Dr Alexander Koglin | Founder

Dr Alexander Koglin, Founder, NTx

Dr. Alex Koglin co founded NTxBio along with Dr. Michael Humbert in 2016.  Alex was born in Germany and obtained his Masters degree in Biochemistry with Frankfurt University and Max Planck Institute for Biophysics. His undergraduate work was studying the genetic changes in viral and bacteriophage systems. Alex obtained his PhD in Biophysics from the Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main. Dr. Koglin worked as  aPostdoctoral Fellow at Harvard Medical School with Christopher Walsh where he conducted sides on the structural elucidation and structural recognition of enzymes in the biosynthesis of secondary metabolites. As a J Robert  Oppenheimer Fellow at Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Bioscience Division, Alex worked to identify underlying rules defining the assembly order of large multi-functional enzyme complexes that produce secondary metabolites and on methods to predict the presence of unknown bioactive natural products in bacteria, fungi and plants based on genomic information. Dr Koglin has over 30 peer reviewed publications and has actively contributed to several textbooks.


Day 3, April 9 @ 10:10

Manufacturing technology showcase: Scalable in vitro manufacturing of tailored vaccines

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