Stephen Wu | Research Fellow, Global Product Development, China R&D

Stephen Wu, Research Fellow, Global Product Development, China R&D, Elanco

Dr. Stephen Wu, Research Fellow of global product development, Elanco Global R&D, is a recognized leader and expert in animal health vaccines R&D. Stephen earned his Ph.D. in Microbiology from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) in 1995, followed by his postdoctoral fellowship in molecular biology/infectious diseases at Cornell University and MGH (Boston, MA) from 1995 to 1998. Dr. Wu started his vaccine journey at Fort Dodge Animal Health, a Division of Wyeth in 1998.

During his 12-year tenure in Fort Dodge, he took various leadership roles from Project Leader to Senior Director; developed innovative vaccines for companion animals and swine: Suvaxyn® PCV2 One Dose, Suvaxyn® PCV/MH, West Nile Innovator® - DNA (Vaccine), Rabies Vaccine - Live Raccoon Poxvirus Vector; and received the Wyeth global talent award. Dr. Wu joined Elanco, a former Animal Health Division of Eli Lilly and Company in 2010 as one of the pioneers to build Elanco’s Vaccine R&D, where he led vaccine product development as well as global vaccines collaborations. Dr. Wu serves as the inventor and key developer for the Prevacent® PRRS vaccine.

In recent years, Stephen has taken additional responsibilities by framing Elanco’s China Vaccines Strategy and leading product development efforts for the China market. Dr. Wu has also developed extensive expertise in discovery research in DNA vaccines, cytokines, raccoon poxvirus vector, protein expression platforms, and molecular diagnostics for vaccine manufacturing contaminations. He is the inventor of nine granted and pending patents for rabies, feline antigens, PCV and PRRSV. Dr. Wu has working experience in five countries: USA, Canada, China, Japan and Spain.


Day 2, April 8 @ 09:10

Panel: The Future of the Animal Health Business

  • Discussing the emerging trends in animal health & biologics (companion and production animals)
  • The emergence of human health technologies in the animal health space; Are these technologies too expensive to implement in animal health?
  • The importance of establishing strong collaboration/partnerships for advancing animal health innovation
  • What about emerging markets? - Finding success in Latin America, China & India etc.
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