Holly Seale | S Lecturer
University of New South Wales

Holly Seale, S Lecturer, University of New South Wales

Dr Holly Seale is a social scientist and Senior Lecturer at the School of Public Health and Community Medicine, at the University of New South Wales. She leads a program of research that is focused on the attitudes and behaviours of consumers and health providers and how they impact on engagement with public health and health service strategies. She has an interest in improving acceptance of immunisation with a focus on special at-risk groups including children and adults with medical conditions, refugees and migrants (travellers) and healthcare workers. Her work has contributed to lobbying for further resources in communities and hospitals, tailored communication strategies and policy recommendations in Australia. She is the Deputy Chair for the Collaboration on Social Science and Immunisation (COSSI) network and one of the Research Chairs for the Sabin’s Vaccine and Acceptance Research Network (VARN).


Day 2, April 8 @ 11:40

Joint presentation: Improving the ways that we engage with individuals around immunization: development and implementation of new and existing tools

·Should we be using a single vs. bundle approach to improve vaccine uptake? Or are we missing the point when it comes to improving coverage?(25min) Dr Holly Seale·Effective communication for promoting immunization uptake(25min) Professor John Parrish-Sprowl·Q&A (10 min)
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