Ivana Haluskova Balter | Medical and Scientific Consultant
French Society of Immunology

Ivana Haluskova Balter, Medical and Scientific Consultant, French Society of Immunology

French Medical professional specialized in infectious and Tropical (Neglected) diseases, Internal medicine, certified in Immunology, Pediatry and Public health and diplomacy in Switzerland (IHEID),  Vaccines (training MBA) and years of Clinical/Medical practise.

Lived mufti-country medical “field “experience in Southeast Asia and Pacific, West/Central/East Europe and Middle East. Speaking French, English, Italian, Russian, Czech/Slovak.

Over 13 years of experience as senior medical lead in pharmaceutical research and development for European and USA companies and as a medical and scientific consultant for partnership.

Experienced working in various therapeutic areas (infectious diseases, tropical diseases, neglected disease  but also non communicable diseases - CVS, Diabetes, Metabolic diseases, CNS/neurodegenerative diseases and Cancer and response to immune treatment and vaccination use, chronic inflammatory diseases, ageing) covering complex international projects worldwide (focus Asia).

Active member academia (World alliance against antibiotic resistance- AMR, TB MDR and XDR), Union for TB,  and French immunology society administrative boards) and part of working group in Europe around dg of latent tuberculosis and improved vaccine.

Supporting  research and cooperation around Microbiome/Immunity/Health (Paris) Focus on better understanding of host immune system - pathogen-microbiota/immune system interactions and solutions.

Fostering research to tackle current issue of “resistance” to treatment (antivirals, antiinfectives, antiparasitic drugs) and  integrate accurate diagnostic, online surveillance data and population variability (genetics, microbiota-immunity).

Member of international advisory group (CHD India) and think tank groups in order to foster global cooperation and partnership in areas of Public health with globally (One Health).

Speaker at many international congresses dedicated to Infectious diseases - recently in Singapore world vaccine summit (nov 2019), Immunology, Immunization, Preventive medicine, traditional medicine as source of NCEs, Non communicable diseases- Cancer, Obesity, diabetes etc) and translation of science to medical needs.


Plenary, April 7 @ 11:40


How to tackle and prepare for global health challenges – focus on tackling AMR using vaccines

last published: 05/Mar/20 10:35 GMT

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