Ahmad Abdo, Consultant, Field Systems Engineering, Ciena

Thomas E. Abell, Advisor, SDCC and Chief of Digital Technology for Development Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, asian development bank

Thomas E. Abell | Advisor, SDCC and Chief of Digital Technology for Development Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department | asian development bank » speaking at SubOptic

Francois-Xavier Abrial, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Erlend Andersen, Technical Manager, Nexans Norway AS

Erlend Andersen | Technical Manager | Nexans Norway AS » speaking at SubOptic

Daniele Androni, CEO, Subphoton srl

Jean-christophe Antona, Responsable Projet R&T, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Aneesha Baby, Product Manager, cisco

Jean-Francois Baget, RESPONSABLE MARKETING, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Bamdad Bakhshi, Director, SubCom

Kasyapa Balemarthy, Technical Manager, OFS

Stuart Barnes, Chairman and Chie Strategy Officer, Xtera

Nigel Bayliff, Chief Executive Officer, Aqua Comms

Nigel Bayliff | Chief Executive Officer | Aqua Comms » speaking at SubOptic

Geoff Bennett, Director Solutions and Technology, Infinera

Geoff Bennett | Director Solutions and Technology | Infinera » speaking at SubOptic

Scott Bickham, Development Fellow, Corning

Alain Biston, President, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Steinar Bjørnstad, Strategic Competence and Research Manager, Tampnet AS

Sebastien Blaise, Senior Engineer GeoConsulting, Fugro Singapore Marine Pte Ltd

Jean-Pierre Blondel, Project Manager, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Stuart Blythe, Partner, Baker Botts (UK) LLP

Iago Bojczuk, Research Assistant & PhD Candidate, Sustainable Subsea Networks & University of Cambridge

Max Boyce, Senior Cable Route Engineer, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Max Boyce | Senior Cable Route Engineer | Alcatel Submarine Networks » speaking at SubOptic

Jan Kristoffer Brenne, R&D Manager - Fiber Sensing, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Jan Kristoffer Brenne | R&D Manager - Fiber Sensing | Alcatel Submarine Networks » speaking at SubOptic

Kent Bressie, Partner And Head Of International Practice, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis LLP

Eckhard Bruckschen, Managing Director, SubCableNews

Eckhard Bruckschen | Managing Director | SubCableNews » speaking at SubOptic

Lane Burdette, Research Analyst, TeleGeography

Lane Burdette | Research Analyst | TeleGeography » speaking at SubOptic

Nancy Cai, Analyst, Telstra

Laurent Campagne, Senior Project Manager, AQEST

Mattia Cantono, Network Architect, Google LLC

Leslie Cao, Senior Director, Network Solutions Department, HMN Tech

Alexis Carbo Meseguer, INGENIEUR SYST.DESIGN OPTIQUE, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Rob Cash, Operations Manager, Parkburn Precision Handling Systems

Merete Caubet, VP Sales & Business Development, Bulk Fiber Networks

Merete Caubet | VP Sales & Business Development | Bulk Fiber Networks » speaking at SubOptic

Ranjith Cherickel, CEO, iColo

Michael Clare, Principal Researcher, National Oceanography Centre, UK

Gail Clark, Managing Director, OceanIQ

Alice Colarossi, Associate, Reed Smith LLP

Mike Conradi, Partner, DLA Piper

Jo Conroy, TPM, Google

Michael Constable, CSO, HMN TECH

Michael Constable | CSO | HMN TECH » speaking at SubOptic

Erick Contag, Trustee, SubOptic Foundation

Lex Coors, Chief Data Center Technology and Engineering Officer, Digital Realty

Jose Cordero, a Product Manager for Multibeam Systems, Kongsberg Sensors and Robotics

David Coughlan, CEO, SubCom

Olivier Courtois, RESP EQ MKT & STRAT PDUIT, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Olivier Courtois | RESP EQ MKT & STRAT PDUIT | Alcatel Submarine Networks » speaking at SubOptic

René d’Avezac de Moran, Service Line Manager, Fugro Singapore Marine Pte Ltd

Richa Daga, Software Engineer, Cisco

Emmanuel Danjou, HEad of Business Development, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Carlos Dasi, CTO, Telxius

Carlos Dasi | CTO | Telxius » speaking at SubOptic

Paul Davison, Soil Machine Dynamics Limited

Yves Delisle, Senior Manager, System Engineering & Introduction (SE&I), Ciena

Paul Deslandes, Head of Project Delivery, Global Marine

Jas Dhooper, VP Professional Services and Infrastructure development, Aqua Comms

Simone Donadello, Researcher, Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica

Maxime Droques, Product Line Manager, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Mei Du, Eng, TATA Communications (America) Inc.

Alwyn du Plessis, Chief Executive Officer, Mertech Marine

Alwyn du Plessis | Chief Executive Officer | Mertech Marine » speaking at SubOptic

Philippe Dumont, Chief Executive Officer, EllaLink

Philippe Dumont | Chief Executive Officer | EllaLink » speaking at SubOptic

Vishnu Dutt, Subsea Network Engineer, Meta

Vishnu Dutt | Subsea Network Engineer | Meta » speaking at SubOptic

Laure Duvernay, Head of Project Finance, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Sumudu Edirisinghe, Advanced Optical Development, Infinera Corporation

Katherine Edwards, Senior Manager Subsea Investments, Vodafone

Graham Evans, Managing Director, Subsea Cable Business, EGS (Asia) Ltd

Darwin Evans, Director prodcut line management, CIENA

Zhang Fang, Senior Network Solution Manager, HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.

James Francis, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Tony Frisch, CTO, Xtera

Paul Gabla, CHIEF SALES & MARKETING OFFICER, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Paul Gabla | CHIEF SALES & MARKETING OFFICER | Alcatel Submarine Networks » speaking at SubOptic

Vincent Gatineau, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, EllaLink Ireland Limited

Elena Badiola Gaubeka, Product Manager, Dark Fiber, EXA Infrastructure

Elena Badiola Gaubeka | Product Manager, Dark Fiber | EXA Infrastructure » speaking at SubOptic

Tommy Geisler, LEAD Engineer, OFS Fitel Denmark, ApS

Mr Arek Gralak, GBSD, Terrapinn Holdings Ltd

Mr Arek Gralak | GBSD | Terrapinn Holdings Ltd » speaking at SubOptic

Lorraine Gray, Director of Permitting, Pioneer Consulting

Martin Greber, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Stephen Grubb, Global Optical Architect, Meta

Matteo Gumier, Sales Area Manager, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Lijun Hao, R&D Engineer, HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.

Barny Harmse, Executive Chairman & CEO, Paratus Telecommunications

Barny Harmse | Executive Chairman & CEO | Paratus Telecommunications » speaking at SubOptic

Takemi Hasegawa, R&D Manager, Sumitomo Electric Industries

Gang He, Principal Resaerch Scientist, EXFO Inc.

John Hedgpeth, Worldwide Applications Engineering Manager, Corning Incorporated

Tadafumi Hirose, Engineer, OCC

Steve Holden, Maintenance Account Director, Global Marine

Alan Hollander, Sr. Director, System Engineering, Infinera

Mike Hollands, Senior Director, Market Development, Digital Realty

Mike Hollands | Senior Director, Market Development | Digital Realty » speaking at SubOptic

Urs Hölzle, Vice President of Engineering, Google

Urs Hölzle | Vice President of Engineering | Google » speaking at SubOptic

Nie Hongxi, HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.

Nie Hongxi |  | HMN Technologies Co., Ltd. » speaking at SubOptic

Bruce Howe, Research Professor, Joint Task Force for SMART Cables and University of Hawaii

Michael Hubbard, Director, Optical System Performance, Ciena

Gioia Indelicato, Administrative Manager, Oceans & Cables srls

Venkata Jasti, Submarine Cable Group Manager, Makai Ocean Engineering Inc.

Charles Jeremy Brown, Chief Technology Officer, Hengtong Marine Cable Systems

Charles Jeremy Brown | Chief Technology Officer | Hengtong Marine Cable Systems » speaking at SubOptic

Chunguang Jin, Technical Manager, HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.

Chunguang Jin | Technical Manager | HMN Technologies Co., Ltd. » speaking at SubOptic

Andrew Kam, Ciena

Valey Kamalov, Valey Kamalov LLC

Valey Kamalov |  | Valey Kamalov LLC » speaking at SubOptic

Antti Kankkunen, Vp Subsea PLM, Infinera

Antti Kankkunen | Vp Subsea PLM | Infinera » speaking at SubOptic

Camino Kavanagh, Senior Visting Fellow, Dept. of War Studies, King's College London

Takeshi Kawasaki, Director, NTT Ltd. Japan

Kitch Kennedy, Director for Ocean Mapping, Saildrone

Kitch Kennedy | Director for Ocean Mapping | Saildrone » speaking at SubOptic

Robert Keys, Senior Director, Photonics R&D, Ciena

Ola Khaled, International Business Development Sr. Manager, Telecom Egypt

Michelle Kirkland, Partner, CMS

Atsushi Kuwahara, Managing Director, NEC Corporation

Brian Lavallée, Senior Director, Product Marketing, CIENA

Brian Lavallée | Senior Director, Product Marketing | CIENA » speaking at SubOptic

Stephen Lentz, Director, Network Development, Ocean Specialists, Inc.

PAIRAT LERTARAYAPONG, R&D Director, Hengtong Marine Cable Systems

PAIRAT LERTARAYAPONG | R&D Director | Hengtong Marine Cable Systems » speaking at SubOptic

Jiang Lin, R&D Engineer, HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.

Nate Lindsey, VP, Science & Innovation, FiberSense

David Lloyd, Manager, Optical Systems Architecture, EXA Infrastructure

Michael Logan, VP: Business Development, Mertech Marine (Pty) Ltd

Michael Logan | VP: Business Development | Mertech Marine (Pty) Ltd » speaking at SubOptic

Chongguang Ma, General Manager of MEA Region, HMN Tech

Scott Mabin, Product Lead Subsea Technologies, Royal IHC

Jeremie Maillet, VP Marine Operations, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Aaron Mair, Director, Seagard

Sergejs Makovejs, Senior Commercial Technology Associate, Corning

Giuseppe Marra, research scientist, National Physical Laboratory

Bill Marra, Chief Commercial Officer, Cinturion

Bill Marra | Chief Commercial Officer | Cinturion » speaking at SubOptic

Daishi MASUDA, Manager, OCC corporation

Reja Mateen, Subsea Systems Engineering Manager, BT

Eduardo Mateo, Director of Network Architecture and Core Technology Strategy, NEC Corporation

Alan Mauldin, Research Director, TeleGeography

Glenn Maule, Head: Global Sales, Liquid Dataport, Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Mikael Mazur, Member of Technical Staff, Nokia Bell Labs

Mick McGovern, General Manager Marine Operations, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Pierre Mertz, Fellow, Infinera

Lothar Moeller, MTS, SubCom

Georg Mohs, Chief Technology Officer, SubCom

Ronaldo Moidano, Project Manager, Zemax Servicos Maritimos Ltda.

Maurizio Mollano, Physicist, Product Manager, Makai Ocean Engineering

Aldo Monaca, Director, Oceans & Cables Limited

Aldo Monaca | Director | Oceans & Cables Limited » speaking at SubOptic

Jan Petter Morten, Principal Engineer, Alcatel Submarine Networks Norway AS

Kohei Nakamura, assistant manager, NEC Corporation

Sho Nakayama, Engineer, OCC corporation

Gwenn Nedelec, Project Director, Southern Cross Cables Limited

Kristian Nielsen, Quality & Fulfillment Director, WFN Strategies

Kristian Nielsen | Quality & Fulfillment Director | WFN Strategies » speaking at SubOptic

Alexander Nikolaidis, Network Planner, Meta

Richard Norris, Senior Director, Engineering, CIENA

Richard Norris | Senior Director, Engineering | CIENA » speaking at SubOptic

Heiner Ottersberg, Director Technology, Prysmian Group

Jol Paling, Managing Director, Subsea Networks Ltd

Andy Palmer-Felgate, Submarine Cable Engineer, Meta

serguei papernyi, senior scientist, MPB Communications

Mounish Patel, Principle Engineer Submarine Systems Engineering, Vodafone

Cynthia Perret, Senior Infrastructure Program Manager, Meta

Philippe Perrier, Submarine Cable Systems Engineer, Meta

philip pilgrim, Business Development Subsea NAR, Nokia

Ulises Pin, Partner, Morgan Lewis & Bockius, LLP

Ben Plimmer, Fiber Program Manager, Meta

Ben Plimmer | Fiber Program Manager | Meta » speaking at SubOptic

Oli Pope, Consultant, Route Position L.L.C.

Nikki Popoola, Director Sales, West Africa, WIOCC

Kevin Preboy, Product Line Management, Ciena

Kevin Preboy | Product Line Management | Ciena » speaking at SubOptic

Xiaoyong Qin, R&D Engineer, HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.

Madanagopal Ramachandran, Senior Technical Architect, NMSWorks Software Private Limited

Alan Rand, Managing Director, American Manufactured Structures and Services

Julian Rawle, Principal, Julian Rawle Consulting

Julian Rawle | Principal | Julian Rawle Consulting » speaking at SubOptic

Gustavo Regnicoli, Business Development Director, R&G Telecomm Group

Elizabeth Rivera Hartling, Subsea Optical Architect, Meta

Eric Roach, President EGS Americas, EGS (Asia) Ltd

Eric Roach | President EGS Americas | EGS (Asia) Ltd » speaking at SubOptic

Daniel Saathoff, Director Technology, Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke GmbH / Prysmian Group

Massimiliano Salsi, Network architect, Google

Joerg Schwartz, Chief Partners & Solutions Officer, Xtera

James Schweigert, consultant, International Gateway

James Schweigert | consultant | International Gateway » speaking at SubOptic

Daniel Seliskar, Senior Manager, Solutions Engineering & Introduction, CIENA

Daniel Seliskar | Senior Manager, Solutions Engineering & Introduction | CIENA » speaking at SubOptic

Alice Shelton, Senior Consultant, Ciena

Kristina Skarvang, PhD student, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Bevan Slattery, Founder, SODA

Nick Smith, Technical Programme Manager, Google

Nick Smith | Technical Programme Manager | Google » speaking at SubOptic

Gonzalo Sosa, Subsea Optical Biz Dev Manager, Nokia

Gonzalo Sosa | Subsea Optical Biz Dev Manager | Nokia » speaking at SubOptic

Akhilesh Srivastava, VP Planning, Jio

Elaine Stafford, MD, DRG Undersea Consulting

Elaine Stafford | MD | DRG Undersea Consulting » speaking at SubOptic

Nicole Starosielski, Associate Professor, New York University

Marc Stephens, System Engineer Director, Infinera

Marc Stephens | System Engineer Director | Infinera » speaking at SubOptic

Igor Stouklov, Director, OFP Ltd

Jayne Stowell, Strategic Negotiator, Google

Tim Stronge, Vice President of Research, TeleGeography

Tim Stuch, Global Optical Architect, Meta

Xianpu Su, Technical Manager, HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.

Anjali Sugadev, Law and Policy Lead, Sustainable Subsea Networks

Ryota Suganuma, Manager, Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd.

Ohtsuka Takafumi, Sumitomo Electric Industries

Ohtsuka Takafumi |  | Sumitomo Electric Industries » speaking at SubOptic

Hitoshi Takeshita, Researcher, NEC Corporation

Frankie Targett, Submarine Cable Engineer, Vodafone Group

Lynsey Thomas, Director, Subsea Networks Ltd

Lynsey Thomas | Director | Subsea Networks Ltd » speaking at SubOptic

Jean-baptiste Thomine, associé, Axiom

Jean-baptiste Thomine | associé | Axiom » speaking at SubOptic

Andrew Thompson, Network Engineer, Deployment & Operations Support, Meta

David Tossell, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Pierre Tremblay, Principal Architect, Subsea Networks, Equinix

Gavin Tully, Managing Partner, Pioneer Consulting

Anders Tysdal, CSO, Tampnet Carrier

Giuseppe Valentino, Head Of Data Products, Telecom Italia Sparkle

Cedric Vandenweghe, SLTE Product Line Manager, Alcatel Submarine Networks

Siddharth Varughese, Principal Optical Engineer, Infinera Corporation

Hunter Vaughan, Senior Research Associate, Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy, Cambridge University

Hunter Vaughan | Senior Research Associate | Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy, Cambridge University » speaking at SubOptic

Dean Veverka, CTO & VP Operations, Southern Cross Cables Limited

David Walters, Consultant, Independent

Yanpu Wang, R&D Engineer, HMN TECH

Gary Waterworth, Network Investments, Meta

Simon Webster, Submarine Networks, NEC Europe Ltd

Simon Webster | Submarine Networks | NEC Europe Ltd » speaking at SubOptic

Alasdair Wilkie, CT0 Marine, Digicel

Stuart Wilson, Route Engineering and Survey Manager, Global Marine

Ryan Wopschall, General Manager, ICPC

Ryan Wopschall | General Manager | ICPC » speaking at SubOptic

John Wrottesley, Project Manager ICPC, ICPC

Hideki Yamaguchi, Manager, Sumitomo Electric Industries

Fatih Yaman, Senior research staff member, NEC Laboratories America, Inc

Zhongwen Zhan, Professor, California Institute of Technology

Donghai Zhang, Director Of Business Innovation, HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.

Li Zhen, Route Engineer, HMN Technologies Co., Ltd.

Qi Zhenfei, HMN TECH

benyuan ZHU, DMTS, OFS


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