9 key themes Submarine Networks EMEA will help you tackle


Commercial Strategy
• Building the subsea eco-system: partnerships and collaboration as the keys to success
• Building a business case for new projects
• The global investment context for subsea cables
• What does a sustainable subsea cable market look like?
• The green responsibility of the subsea cable industry
• Establishing industry-wide environmental best practice
• SMART cable development
Market dynamics
• Where to watch for emerging connectivity hubs?
• The opportunities and challenges of operating in developing markets
Data centres
• The interconnected data centre and subsea industries
• Understanding the impact of connecting data centres on cable route planning
• Carrier-neutral data centre models
Technology innovations
• What’s next for subsea cable capacity?
• Innovations in network management and operations
• The evolution and development of fibre Technologies
• Bridging the gap between academia and industry: how can the two sectors support each other?
• Managing national security concerns • The impact of geopolitics on subsea cables
• Cyber-security and what it means for submarine cable operators
• Navigating global data privacy requirements
The future of subsea
• Strategies for building an inclusive and diverse industry
• The next generation of the subsea workforce
• New ideas, new ways of working, new technologies: what does the future hold for subsea?
Installation, maintenance & operations
• From survey to installation: innovations, new technologies and best practices
• The evolution of cable maintenance models
• Supply chain and manufacturing: keeping up with demand
• Understanding complex permitting challenges
• Developing best practice for co-existence with other industries
• Strategies for collaborating with external stakeholders on key regulatory challenges
• Environmental regulation: an opportunity for change?