MOVE 2020 Speakers | Energy & Charging

 Energy and Charging will focus on how to successfully shift to electricity and hydrogen, as well as numerous case studies detailing the surge of EV charging infrastructure around the world.

Daniel Bentham, Managing Director, Ubitricity

Guillaume Le Berre, Director Of Operations, Pragma Industries

Guillaume Le Berre |  | Pragma Industries » speaking at MOVE

Richard Bruce, Director, Energy, Technology And Innovation, DfT

Richard Bruce |  | DfT » speaking at MOVE

Ian Cameron, Head Of Innovation, UK Power Networks

Francisco Carranza Sierra, Managing Director Energy Services, Renault - Nissan

Francisco Carranza Sierra |  | Renault - Nissan » speaking at MOVE

Ian Constance, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Propulsion Centre Uk

Graeme Cooper, Director Of Electric Vehicles, National Grid

Matteo De Renzi, Chief Executive Officer, BP Chargemaster

Matteo De Renzi |  | BP Chargemaster » speaking at MOVE

Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, Director Of Product, Octopus Energy

Philippa Eddie, Commercial Finance Specialist, Project And Structured Finance Group, Infrastructure and Projects Authority (HM Treasury and Cabinet Office)

Philippa Eddie |  | Infrastructure and Projects Authority (HM Treasury and Cabinet Office) » speaking at MOVE

Paul Eggleton, Director, Hammock

Paul Eggleton |  | Hammock » speaking at MOVE

Etienne Gaudin, Managing Director, Wattway By Colas

Michael Hajesch, Chief Executive Officer, Ionity

Michael Hajesch |  | Ionity » speaking at MOVE

Joanna Hubbard, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Electron

Trevor Jackson, Chairman, Metalectrique Aerosystems Limited

Trevor Jackson |  | Metalectrique Aerosystems Limited » speaking at MOVE

Dirk Kronemeijer, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, GoodFuels

Dirk Kronemeijer |  | GoodFuels » speaking at MOVE

Albert Lam, Chairman And Group Chief Executive Officer, Detroit Electric

Albert Lam |  | Detroit Electric » speaking at MOVE

Marc Lepage, Chief Executive Officer, Wattpark

Marc Lepage |  | Wattpark » speaking at MOVE

Johannes Mayer, Co-Founder And Chief Financial Officer, Wiferion GmbH

Petar Mirovic, Chief Executive Officer, EnGoPlanet

Sophia Nadur, Director Innovation and Marketing, Advanced Mobility, BP Plc

Sophia Nadur |  | BP Plc » speaking at MOVE

Jeremy Parkes, Global Business Lead, Electric Vehicles, DNV GL

Ollie Pendered, Director, Riding Sunbeams

Ollie Pendered |  | Riding Sunbeams » speaking at MOVE

Julia Poliscanova, Director, Clean Vehicles And Emobility, Transport and Environment

Talib Qayyum, Founder, Parking Eagle

Jiri Rasanen, Chief Executive Officer, Parking Energy

Jiri Rasanen |  | Parking Energy » speaking at MOVE

Aleksandra Rybczynska, Bloomberg New Energy Financial

Aleksandra Rybczynska |  | Bloomberg New Energy Financial » speaking at MOVE

Candace Saffery Neufeld, Chief Executive Officer, Bia

Fernando Saka Herran, Director General, De Transporte Publico Metropolitano Santiago Chile

Fernando Saka Herran |  | De Transporte Publico Metropolitano Santiago Chile » speaking at MOVE

Reza Shaybani, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, The EV Network

Reza Shaybani |  | The EV Network » speaking at MOVE

Nina Skorupska, Chief Executive Officer, The REA

Nina Skorupska |  | The REA » speaking at MOVE

Stefan Soderling, Investment Director, Volvo Group Venture Capital

Stefan Soderling |  | Volvo Group Venture Capital » speaking at MOVE

Alexis Sosthène Mulsant, Vc Associate, Total Carbon Neutrality Ventures

Carlos St James, President, Latin American and Caribbean Council On Renewable Energy (LA-CORE)

Sandith Thandasherry, Chief Executive Officer, NavAlt Solar & Electric Boats

Anna Carolina Tortora, Head Of Innovation Strategy, National Grid

Anna Carolina Tortora |  | National Grid » speaking at MOVE

Ovarith Troeung, Director Of Green Mobility, Engie

Ovarith Troeung |  | Engie » speaking at MOVE

Arjo Van Der Ham, Co-Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Lightyear One

Louise Van Rensburg, Interim Deputy Director, Energy Systems Transition, Ofgem

Louise Van Rensburg |  | Ofgem » speaking at MOVE

Pieter Waller, Co-Founder And Chief Commercial Officer, Chargetrip

Roy Williamson, Vice President Of Mobility, BP Plc

Roy Williamson |  | BP Plc » speaking at MOVE

Sytse Zuidema, Chief Executive Officer, NewMotion

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Energy & Charging, Tuesday 11 February 2020

Raj Kapoor

Learnings from one of the largest commercial public self-driving program in the US

Rupert Mitchell

The EV revolution: How the Chinese market has achieved what it's achieved

Remo Gerber

How air taxis will enhance sustainability

Angela Hultberg

Going all in: Transforming to 100% electric deliveries by 2025

Sytse Zuidema
Energy & Charging

Facilitating access and effectiveness of EV chargers

Graeme Cooper
Energy & Charging

Achieving a minimum viable product: Collaboration for a national EV solution

Ovarith Troeung
Energy & Charging

A traditional energy provider's perspective on the charging revolution

Sophia Nadur
Energy & Charging

Round Table: EV Mass Adoption: What will it take for Auntie Beryl to buy an EV?

Daniel Bentham
Energy & Charging

Developments in V-2-G tech

Etienne Gaudin
Energy & Charging

Smart road contributions to energy production and more

Arjo Van Der Ham
Energy & Charging

Charge as you drive: the future of solar roofing

Carlos St James
Energy & Charging

Texas, Latin America & the Caribbean: Different approaches to promoting renewable energy

Sandith Thandasherry
Energy & Charging

India's solar and electric ferries: Making renewable economically viable

Talib Qayyum
Energy & Charging

A future ecosystem: Connecting retailers, charge points and vehicles for hire

Ollie Pendered
Energy & Charging

Pioneering solar-powered rail

Dirk Kronemeijer
Energy & Charging

Advanced sustainable fuels: Reducing transport's carbon footprint

Ian Constance
Energy & Charging

Identifying the energy technology required to hit climate targets

Petar Mirovic
Energy & Charging

Energy innovation: Making smart cities solar

Ian Simmons

Changing lanes, charging cars, championing new technologies

Paul Newman

From Oxford to Mars: Building the brains behind self-driving vehicles

Fredrik Hjelm

Dialogue and transparency: Keeping scooters in European cities


Smart Me Up competition winner pitch

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Energy & Charging, Wednesday 12 February 2020

Seleta Reynolds

Data wars: Who should be in control?

Eckart Diepenhorst

Think global, act local: How to outsmart the competition and shape the future of mobility

Richard Bruce
Energy & Charging

The future of decarbonisation in UK transport

Louise Van Rensburg
Energy & Charging

How do we make sure the energy system is fit for an electric future?

Stefan Soderling
Energy & Charging

Commercial vehicles: How and where can they be charged?

Joanna Hubbard
Energy & Charging

What will it take for V-2-G to scale?

Energy & Charging

Roundtable by Shell

Ian Cameron
Energy & Charging

Implementing smart electricity network options to manage EV uptake

Rebecca Dibb-Simkin
Energy & Charging

Innovative tariffs for a transition to EVs

Johannes Mayer
Energy & Charging

Freedom for Robots & AGVs: Wireless Charging for Smarter Processes

Trevor Jackson
Energy & Charging

Imagining an electric vehicle that never has to recharge

Reza Shaybani
Energy & Charging

EV infrastructure: 100% renewable sources

Marc Lepage
Energy & Charging

Airbnb for EV charging

Jiri Rasanen
Energy & Charging

EV readiness: Open platform to dramatically accelerate the transition to zero emission mobility

Pieter Waller
Energy & Charging

Improving the charge and drive ecosystem: A human-centered perspective

Julia Poliscanova
Energy & Charging

Cars that charge the city: Meeting the European power demand

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