Amy Pisani | Executive Director
Vaccinate Your Family

Amy Pisani, Executive Director, Vaccinate Your Family

Amy Pisani, MS is a leading authority in vaccine advocacy. As Vaccinate Your Family’s Executive Director she has played an integral part in setting standards for childhood and adult immunization in America today. Since 1996, Amy has worked with our Board of Directors and Staff to execute the mission and goals of the organization. She began her career with as a program manager for Every Child by Two where she implemented the first electronic newsletter on vaccine news and developed the organization’s first website. Amy was asked to become the Executive Director in 1998, at which time she successfully filed for incorporation and attained 501(c)(3) status for the organization.

She is passionate about the need to ensure the timely vaccination of families throughout the world and is a true champion of our mission. To forward our mission, Amy leads the organization in enlisting the support of elected officials and their spouses, concerned community leaders, and representatives of many national organizations. She leads the group in legislative education, building alliances with like-minded interests, and educating the public through various communication channels including VYF News, the Shot of Prevention blog, the Vaccinate Your Family Facebook page and website. Amy maintains her active, educational footing, through presenting at conferences, hosting and presenting at congressional briefings, monitoring and acting on regulation and policy changes that affect immunization delivery, and working with her team to develop campaigns that have educated hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Amy’s commitment to pediatric health is also evident in several other roles. She serves as President-elect of the Mystic, CT Rotary Club. Amy was invited to serve as a member of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC).  She is a founding member of the 317 Coalition, which seeks to ensure stable congressional funding for immunization programs each year. She has hosted the Childhood Immunization Policy Committee since 2002. She has also served as the Vice Chair of the Immunization Coalition of Washington, DC and as a Board member at The Center for Women’s Health. Amy has also been active in several other children’s’ health organizations and coalitions including Families Fighting Flu, the Advisory Committee on Breastfeeding Practices and the Tobacco Free Kids Youth Action Network.

She has a passion for working with special needs children, including the deaf. As a mother of two boys, one in high school and the other in college, Amy has first-hand experience in navigating the healthcare system in order to ensure timely immunization of her family. Her oldest son was hospitalized from influenza twice during infancy; an experience that served to bolster her commitment to educating the public about the dangers of influenza. Beyond pediatrics, Amy gained broader healthcare advocacy experience as the Education Program Coordinator at the Optical Society of America and as Senior Staff Specialist for the American Nurses Association. Amy received her master’s of science degree from Gallaudet University for the Deaf in Washington, DC and her baccalaureate degree in Psychology from Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.


Day 3, April 9 @ 14:20

Vaccine hesitancy, measles and policy

  • Have we lost ground?
  • Is elimination still viable?
  • Addressing the driving factors causing lower immunizations rates and outbreaks
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