MOVE 2020 Speakers | Tech, Data & Innovation

This will feature the latest in cutting-edge transport technology including data analytics, mapping, blockchain, V-2-X applications and much more. 

Safa Alkateb, Chief Executive Officer, Autocab

Safa Alkateb |  | Autocab » speaking at MOVE

Ignacio Barrios Banos, Chief Executive Officer, Kido Dynamics

Carl Bayliss, Vice President, Mobility And Home Energy, Centrica Plc

Itay Bengad, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, MDGo

Itay Bengad |  | MDGo » speaking at MOVE

Josh Berg, Director, Innovation Venture Development, Magna

René Braun, Co-Founder And Managing Director, Rydes, Lufthansa Innovation Hub GmbH,

René Braun |  | Lufthansa Innovation Hub GmbH, » speaking at MOVE

Andrew Brown-Allan, Marketing and Propositions Director, IMS (a Trak Global Group company)

Andrew Brown-Allan |  | IMS (a Trak Global Group company) » speaking at MOVE

Diego Canales, Global Partnerships Manager, Populus

Diego Canales |  | Populus » speaking at MOVE

Mark Catherall, Co-Founder And Director, Canopy Simulations

Mark Catherall |  | Canopy Simulations » speaking at MOVE

Tal Cohen, Founder, DRIVETLV

Greta Cutulenco, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Acerta

Greta Cutulenco |  | Acerta » speaking at MOVE

Kay Dale, Service Designer, Government Digital Service, UK Cabinet Office

Kay Dale |  | Government Digital Service, UK Cabinet Office » speaking at MOVE

John De Souza, Co-Founder And President, Ample

John De Souza |  | Ample » speaking at MOVE

Jennifer Dungs, Strategic Investor Energy For Mobility, InnoEnergy

Jennifer Dungs |  | InnoEnergy » speaking at MOVE

Itay Erel, Chief Executive Officer, DRIVE TLV

Pete Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer, Prospective

Pete Ferguson |  | Prospective » speaking at MOVE

Julien Fredonie, Head Of Strategic Venture Partnerships Europe, Honda

Julien Fredonie |  | Honda » speaking at MOVE

Hanan Fridman, Chief Executive Officer, Trucknet

Hanan Fridman |  | Trucknet » speaking at MOVE

Martin Frohlich, Head Of New Horizons, Deutsche Bahn AG

Daniel Gipple, Founder, BetterPoints

Jay Giraud, Chief Executive Officer, Damon Motorcycles

Andrew Grant, Analyst, Bloomberg NEF

Andrew Grant |  | Bloomberg NEF » speaking at MOVE

Amy Gu, Managing Partner, Hemi Ventures

Amer Hasan, Chief Executive Officer, Minicabit

Michael Hurwitz, Director Of Transport Innovation, Transport for London

Michael Hurwitz |  | Transport for London » speaking at MOVE

Layth Irani, Managing Director, SMBC Europe Limited

Kristian Kolind, Director, Mobility Services And Business Development, Vy

Micah Kotch, Managing Director, Urban X

Daniel Layne, Chief Executive Officer, Quotevine

Petri Martikainen, Chief Executive Officer, Moprim

Agustín Martin, Chief Executive Officer, Toyota Connected Europe

Agustín Martin |  | Toyota Connected Europe » speaking at MOVE

Vivek Mohan, Director, Mechanical Engineering (Freight), Indian Railways

Vivek Mohan |  | Indian Railways » speaking at MOVE

Revannth Narmatha Murugesan, Chief Executive Officer, Carbon Performance

Michele Nati, Lead Tech Analyst And Personal Data Expert, IOTA Foundation

Lukas Neckermann, Advisor, Chief Strategist, Splyt

Lukas Neckermann |  | Splyt » speaking at MOVE

Sebastian Peck, Managing Director Inmotion Ventures, Jaguar Land Rover

Sebastian Peck |  | Jaguar Land Rover » speaking at MOVE

Jorg Reimann, Chief Executive Officer, PARK NOW / CHARGE NOW

Tim Smith, Global Auto And Mobility Director, ustwo

Jake Speyer, Solutions Engineering Team Lead, PredictHQ

Andreas Strasser, Director Of Investment Emea, Volvo Car Technology Fund

Andreas Strasser |  | Volvo Car Technology Fund » speaking at MOVE

Joshua Wert, Director Of Business Development, RoadCloud

Joshua Wert |  | RoadCloud » speaking at MOVE

Jan-Olaf Willums, Chairman And Co-Founder, InSpire InVest

Jan-Olaf Willums |  | InSpire InVest » speaking at MOVE

David Winterstein, Chief Executive Officer, Velocia

David Winterstein |  | Velocia » speaking at MOVE
last published: 17/Jan/20 19:15 GMT

Tech, Data & Innovation, Tuesday 11 February 2020

Raj Kapoor

Learnings from one of the largest commercial public self-driving program in the US

Rupert Mitchell

The EV revolution: How the Chinese market has achieved what it's achieved

Remo Gerber

How air taxis will enhance sustainability

Angela Hultberg

Going all in: Transforming to 100% electric deliveries by 2025

Michael Hurwitz
Tech, Data & Innovation

Keeping London at the cutting edge of mobility tech

René Braun
Tech, Data & Innovation

Europe's first rewards program for urban and international mobility

Agustín Martin
Tech, Data & Innovation

The new role for automotive OEMs

Martin Frohlich
Tech, Data & Innovation

New mobility horizons for traditional transport companies

Tech, Data & Innovation

Round Table by Toyota Connected Europe

Diego Canales
Tech, Data & Innovation

Transforming urban transportation: Simulating the present and future of transit

Tim Smith
Tech, Data & Innovation

User centred design: Shaping the way people and businesses move

Andreas Strasser
Tech, Data & Innovation

How start ups interact with big corporates

Andreas Strasser, Director Of Investment Emea, Volvo Car Technology Fund
Greta Cutulenco
Tech, Data & Innovation

AI: Predicting flaws in vehicles before they come off the assembly line

Michele Nati
Tech, Data & Innovation

The future of e-MaaS: transparency and data control

Jake Speyer
Tech, Data & Innovation

Demand intelligence in mobility

Ignacio Barrios Banos
Tech, Data & Innovation

The future of big data for smart city planning

John De Souza
Tech, Data & Innovation

Autonomous robotics & smaller batteries: Solving the battery delivery challenge

Andrew Grant
Tech, Data & Innovation

Do mobility services need to be more than multi-modal?

Pete Ferguson
Tech, Data & Innovation

Urban transit supercharged

Ian Simmons

Changing lanes, charging cars, championing new technologies

Paul Newman

From Oxford to Mars: Building the brains behind self-driving vehicles

Fredrik Hjelm

Dialogue and transparency: Keeping scooters in European cities


Smart Me Up competition winner pitch

last published: 17/Jan/20 19:15

Tech, Data & Innovation, Wednesday 12 February 2020

Seleta Reynolds

Data wars: Who should be in control?

Eckart Diepenhorst

Think global, act local: How to outsmart the competition and shape the future of mobility

Jay Giraud
Tech, Data & Innovation

Future motorcycles: Safer, smarter, self-learning

Sebastian Peck
Tech, Data & Innovation

Tracing the trends of future mobility

Revannth Narmatha Murugesan
Tech, Data & Innovation

What if cars could be farmed, not fabricated?

Amy Gu
Tech, Data & Innovation

How startups can scale up their business

Andrew Brown-Allan
Tech, Data & Innovation

Connected fleets round table: How to use driving & vehicle data to improve efficiencies and profitability

Daniel Gipple
Tech, Data & Innovation

Behavioural change: Improving health and enhancing mobility

Lukas Neckermann
Tech, Data & Innovation

Powering mobility for superapps

Joshua Wert
Tech, Data & Innovation

Applying connected vehicle data for different SAE levels of autonomous driving

Vivek Mohan
Tech, Data & Innovation

Digitalisation & Predictive Maintenance in Indian Railways

Itay Erel
Tech, Data & Innovation

Case study: The successful integration of a start up with a corporate

Mark Catherall
Tech, Data & Innovation

Lessons from F1 and Formula E

Jennifer Dungs
Tech, Data & Innovation

Aligning innovation with sustainability and climate goals

Hanan Fridman
Tech, Data & Innovation

Facilitating the sustainability in the heavy vehicle industry

Petri Martikainen
Tech, Data & Innovation

Mobility footprints: Making citizens and cities aware of their mobility actions to build sustainable services

David Winterstein
Tech, Data & Innovation

Positive behaviour modification: Rewarding people for making good mobility choices

last published: 17/Jan/20 19:15

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