These speakers are confirmed to present across both World Vaccine Congress & Immune Profiling Congress Washington

Dr Dicky Abraham, Executive Director And Distinguished Scientist, Merck

Dr Stacey Adam, Director Of Cancer Research Partnerships, Foundation for the National Institutes of Health Inc

Dr Olutola Adetona, Physician, Pi And Director Of Pediatrics, Tekton Research

Mashal Almutairi, Assistant Professor, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, King Saud university and Baylor College of Medicine

Galit Alter, Associate Professor Of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Carl Alving, Former Chief Of Adjuvant And Antigen Research And Emeritus Senior Scientist, Walter Reed Army Institute Of Research

M. Javad Aman, Chief Executive Officer, Integrated Biotherapeutics

Annaliesa Anderson, Chief Scientific Officer, Bacterial Vaccines And The Hospital Business Unit, Pfizer, Pfizer

Marty Anderson, Vice President, Clinical Development, Syneos Health

Marty Anderson | Vice President, Clinical Development | Syneos Health » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Frank Arnold, Director, Vaccine Production Program, NIAID, NIH

Dr Jessica Atwell, International Health, Global Disease Epidemiology And Control, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Greg Babcock, Vice President, Research, Visterra Inc.

Dr Jessica Baker Flechtner, Chief Scientific Officer, Genocea Biosciences

Dr Monika Ballmann, Bioprocess Scientist, Batavia Biosciences

Rip Ballou, Vice President And Head Of Global Vaccines, Research And Development Center, GSK

Dan Barouch, Professor Of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr Mario Barro, Avp And Head Of Flunxt Advanced Research, Sanofi Pasteur

Dr Roy Baynes, Senior Vice President And Head Global Clinical Development, Chief Medical Officer, Merck Research Laboratories

Tammy Beckham, Director, NVPO, OASH, OS, HHS

Wolfgang Bender, Chief Medical Officer, Valneva

Jason Berg, Director, Project Management, PPD

Dr Jay A. Berzofsky, Branch Chief, Vaccine Branch, National Cancer Institute - NIH

Heather Bessoff, Chief Executive Officer, Aptimmune Biologics Inc

Dr Prakash Bhuyan, Vice President, Clinical Development, Inovio

Lisa Bielke, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University

Lisa Bielke | Assistant Professor | Ohio State University » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Biswajit Biswas, Chief, Naval Medical Research Center

Kristin Bloink, Vice President, Global Research, Elanco

Zachary Bornholdt, Director, Antibody Discovery, Mapp Biopharmaceuticals

Steven Bosinger, Assistant Professor, Emory School of Medicine

Reinhard Braun, Chief Executive Officer, Pantec Biosolutions

Dr Christopher Broder, Professor and Chair, Uniformed Services University Of The Health Sciences

Dr Grayson Brown, Executive Director Of The Puerto Rico Vector Control Unit, CDC

Adam Buckley, Vice President Business Development, VBI Vaccines

Wivine Burny, Translational Science Senior Manager, GlaxoSmithKline

Lynlee Burton, Senior Director, Therapeutic Expertise ? Vaccines, PRA Health Sciences

Dr Wendy Carr, Acting Design And Oversight Team Lead Clinical Research Branch, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Arturo Casadevall, Chairman Of Molecular Microbiology And Immunology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr Danilo Casimiro, Vice President And Head, External Randd And Vaccine Platforms, Sanofi Pasteur

Dr Corey Casper, Interim President And Chief Executive Officer, Infectious Disease Research Institute

Cristina Cassetti, Branch Chief Virology Branch Division Of Microbiology And Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Dr Rebecca Chandler, Research Physician, Uppsala Monitoring Centre - WHO Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring

Dr Daniel Chen, Former Vice President And Global Head Of Cancer Immunotherapy Development, Genentech; Cmo, IgM. Biosciences Inc

Dr Grace Chen, Deputy Chief Of The Clinical Trials Program In The Vrc, National Institutes of Health

Dr KC Cheng, Senior Director - Analytical And Formulation Development, NIH

Roman Chicz, Associate Vice President And Global Head Of External Research And Development, Sanofi Pasteur

Claudia Christian, Director Of Global Clinical Operations, FHI Clinical

Rachel Clemens, Commercial Innovation Manager, Center for the Advancement of Science In Space

Dr Jeffrey Cohen, Chief Of Laboratory Of Infectious Diseases, NIH

Dr Nick Conley, Principal Scientist, Locus Biosciences

Dr Timothy Cooke, Chief Executive Officer, NovaDigm Therapeutics

Larry Corey, President And Director Emeritus, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Dr Stephen Craven, Functional Lead, APC

Alan Cross, Professor Of Medicine, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Alan Cross | Professor Of Medicine | University of Maryland School of Medicine » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

James Crowe, Director Of Vanderbilt Vaccine Center, Vanderbilt University

Dr Ildiko Csiki, Chief Marketing Officer, Sensei Bio

Dr James Cummings, President, ICON Government & Public Health Solutions

Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

Dame Sally Davies | Chief Medical Officer | Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Michel De Wilde, Former Senior Vice President R&D Of Sanofi Pasteur & Owner, MDW Consultant LLC

Katherine Deland, Chief Of Staff, Ebola Response, World Health Organisation

Aparna Deora, Senior Director, Ard, Qcsm, Pfizer

Frank Derosa, Senior Vice President, Translate Bio

Sarah Despres, Director, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Sarah Despres | Director | The Pew Charitable Trusts » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Carl Dieffenbach, Director, Division Of Aids, Niaid, NIH

David Diemert, Associate Professor, The George Washington University

Ilse Dieussaert, Director And Head, GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines

Dr Matthew Dudley, Epidemiologist, Institute for Vaccine Safety, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Patrick Duffy, Chief Of Pathogenesis And Immunity Section, National Institutes of Health

Cynthia Dukes, Vice President, Drug Development, Rare Disease, ICON plc

Dr Bernadette Dunham, Professorial Lecturer, The George Washington University

Anna Durbin, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Laurent Duroux, Senior Scientist, Croda

Laurent Duroux | Senior Scientist | Croda » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Marilyn Dysart, Clinical Affairs Manager, PharmaJet

Joseph Eiden, Senior Medical Consultant, FluGen Inc

Joseph Eiden | Senior Medical Consultant | FluGen Inc » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Barry Eisenstein, Chair, Scientific Advisory Board, CARB-X

Barry Eisenstein | Chair, Scientific Advisory Board | CARB-X » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Gary Eldridge, President And Chief Executive Officer, Sequoia Sciences Inc

Jon Epstein, Vice President For Science And Outreach, Ecohealth Alliance Inc.

Mark Esser, Senior Director, Vaccines And Infectious Diseases, Translational Medicine, MedImmune Inc

Dr Brandon Essink, Medical Director, Meridian Clinical Research

Jason Ezzelle, Chief Commercial And Government Contracts Officer, Pharm-Olam

Malek Faham, Venture Partner, Illumina

Malek Faham | Venture Partner | Illumina » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Ester Falconer, Group Leader, AbCellera Biologics Inc

Mark Feinberg, Chief Executive Officer And President, IAVI

Professor Dean Felsher, Professor Medicine-Oncology And Pathology, Stanford University School of Medicine

Rohan Fernandes, Assistant Professor, The George Washington University

Rohan Fernandes | Assistant Professor | The George Washington University » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Ana Fernandez-Sesma, Professor, Mount Sinai

Allison Flinn, Lead, North America Public Policy, Merck Animal Health

Dr Silvia Formenti, Chairman Of The Department Of Radiation Oncology, Radiation Oncologist Chief, Associate Director, Meyer Cancer Institute, Weill Cornell Medical College

Leonard Friedland, Vice President, Scientific Affairs And Public Health Vaccines, North America, GSK

Dr Louis Fries, CMO, Novavax

Dr Luc Gagnon, Chief Scientific Officer, NEOMED-LABS

Dr Nathalie Garcon, Chief Executive Officer And Chief Scientific Officer, BIOASTER

LCRD Martin Gaudinski, LCRD, Public Health Service, Medical Director at Vaccine Research Center Clinical Trials Program, National Institutes of Health

Cyril Gay, Senior National Program Leader, A.R.S. National Programs

Richard Gaynor, President Of Research And Development, Neon Therapeutics

Dr Bruce Gellin, President, Global Immunization, Sabin Vaccine Institute

Rebecca Gentile, Associate Director, Quality Vaccine And Biological Stability, Merck

George Georgiou, Professor, The University of Texas At Austin

Volker Gerdts, Director And Chief Executive Officer, VIDO-InterVac

Dr Brad Gessner, Vice President, Medical And Scientific Affairs, Amp; Vice President, Global Medical Lead For Pneumococcal Vaccines, Pfizer

Basav Ghosh, Senior Director, Pfizer

Brett Giroir, Assistant Secretary For Health, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Douglas Gladue, Senior Scientist, Plum Island Animal Disease Center, USDA

Gregory Glenn, President, Research And Development, Novavax

Jennifer Gordon, Program Officer Influenza Vaccine Development, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Barney Graham, Deputy Director Of Vaccine Research Center, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

Simon Graham, Group Leader, Prrs Immunology, The Pirbright Institute

Dr Beth Ann Griswold-Coller, Executive Director Of Project Leadership And Management, Merck

Marion Gruber, Director Of Office For Vaccines, FDA

Duane Gubler, Emeritus Professor, Programme In Emerging Infectious Diseases, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

Dr Dario Gutierrez, Director And Head Of Investigational Biology, Merck Exploratory Science Center

Henk Haagsman, Professor Of Molecular Host Defence, Head Department Of Infectious Diseases And Immunology, Utrecht University

Tara Haelle, Author Of Vaccination Investigation: The History And Science Of Vaccines, Co-Author Of The Informed Parent: A Science-Based Reso, Science Journalist & Author

Dr Jason Hamilton, Senior Director, Manufacturing And Development, Legend Biotech

Nick Hamon, Chief Executive Officer, IVCC

Paddy Hanlon, Vice President, Commercial Operations, Marken

Dr Emmanuel Hanon, Senior Vice President, Head Of Vaccines Research And Development, GSK Vaccines

Sean Hart, Chief Executive Officer, LumaCyte

Dr Aisha Hasan, Clinical Development Head, Oncology Cell and Gene Therapy, Glaxo Smith Kline

Dr Aisha Hasan | Clinical Development Head, Oncology Cell and Gene Therapy | Glaxo Smith Kline » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Joshua Hayes, Regulatory Microbiologist, FDA

Dr Christopher Heery, Chief Medical Officer, Bavarian Nordic

Charles Heffernan, Former Supply Chain Transformation And Technology Innovation Lead, Gsk And Member, BioPhorum Operations Group

Dr Teri Heiland, Co-Founder And Sr Vice President Research And Development, Immunomic Therapeutics

Mr Dominic Hein, Head Of Policy, Policy And Market Shaping Team, GAVI

Jon Heinrichs, Associate Vice President And Segment Head, Sanofi Pasteur

Dr Jenny Hendriks, Head Biomarkers, Janssen Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

Matthew Henn, Senior Vice President, Head Of Drug Discovery And Bioinformatics, Seres Therapeutics

Matthew Hepburn, Program Manager, D.A.R.P.A.

Dr Gray Heppner, Md, Chief Medical Officer And Managing Partner, Crozet BioPharma LLC

Andy Hillier, Medical Lead Dermatology And Allergy, Veterinary Specialty Operations, Zoetis

Dr Tim Hirst, Chairman And Chief Executive Officer, GPN Vaccines

Marc Hoffman, Chief Medical Officer, Celerion

Scott Holmstrom, Vice President, Elanco Animal Health

David Hone, Chief Scientist, Vaccine And Therapeutic Division, Joint Science And Technology Office, Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Peter Hotez, Dean, National School Of Tropical Medicine, Director, Texas Children?S Hospital Center, Baylor College of Medicine

Randall Hyer, Vice President, Clinical Development And Medical Affairs, Dynavax

Dr Bruce Innis, Global Head Of Respiratory Infections & Maternal Immunizations, PATH

Darrell Irvine, Professor Of Materials Science, Engineering And Biological Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr Steven Jacobsen, Senior Director Of Research, Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Dr Heather Jaspan, Associate Members, University of Cape Town

Dr Robert Johnson, Director, Influenza And Emerging Infectious Diseases Division, HHS/BARDA

Dr Cheryl Keech, Executive Medical Director, PPD

Dr Richard Kennedy, Professor Of Medicine, Co-Director, Mayo Vaccine Research Group, Mayo Clinic and Foundation

Dr Amit Khandhar, Formulation Lead, Infectious Disease Research Institute

Peter Khoury, Chief Executive Officer, Ology Bioservices

Jerome Kim, General Director, International Vaccine Institute

Dr Nikole Kimes, President And Chief Scientific Officer, Siolta Therapeutics

Norbert Klein, Vice President, Head Of Manufacturing Science And Technology (Msat), GSK

Steven Kleinstein, Associate Professor Of Pathology, Yale University

Dr John Knighton, Vice President Of A.P.I. Large Molecule Development, Janssen Research & Development, LLC

Dr John Knighton | Vice President Of A.P.I. Large Molecule Development | Janssen Research & Development, LLC » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Sarah Kobrin, Branch Chief, NIH

Wayne Koff, President And Chief Executive Officer, The Human Vaccines Project

Dr Alexander Koglin, Co-Founder, NTxBio

Bette Korber, Laboratory Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Bette Korber | Laboratory Fellow | Los Alamos National Laboratory » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Alexander Kort, Senior Vice President Corporate Development, Themis Bioscience GmbH

Dr Richard C Koya, Chief Scientific Officer, Tactiva Therapeutics

Philip Krause, Deputy Director, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Philip Krause | Deputy Director | U.S. Food and Drug Administration » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Christopher Kripas, Pharmacovigilance Head, Moderna Therapeutics

Mahesh Kumar, Senior Vice President, Global Biologics Research, Zoetis

Peter Kwong, Chief, Structural Biology Section, NIH

Tom Lake, Senior Vice President, Technology Development Alliances, Vaxxas

Carole Langlois, Manager, Marketing And Traditional Vaccines, Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Dr Cheryl Lapham, Program Officer, Basic Immunology Branch, Niaid, National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Shahram Lavasani, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, ImmuneBiotech Ab

Dr Julie Leask, Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Health, Adjunct A/Prof, School of Public Health, Visiting Fellow, National Centre for Immuniz, University of Sydney

Dr Bruce Y. Lee, Associate Professor Of International Health, Executive Director Of Gopc, Director Of Operations Of Ivac, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr Min-Shi Lee, Associate Investigator, National Health Research Institutes

Andrew Lees, Scientific Director, Fina BioSolutions

Mike Levine, Grollman Distinguished Professor And Director, Center For Vaccine Development, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Dr Ofer Levy, Professor Of Pediatrics, Precision Vaccines Program, Boston Children's Hospital Harvard Medical School

Dr Ed Lewin, Research Professor, Milken Institute For Public Health, Georgetown University School Of Medicine

Julia Li, Senior Director, External R&D Innovation Lead – Vaccines, Pfizer

Julia Li | Senior Director, External R&D Innovation Lead – Vaccines | Pfizer » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Rupali Limaye, Associate Director, Behavioral Research, Institute Vaccine Safety, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Sarena Lin, Executive Vice President, Usa And Global Strategy, Elanco Animal Health

Sarena Lin | Executive Vice President, Usa And Global Strategy | Elanco Animal Health » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Robert Lindblad, Medical Monitor, STRIVE Ebola Vaccine Trial

Dr Gerald P Linette, Professor Of Medicine, Center For Cellular Immunotherapies, University of Pennsylvania

Thomas Lingelbach, President And Chief Executive Officer, Valneva

Dr Ke Liu, Chief, Oncology Branch, Acting Associate Director For Oncology Cell And Gene Therapy, Oncology Center Of Excellence, Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Dr Robert Loberg, Executive Director And Head Of Clinical Biomarkers And Diagnostics, Amgen

Dr Robert Loberg | Executive Director And Head Of Clinical Biomarkers And Diagnostics | Amgen » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Mats Lundgren, Customer Applications Director, GE Healthcare

Nicole Lurie, Strategic Advisor To Chief Executive Officer, CEPI

Johannes Lutz, Senior Scientist Immunotherapy, CureVac

Johannes Lutz | Senior Scientist Immunotherapy | CureVac » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Noni Macdonald, Professor Of Paediatrics, Canadian Centre For Vaccinology, Dalhousie University

Dr Kutub Mahmood, Scientific Director, Path

Michael Makanga, Executive Director, EDCTP

Frank Malinoski, Chief Medical Officer, Eveliqure

Dr Jennifer Manuzak, Research Assistant Professor, University of Miami

Dr John Markels, President, Merck Vaccines

Mary Marovich, Director of Vaccine Research Program, NIAID, NIH

John Mascola, Director-Vaccine Research Center, NIAID, NIH

Jonna Mazet, Professor Of Epidemiology And Disease Ecology And Executive Director Of The One Health Institute, U.C. Davis School of Veterinary Medicine

Bruce Mccormick, President, Savsu Technologies

Jason Mclellan, Assistant Professor, Geisel School of Medicine

Dr Malte Meppen, Head Of Drug Product Development, GSK

Michael Merchlinsky, Scientific Program Manager, HHS/BARDA

Dr Tod Merkel, Professor Of Laboratory For Respiratory And Special Pathogens Division, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research

Dr Stefano Messori, Chargé De Mission, O.I.E.

Nelson Michael, Director Of M.H.R.P., Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

Dr Dmitri Mikhailov, Director And Head Of Biomarker Study Coordination, Novartis Institute For Biomedical Research

Thomas Monath, Managing Partner And Chief Scientific Officer, Crozet BioPharma LLC

Ruth Montgomery, Professor Of Medicine, Yale University

Emanuele Montomoli, Professor In Public Health University Of Siena And Chief Scientific Officer, VisMederi

Vasee Moorthy, Coordinator, Research, Ethics, Knowledge Uptake, Department Of Information, Evidence And Research, And Team Leader, Research, World Health Organisation

Imraan Munshi, Executive Director And Global Communications Lead For Vaccines, Merck & Co Inc

Thomas Muster, Managing Director And Chief Scientific Officer, Vivaldi Biosciences Inc

Stephen Nagler, Executive Director, MedPro Investors Llc

Robin Nandy, UNICEF

Dr Jennifer Nelson, Director Of Biostatistics And Senior Investigator, Kaiser Permanente Washington

Dr Andreas Neubert, Vice President Vaccines, IDT Biologika

David Noll, Director, Scientific Affairs, Tiber Creek Partners

Dr Robert Nordgren, Head Of Research And Development, Curtiss Healthcare

Paul Offit, Physician, Childrens Hospital of Pennsylvania

Derek O'Hagan, Global Head Of Discovery Support And New Technology, GSK Vaccines

Dr Susan Old, Deputy Director of the Division of Extramural Activities, NIAID

Dr Susan Old | Deputy Director of the Division of Extramural Activities | NIAID » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Saad Omer, William H. Foege Professor Of Global Health Professor Of Epidemiology And Pediatrics, Emory University - School of Medicine

Dr Dinja Oosterhoff, Principal Scientist Viral Vaccines, Intravacc

Dr Walter Orenstein, Professor And Associate Director, Emory Vaccine Center Emory University

Prof Ab Osterhaus, Director, Research Center For Emerging Infections And Zoonoses (Riz), University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover

Dr Inna Ovsyannikova, Professor Of Medicine, Mayo Foundation For Medical Education and Research

Dr Barbara Pahud, Associate Director, Vaccine And Treatment Evaluation Unit, Kansas City; Associate Professor Of Pediatrics,, Childrens Mercy Hospital and Clinics

Dr Sam Pallerla, Director, Cmc Monoclonal Antibody And Recombinant Protein Development, International Aids Vaccine Initiative

Dr Sam Pallerla | Director, Cmc Monoclonal Antibody And Recombinant Protein Development | International Aids Vaccine Initiative » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Norbert Pardi, Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Norbert Pardi | Assistant Professor | University of Pennsylvania » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Gerald Parker, Associate Dean, Global One Health

Mark Parrington, Senior Director, Head Of External R&D, Sanofi Pasteur

Mihir Patel, Application Specialist, Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Dr Christopher Petro, Scientist, Regeneron

Dr Christopher Petro | Scientist | Regeneron » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Grant Pickering, Chief Executive Officer, SutroVax, Inc

Gerald Pier, Manager Of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Gerald Pier | Manager Of Medicine | Harvard Medical School » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Olga Pleguezuelos, CSO and Project Manager, Imutex, SEEK and hVIVO

Stanley Plotkin, Emeritus Professor, University of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine

Dr Kimber Poffenberger, Vice President and North American Head, Vaccines Global Regulatory Affairs, GlaxoSmithKline

Gregory Poland, Director Of Mayo Vaccine Research Group, Mayo Clinic and Foundation

Dr Dale Polson, Lead, Integrated Health Systems, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

Dr Dale Polson | Lead, Integrated Health Systems | Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Linda Powers, Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc

Alexander Precioso, Director, Instituto Butantan

Michael Pride, Executive Director, Pfizer

Gregory Priebe, Associate Physician Of Medicine, Children's Hospital Boston

Dr Ted Prusik, Co-Founder, Senior Vice President, Temptime Corporation

Dr Hari Pujar, Vice President Technical Development And Manufacturing, Moderna Therapeutics

Dr Samuel Rabkin, Thomas A. Pappas Professor Of Neurosciences, Department Of Neurosurgery (Microbiology And Immunology), Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

Dr Laszlo Radvanyi, President And Scientific Director, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Rino Rappuoli, Chief Scientist, GSK Vaccines

Anuja Rastogi, Clinical Associate, Food And Drug Administration

Anuja Rastogi | Clinical Associate | Food And Drug Administration » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Dirk Redlich, Vice President Of Strategy And Operations Leader, Janssen Pharmaceutical

Dr Arthur Reingold, Professor And Division Head Epidemiology, Former Acip Member, UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Thomas Richie, Chief Medical Officer, Sanaria

Scot Roberts, Chief Scientific Officer, Altimmune

David Robinson, Deputy Director, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Paul Rohlfing, Executive Director, Global CMC, Pfizer

Morgane Rolland, Chief, Viral Genetics Section, WRAIR

Morgane Rolland | Chief, Viral Genetics Section | WRAIR » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Jose Romero, Chair, Acip: Professor Of Pediatrics, Director, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Section, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Jason Roos, Deputy Program Executive Officer, JPEO - CBD

Jason Roos | Deputy Program Executive Officer | JPEO - CBD » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

James Rosen, President And Chief Executive Officer, Artizan Biosciences

Mollie Roth, Executive Director, The Microbiome Coalition

Mike Rush, Executive Director - Global Health Policy, Temptime Corporation

David Sack, Professor, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr Jerald Sadoff, Senior Advisor Vaccine Development, Janssen Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

Dr Michael Salgaller, Supervisor, Invention Development And Marketing Unit, National cancer institute

David Salisbury, Director Of Immunization, UK Department of Health

Dr Daniel Salmon, Professor Global Disease Epidemiology And Control; Director, Institute For Vaccine Safety, Johns Hopkins

Souleymane Sawadogo, General Manager, Global Health, Parsyl

Dr Mansi Saxena, Associate Scientist Vaccine And Cell Therapy Laboratory, Tisch Cancer Institute

Rami Scharf, Director, Project, Portfolio Management Centre, Vaccine Innovation And Access, PATH

Richard Scheuermann, Director, J Craig Venter Institute

Dr John Schiller, Deputy Chief Laboratory Of Cellular Oncology, National Cancer Institute

Randal Schoepp, Department Chief, Usanriid, U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases

Michael Schrader, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Vaxess Technologies, Inc

Brent Seaton, Associate Director, Science, Q² Solutions

Brent Seaton | Associate Director, Science | Q² Solutions » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Channing Sebo, Technical Service Veterinarian, Merck Animal Health

Darin Seehafer, Project Manager, Product Registration, PRA Health Sciences

Dr Harry Seifert, Executive Director, GlaxoSmithKline

Dr Harry Seifert | Executive Director | GlaxoSmithKline » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Sanjay Sethi, Professor And Chief, Pulmonary, Critical Care And Sleep Medicine; Assistant Vice President For Health Sciences, The University at Buffalo

Angela Shen, Capt, Us Public Health Service, Senior Science Policy Advisor, National Vaccine Program Office, Drexel University

Pei-Yong Shi, Kempner Professor Of Human Genetics, University of Texas Medical Branch

George Siber, CSO of ClearPath Vaccines & Scientific Advisory Board of Genocea, ClearPath Vaccines

Jakub Simon, Director Clinical Research, Merck

Jakub Simon | Director Clinical Research | Merck » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Will Singleterry, Director Of Business Development, IsoPlexis

Andrew Skibo, Executive Vice President Of Operations, AstraZeneca

William Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Alliance for Multispecialty Research LLC

Dr Max Søgaard, Director, Process Development, ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies

Tad Sonstegard, Chief Scientific Officer, Recombinetics, Inc

Bruno Speder, Head Of Clinical Regulatory Affairs, SGS Life Science

Julia Spencer, Associate Vice President, Global Vaccine Public Policy, Partnerships, Merck

Dr David Spiro, Director, Division Of International Epidemiology And Population Studies (Dieps), National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Dr Pramod Srivastava, Professor Immunology And Medicine, Director Of Carole And Ray Neag Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Connecticut School of Medicine

Dr Jens-Ulrich Stegmann, Vice President Head Clinical Safety And Pharmacovigilance, G.S.K Biologicals

Scott Stibitz, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER), FDA

Scott Stibitz | Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) | FDA » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Koert Stittelaar, Director Preclinical Services, Viroclinics Biosciences

Dr Walter Straus, Associate Vice President, Therapeutic Area Head, Clinical Safety And Risk Management, Merck Research Laboratories

Dr Miriam Sturkenboom, Professor, Department Of Global Health, University Medical Center Utrecht

Dr Wenjun Sun, Vice President, JW Therapeutics

Elizabeth Sutkowski, Chief Of Regulatory Review Branch 3, FDA

Elizabeth Sutkowski | Chief Of Regulatory Review Branch 3 | FDA » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Nigel Swift, Global Head Of Vaccine Research And Development, Boehringer Ingelheim

Dr Nigel Swift | Global Head Of Vaccine Research And Development | Boehringer Ingelheim » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Adel Talaat, Professor Of Microbiology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Theresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer Of Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada

Christopher Tan, Director, Business Development And Licensing, Search And Evaluation, Infectious Diseases And Vaccines, Merck

Dr Jun Tang, Senior Manager Philanthropic Venture Fund And Clinical Accelerator, Cancer Research Institute

Dr Sybil Tasker, Chief Medical Officer, Altimmune

Dr Fernanda Tavares Da Silva, Senior Director, Head Of Safety Evaluation And Risk Management, GlaxoSmithKline

Dr Graham Taylor, Senior Lecturer In Tumour Immunology, University of Birmingham

Sharon Tennant, Associate Professor, University of Maryland

Sharon Tennant | Associate Professor | University of Maryland » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Col Deydre Teyhen, Dtp, Phd, Ocs, Commander, Walter Reed Army Institute Of Research

Dr William Thomas, Chief Technology Officer, Paragon Bioservices Inc

Kimberly Thompson, Former Chair, Kid Risk Inc

Dr Steve Thorne, Chief Scientific Officer, Western Oncolytics

Dr Gregory Tobin, President & Chief Scientific Officer, Biological Mimetics, Inc.

Vu Truong, Chief Executive Officer And Chief Scientific Officer, Aridis Pharmaceuticals

Dr Sean Tucker, Chief Scientific Officer And Vice President Research, Vaxart

Jeffrey Ulmer, Head, Preclinical Research And Development Us, GSK Vaccines

Dr Outi Vaarala, Senior Director Research, MedImmune Inc

Dr Marit Van Buuren, Group Leader, T-Cell Immunology, Neon Therapeutics

Robert Van Den Berg, Director, GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines

Rob Van Dijk, Business Development Manager, Wacker Biotech

Aernout Van Haarst, Director Of Scientific Affairs, Celerion

Remko Van Leeuwen, Director Of Acquisition, Madam Therapeutics

Willie Vann, Chief, Laboratory Of Bacterial Polysaccharides, Cber, FDA

Dr Jonathan Van-Tam, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, UK Department of Health

Rajeev Venkayya, Executive Vice President, Vaccine Business, Takeda Pharmaceuticals International, Inc

Rajeev Venkayya | Executive Vice President, Vaccine Business | Takeda Pharmaceuticals International, Inc » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Annette Vogel, Head Of Infectious Disease Vaccines, BioNTech Ag

Dr I Ming Wang, Director, Pfizer

Jim Wassil, Vice President, Business Unit Lead, Vaccines, Global Health And Value, Pfizer

Stephen Waterman, Managing Director, PharmaVentures Ltd

Stephen Waterman | Managing Director | PharmaVentures Ltd » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Mike Watson, Senior Vice President, Moderna Therapeutics

Patrick Wedlock, Research Associate, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

David Weiner, Professor And Ww Smith Chair In Cancer Research Director Wistar Vaccine Center And Executive Vice President, The Wistar Institute

Dr Charlie Weller, Head Of Vaccines Programme, Wellcome Trust

Deborah Whitmer, Chief Of Staff, U.S. Army Medical Research and Materiel Command

Mr Richard Wilder, General Counsel and Director of Business Development, CEPI

Adrian Wildfire, Project Director - Infectious Diseases And Viral Infection Unit, SGS Life Science Services

Dr Stacey Wooden, Scientific Advisor, The Human Vaccines Project

Dr Stacey Wooden | Scientific Advisor | The Human Vaccines Project » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Scott Woollens, Avp, Regulatory Affairs-Vaccines Cmc, Merck

Scott Woollens | Avp, Regulatory Affairs-Vaccines Cmc | Merck » speaking at Immune Profiling Congress

Dr Masahide Yano, Research Scientist, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Dr Cassian Yee, Professor, Director Solid Tumor Cell Therapy Center Cancer Immunology Research, UT MD Anderson Cancer Center

Darin Zehrung, Portfolio Leader Of Vaccine And Pharmaceutical Delivery Technologies And Senior Technical Officer, Path

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