MOVE 2020 Speakers | Business Models

Mobility is undergoing a once in a generation shift – understand how more dynamic partnerships can be formed in light of ever-changing ownership structures.

Markus Aarflot, Head Of Strategy, UbiGo

Nikhil Aggarwal, Chief Operating Officer, Chalo

Nikhil Aggarwal |  | Chalo » speaking at MOVE

Chantal Ambord, General Manager, Pro, BlaBlaCar

Chantal Ambord |  | BlaBlaCar » speaking at MOVE

Liz Benison, Managing Director, Arriva Group

Liz Benison |  | Arriva Group » speaking at MOVE

William Berry, Chief Executive Officer,

Andrew Boland, Chief Executive Officer, Addison Lee

Andrew Boland |  | Addison Lee » speaking at MOVE

Sonya Byers, Chief Executive Officer, Women in Transport

Paulin Dementhon, Chief Executive Officer Europe, Getaround

Paulin Dementhon |  | Getaround » speaking at MOVE

Christian Duncan, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Dropless

Christian Duncan |  | Dropless » speaking at MOVE

Kobi Eisenberg, Co Founder And Chief Executive Officer,

Tiago Lopes Farias, President And Chief Executive Officer, Companhia Carris De Ferro De Lisboa

Rui Stoffel Fernandes, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, BusUp

Rui Stoffel Fernandes |  | BusUp » speaking at MOVE

Miguel Gaspar, Deputy Mayor For Mobility And Safety, City of Lisbon

Tom Hamlyn Williams, Director Of Technology And Innovation, Ascendal Group

Tom Hamlyn Williams |  | Ascendal Group » speaking at MOVE

David-Emanuel Hauptmann, Business Product Manager, Autonomous Intelligent Driving

Oliver Haywood, Director, Customer And Digital Lead, KPMG

Oliver Haywood |  | KPMG » speaking at MOVE

Andy Hibbert, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Car & Away

Leon Hurst, Chief Executive Officer Mobility Division, IMS (a Trak Global Group company)

Liad Itzhak, Chief Executive Officer, HERE Mobility

Silvia Kaupa-Gotzl, Chief Executive Officer, O.B.B. Postbus

Silvia Kaupa-Gotzl |  | O.B.B. Postbus » speaking at MOVE

Chris King, Chief Executive Officer, Splend

Chris King |  | Splend » speaking at MOVE

Chris Kirby, Co-Founder, Tomorrow's Journey

Parminder Kohli, Global Head Of Marketing And Operations, Royal Dutch Shell

Andrew Kuzmik, Private Markets Director, StreetLight Data

Andrew Kuzmik |  | StreetLight Data » speaking at MOVE

Christian Lang, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Chargery

Hicham Larhnimi, Chief Operating Officer, UbiGo

David Leopold, Director City Solutions, City Tech Collaborative Chicago

Lawrence Leuschner, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Tier Mobility

Fanny Mathey, Deputy Commercial Director, TGV Lyria

Dennis Mica, Business Development Manager, 2getthere

Dennis Mica |  | 2getthere » speaking at MOVE

Dr. Stefan Penthin, Global Leader Automotive, BearingPoint

Dr. Stefan Penthin |  | BearingPoint » speaking at MOVE

Nico Polleti, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Cluno

Syeda Ramla Hassan, Chief Executive Officer, Safr

Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal, Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Faebikes

Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal |  | Faebikes » speaking at MOVE

Richard Roseboom, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, MicroMech

Aram Sargsyan, Regional General Manager Emea And Cis, Yandex Taxi

Rikesh Shah, Head Of Commercial Innovation, Transport for London

Ian Simmons, Vice President Research and Development, Magna

Bernardo Tonini, Commercial Director, Trenitalia

Bernardo Tonini |  | Trenitalia » speaking at MOVE

Alain Visser, Chief Executive Officer, Lynk & Co

Alain Visser |  | Lynk & Co » speaking at MOVE

Roland Vogt, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Zegemo

Mike Waters, Director, Policy, Strategy And Innovation, Transport for West Midlands

Mike Waters |  | Transport for West Midlands » speaking at MOVE
last published: 17/Jan/20 19:15 GMT

Business Models, Tuesday 11 February 2020

Raj Kapoor

Learnings from one of the largest commercial public self-driving program in the US

Rupert Mitchell

The EV revolution: How the Chinese market has achieved what it's achieved

Remo Gerber

How air taxis will enhance sustainability

Angela Hultberg

Going all in: Transforming to 100% electric deliveries by 2025

Chantal Ambord
Business Models

Disrupting mobility: Carpooling, buses and short distance

Aram Sargsyan
Business Models

Multimodality & smart cities: The transformational impact on the ecosystem

Liad Itzhak
Business Models

Disrupting the disrupters: A neutral and open global mobility marketplace

Andrew Boland
Business Models

The importance of sustainable objectives in modern MaaS

Business Models

Round Table by HERE Mobility

Paulin Dementhon
Business Models

Mobility transformation: Is the personal car dead or does it still have a future?

Bernardo Tonini
Business Models

Multi-modality as a business model

Leon Hurst
Business Models

Is there a disconnect in connected mobility?

Miguel Gaspar
Business Models

Cities as mobility managers: Co-governing mobility and deploying a complete mobility ecosystem

Alain Visser
Business Models

NetFlix for cars

Nico Polleti
Business Models

Subscriptions: Flexible ownership in Germany

Dr. Stefan Penthin
Business Models

Road Intelligence with extended map-data service

Roland Vogt
Business Models

The new role of companies in offering mobility options for employees

Syeda Ramla Hassan
Business Models

Putting women at the forefront of new mobility in developing countries

Christian Lang
Business Models

How to reduce the downtime of shared electric vehicles to a minimum

Ian Simmons

Changing lanes, charging cars, championing new technologies

Paul Newman

From Oxford to Mars: Building the brains behind self-driving vehicles

Fredrik Hjelm

Dialogue and transparency: Keeping scooters in European cities


Smart Me Up competition winner pitch

last published: 17/Jan/20 19:15

Business Models, Wednesday 12 February 2020

Seleta Reynolds

Data wars: Who should be in control?

Eckart Diepenhorst

Think global, act local: How to outsmart the competition and shape the future of mobility

Silvia Kaupa-Gotzl
Business Models

Bringing hydrogen powered public transport to rural areas

William Berry
Business Models

Cab companies: Banding together to fight back

William Berry, Chief Executive Officer,
Tom Hamlyn Williams
Business Models

Delivering new and innovative mobility for everyone

Sonya Byers
Business Models

Supporting the sustainable growth of women in transport

Oliver Haywood
Business Models

RoundTable: Designing the end-to-end mobility customer experience

Tiago Lopes Farias
Business Models

Modernizing transport networks: Intercity approaches to cleaner and efficient transport

Hicham Larhnimi
Business Models

Integrated transport services: Facilitating multiplatform travel

Lawrence Leuschner
Business Models

Why a focus on sustainability drives operational efficiency, customer centricity and city partnerships

Fanny Mathey
Business Models

Rail business models: Increasing capacity while reducing trainsets

Kobi Eisenberg
Business Models

Vehicle as a Service: Elastic supply to serve any source of demand

Chris Kirby
Business Models

Why mobility is flawed and how we fix it

Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal
Business Models

Electric scooter sharing in Bengaluru

Rui Stoffel Fernandes
Business Models

How is ride-sharing impacting the corporate world

Andy Hibbert
Business Models

Peer to peer: The smartest mobility business model

Richard Roseboom
Business Models

Disrupting mobility with flexible business models

last published: 17/Jan/20 19:15

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