ami Dotan, Chief Executive Officer, Karamba Security

Ami Dotan | Chief Executive Officer | Karamba Security » speaking at MOVE

Louay Eldada, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Quanergy

Louay Eldada | Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Quanergy » speaking at MOVE

Nir Erez, Chief Executive Officer, Moovit

Nir Erez | Chief Executive Officer | Moovit » speaking at MOVE

Carme Fabregas, Chief Technology Officer, Autoritat Del Transport Metropolita

Carme Fabregas | Chief Technology Officer | Autoritat Del Transport Metropolita » speaking at MOVE

Ramsey Faragher, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Focal Point Positioning

Ramsey Faragher | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | Focal Point Positioning » speaking at MOVE

Patrick Foster, Chief Operating Officer, Drivy

Patrick Foster | Chief Operating Officer | Drivy » speaking at MOVE

Gunnar Froh, Chief Executive Officer And Founder, Wunder Mobility

Gunnar Froh | Chief Executive Officer And Founder | Wunder Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Tommaso Gecchelin, Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Next Future Transportation

Tommaso Gecchelin | Founder And Chief Technology Officer | Next Future Transportation » speaking at MOVE

Syed Gilani, Chief Executive Officer, Safr

Syed Gilani | Chief Executive Officer | Safr » speaking at MOVE

Jonathan Hampson, General Manager Uk, Zipcar UK

Jonathan Hampson | General Manager Uk | Zipcar UK » speaking at MOVE

Ole Harms, Chief Executive Officer, MOIA

Ole Harms | Chief Executive Officer | MOIA » speaking at MOVE

Richard Harris, Director Europe, Ohmio Automation

Richard Harris | Director Europe | Ohmio Automation » speaking at MOVE

Knut Hechtfischer, Chief Executive Officer, ubitricity

Knut Hechtfischer | Chief Executive Officer | ubitricity » speaking at MOVE

Michael Hurwitz, Director Of Transport Innovation, Transport for London

Michael Hurwitz | Director Of Transport Innovation | Transport for London » speaking at MOVE

Gabriel Jacobson, Chief Executive Officer, Valerann

Gabriel Jacobson | Chief Executive Officer | Valerann » speaking at MOVE

Tom Kirschbaum, Founder Co-CEO, Door2Door

Tom Kirschbaum | Founder Co-CEO | Door2Door » speaking at MOVE

Ed Klinger, Chief Executive Officer, Flock

Ed Klinger | Chief Executive Officer | Flock » speaking at MOVE

Matt Lewis, Chief Executive Officer, Synaptiv

Matt Lewis | Chief Executive Officer | Synaptiv » speaking at MOVE

Jeremy Long, Chief Executive Officer European Business, MTR Corporation Limited

Jeremy Long | Chief Executive Officer European Business | MTR Corporation Limited » speaking at MOVE

Tony Lynch, Chief Executive Officer, Faxi

Tony Lynch | Chief Executive Officer | Faxi » speaking at MOVE

Oliver Maiwald, Senior Vice President Powertrain Technology And Innovation, Continental

Oliver Maiwald | Senior Vice President Powertrain Technology And Innovation | Continental » speaking at MOVE

David Martell, Chief Executive Officer, BP Chargemaster

David Martell | Chief Executive Officer | BP Chargemaster » speaking at MOVE

Bryan Mistele, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, INRIX

Bryan Mistele | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | INRIX » speaking at MOVE

Lawrence Mohammed, Director And Head Mechanic C.I.C., Pro Bike Service

Lawrence Mohammed | Director And Head Mechanic C.I.C. | Pro Bike Service » speaking at MOVE

Gavin Neate, Chief Executive Officer, Neatebox Ltd

Gavin Neate | Chief Executive Officer | Neatebox Ltd » speaking at MOVE

Mark Nicholson, Chief Executive Officer, Vivacity Labs

Mark Nicholson | Chief Executive Officer | Vivacity Labs » speaking at MOVE

Jan Pettersson, Head Of Electrified Roads Project, Swedish Transport Administration

Jan Pettersson | Head Of Electrified Roads Project | Swedish Transport Administration » speaking at MOVE

Sravan Puttagunta, Chief Executive Officer, Civi lMaps Co

Sravan Puttagunta | Chief Executive Officer | Civi lMaps Co » speaking at MOVE

Kimmo Rauma, Vice President, Danfoss Editron Ltd.

Kimmo Rauma | Vice President | Danfoss Editron Ltd. » speaking at MOVE

Jason Rees, Chief Executive Officer, FarePilot

Jason Rees | Chief Executive Officer | FarePilot » speaking at MOVE

Sam Ryan, Co-Founder & CEO, Zeelo

Sam Ryan | Co-Founder & CEO | Zeelo » speaking at MOVE

Joned Sarwar, Co-Founder And Technical Team Lead, Alchera Technologies

Joned Sarwar | Co-Founder And Technical Team Lead | Alchera Technologies » speaking at MOVE

Monique Seth, Partner And Chief Executive Officer, Conigital

Monique Seth | Partner And Chief Executive Officer | Conigital » speaking at MOVE

Jan Erik Solem, Chief Executive Officer, Mapillary

Jan Erik Solem | Chief Executive Officer | Mapillary » speaking at MOVE

Arcady Sosinov, Chief Executive Officer, FreeWire Technologies

Arcady Sosinov | Chief Executive Officer | FreeWire Technologies » speaking at MOVE

Patrick Studener, Vice President, Head Of Emea, Bird Rides

Patrick Studener | Vice President, Head Of Emea | Bird Rides » speaking at MOVE

Aarjav Trivedi, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Ridecell

Aarjav Trivedi | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Ridecell » speaking at MOVE

Eugene Tsyrklevich, Chief Executive Officer, Parkopedia

Eugene Tsyrklevich | Chief Executive Officer | Parkopedia » speaking at MOVE

Risto Vahtra, Chief Executive Officer, High Mobility

Risto Vahtra | Chief Executive Officer | High Mobility » speaking at MOVE

Kristof Vereenooghe, Chief Executive Officer, EVBox

Kristof Vereenooghe | Chief Executive Officer | EVBox » speaking at MOVE

Tom Wilson, Vice President Automotive, Graphcore

Tom Wilson | Vice President Automotive | Graphcore » speaking at MOVE

Brian Wong, Chief Executive Officer, Trilumina

Brian Wong | Chief Executive Officer | Trilumina » speaking at MOVE

Matthew Dacey, Group Innovation Director, Stagecoach Group

Matthew Dacey | Group Innovation Director | Stagecoach Group » speaking at MOVE

Philippa Eddie, Commercial Finance Specialist, Infrastructure and Projects Authority

Philippa Eddie | Commercial Finance Specialist | Infrastructure and Projects Authority » speaking at MOVE

Chris Lane, Head Of Transport Innovation, Transport for West Midlands

Chris Lane | Head Of Transport Innovation | Transport for West Midlands » speaking at MOVE

Gawain Morrison, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Sensum

Gawain Morrison | Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder | Sensum » speaking at MOVE

Felix Leuschner, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Drover

Felix Leuschner | Founder And Chief Executive Officer | Drover » speaking at MOVE

Michel Mostert, Head Of Smart Mobility Programme, City of Rotterdam

Michel Mostert | Head Of Smart Mobility Programme | City of Rotterdam » speaking at MOVE