Dr Ofer Levy | Director, Precision Vaccines Program
Boston Children's Hospital Harvard Medical School

Dr Ofer Levy, Director, Precision Vaccines Program, Boston Children's Hospital Harvard Medical School

Ofer Levy received his MD and PhD degrees from New York University. He completed internship, residency, and clinical fellowship training at Children's Hospital, Boston and a research fellowship at Brigham and Women's Hospital.


Pre-congress Workshops, April 6 @ 10:00


Presenation topics include:
  • Discovering and identifying optimal use of adjuvants
  • Precision adjuvants: Developing adjuvantation systems tailored to target populations
  • System biology around the effect of adjuvants during vaccination
  • Identification of immune signatures of novel adjuvant formulations using machine learning
  • Impacts of Formulation and Delivery on Vaccine Safety and Immunogenicity
  • Combination adjuvants and the molecular mechanism – synergies and antagonistic behaviors
  • Programming Multifaceted and Durable Pulmonary T Cell Immunity to Subunit Vaccines
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