Mr Liang Shang | Senior Scientist

Mr Liang Shang, Senior Scientist, Merck

Dr. Liang Shang received his PhD in Microbiology from Emory University (Dr. Eric Hunter’s lab) in 2009 and completed his post-doctoral training at University of Minnesota (Dr. Ashley Haase’s lab). His academic training and research experience cover a broad spectrum of topics in HIV/AIDS, starting from HIV virology, molecular genetics, and then expanding into mucosal transmission, pathogenesis in human and non-human primate models, and prophylactic vaccine. In 2018, Dr. Shang joined Merck as a senior scientist in the Vaccine Analytical Research & Development, where he applies his deep virology and immunology knowledge to lead the analytical aspects of CMC development across a variety of vaccine modalities.


Plenary, April 7 @ 11:40


Immune Profiling - capturing the complexity of immune responses to vaccines and infections

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