Dr Malte Meppen | Director, Head Of Drug Product R&D (Italy)

Dr Malte Meppen, Director, Head Of Drug Product R&D (Italy), GSK

Malte is the Director of Drug Product Research & Development at GSK Vaccines in Siena, Italy. He is leading a group that is driving the development of vaccines from preclinical stages to Phase 3 clinical stages and the tech transfer to commercial operations. Malte and his team are actively driving the incorporation of QbD principles into the development of vaccines at drug product level. His CV is a testimony to the fact that he likes to look at that pharmaceutical business from very different angles, having worked previously in pharma as well as in the field of patent law.


Day 2, April 8 @ 09:10

How to teach an old dog new tricks: Application of an ageing approach to life cycle management of a vaccine

last published: 05/Mar/20 10:35 GMT

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