6 key themes Submarine Networks EMEA will help you tackle


Commercial Models & Strategy

Across the 2 days, the Commercial track will explore the evolution of submarine cable business models and seek to understand what this changing landscape all adds up to.

Installation & Maintenance

The Operational track will delve into the best practices, methodologies and innovations in marine cable installation and maintenance.

Technical Strategy

The revamped Technical track will take an in-depth look at topics including capacity upgrades, network design, system lifetime, emerging technologies, network automation.

The Role of the Data Centre

We will be exploring the symbiotic relationship between the data centre and subsea cable industries, looking at the impact of connecting data centres on route planning and emerging connectivity hubs.

Finance & Investment

Securing finance and building a solid business case can be one of the biggest challenges in getting a new project off the ground. Within the Commercial Track, we will be exploring investment strategies, sources of funding, cost management and strategies for ensuring returns on investment.


Permitting, environmental concerns, co-existence with other industries, cable protection and security will form the basis of our discussions on regulation.