Jee Yong Park | Project Manager
Oie World Organisation For Animal Health

Jee Yong Park, Project Manager, Oie World Organisation For Animal Health

Dr. Park is a Charge de Mission at the OIE headquarters, whose main responsibilities include African Swine Fever and vector-borne diseases. He is a former government senior research scientist with extensive experiences in surveillance, laboratory diagnosis, epidemiological investigation and import risk assessment.

During his early work at the Foreign Animal Disease Division, he was involved in the development and implementation of the National FMD surveillance program in Korea, including the statistically designed serological surveillance to demonstrate freedom. This became the first systematic surveillance program to be implemented for FMD in Korea and the data provided through this program was crucial to providing evidence to regain the previous OIE status of country free from FMD without vaccination in 2001. In particular, Dr. Park was one of the key members involved in preparing the documentation submitted to the OIE. He has also been involved in the development of diagnostic methods for various vesicular diseases including FMD, SVS and VS, and implementation of these tests in the national surveillance program. Dr. Park transferred to the Epidemiology Division, where he continued his work on the development and improvement of national surveillance programs for other major livestock diseases and gained experience in conducting field investigations and epidemiological studies of the HPAI outbreaks in Korea.

Dr. Park returned to the Foreign Animal Disease Division, where he worked on arboviral diseases, including bluetongue, RVF and major equine diseases such as AHS and CEM. In particular, he was involved with the first isolation of BTV in Korea and the first identification of CEM infection in Korea. Based on these findings, he worked to improve the national surveillance programs and conducted research to develop molecular diagnostic tests for the simultaneous detection of various arboviruses and equine diseases. In 2016, Dr. Park took position of Senior Veterinary Research Scientist at the Import Risk Assessment Division, where he utilized his past experiences and knowledge regarding exotic diseases, surveillance and diagnostics in conducting science based import risk assessment. His work during this time provide him with motivation to start work at the OIE and become involved in the international standard setting process and provide scientific support to OIE Members to improve their capability to control and eradicate major livestock diseases.


Plenary, April 7 @ 16:50

Enabling more efficient control of African swine fever through vaccine development; to address food security and sustained pig production and trade

  • Global update on ASF and lessons learnt
  • ASF Global Control Initiative
  • Vaccine development & strategy
  • Laboratory diagnostics/surveillance for better ASF control to ensure sustained production and trade
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