Dr Wolfgang Leitner | Chief, Innate Immunity Section
National Institute of Health - NIAID

Dr Wolfgang Leitner, Chief, Innate Immunity Section, National Institute of Health - NIAID

Wolfgang W Leitner is the Chief of the Innate Immunity Section, NIAID/NIH. He was involved in deciphering the mechanisms underlying the regeneration of splenic autotransplants and developed the first nucleic acid vaccine for P. berghei malaria. While establishing a replicase-based DNA vaccine for the treatment of melanoma, he uncovered the immune mechanism underlying the superior immunogenicity of aphavirus-based nucleic acid vaccines. He has authored more than 70 papers in the areas of vaccine research, basic immunology and cancer therapy. He joined the NIAID Extramural Program as a Program Officer in 2008 and oversees the innate immunity portfolio, including vaccine adjuvant research.


Pre-congress Workshops, April 6 @ 10:00


Presenation topics include:
  • Discovering and identifying optimal use of adjuvants
  • Precision adjuvants: Developing adjuvantation systems tailored to target populations
  • System biology around the effect of adjuvants during vaccination
  • Identification of immune signatures of novel adjuvant formulations using machine learning
  • Impacts of Formulation and Delivery on Vaccine Safety and Immunogenicity
  • Combination adjuvants and the molecular mechanism – synergies and antagonistic behaviors
  • Programming Multifaceted and Durable Pulmonary T Cell Immunity to Subunit Vaccines
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