New York City, 28 - 29 July 2020


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BIG PICTURE KEYNOTE INTERVIEWS: COVID-19 – where are we now and what needs to happen next?

  • Examining the true impact as of right now both in terms of public health, the economy and society
  • Vaccines development – which trials are looking promising?
  • Will the pharma industry be ready for mass production?
  • What do national, state and local governments respectively need to focus on?
  • Contact tracing – how important will this be in the near term and future?
  • How can the private sector work together with the government to contain the virus and manage potential future waves?
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  • Animal health and its impact on human infectious diseases
  • Infection control
  • Secondary illnesses (in hospitals) – will AMR be the next massive problem?
  • National vs global – how to look at the problems and solutions
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Keynote presentation: Why panviral drugs and vaccines are essential to protect against the next pandemic

Jul 2811:30
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Q and A: Fireside chat with a Tal Zaks, Chief Medical Officer, Moderna

Interviewee: Tal Zaks, Chief Medical Officer, Moderna Therapeutics
Jul 2813:10
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Panel: VACCINES – the search for the key

  • Discovery of potential COVID-19 vaccines
  • Rapid development of COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Development, regulations and manufacture
  • Fast-tracking clinical trials
  • Logistics and delivery
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The clock is ticking: Accelerated vaccine development during a pandemic

  • Vaccine development during a pandemic requires accelerated timelines compared to traditional vaccines to address the public health crisis.
  • Innovative and collaborative thinking must be implemented to drive these expedited solutions.
  • Epidemiology studies, including the use of novel modeling, to inform site selection and hasten access to the right patients.
  • Scaling digital and virtual trial capabilities plays a vital role in bringing the clinic to the patient while also ensuring data quality and integrity.
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How COVID-19 is bending the curve on vaccine development and manufacturing norms

The COVID-19 pandemic has posed major challenges to the pharma industry, including the pressing needs to condense vaccine development and clinical trial timelines and to proactively establish a global supply network capable of delivering billions of doses around the world.The challenges and risks associated with this undertaking are high, and it’s all-hands-on-deck for sponsor companies, contract providers and suppliers who are collaborating and innovating to overcome these obstacles.During this presentation, the challenges around manufacturing scale up will be discussed, with specific examples of how partnerships are enabling pharma companies large and small to meet unprecedented timelines on the road to get vaccines to patients as soon as possible.
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Synthetic DNA technologies enable fast and responsive SARS-CoV-2 antibody discovery and optimization

Utilizing its proprietary DNA technology to write synthetic libraries, Twist Biopharma provides end-to-end antibody discovery and optimization solutions for the biotechnology industry.This solution includes: a panel of highly diverse synthetic naïve antibody phage display libraries, several target class specific antibody phage display libraries against difficult-to-drug targets, a Twist Antibody Optimization (TAO) platform for antibody affinity and developability optimization and a high-throughput antibody expression service.To highlight the power of this platform, our anti-SARS-CoV-2 antibody discovery and optimization efforts will be presented.A panel of high affinity anti-SARS-CoV-2 S1 and anti-ACE2 antibodies have been identified that may have both therapeutic and/or diagnostic applications.

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TABLE 1 High risk occupation groups & emerging infections
TABLE 2 Venture-backed companies on the front line
TABLE 3 Establishing a global norm for testing and reporting cases
TABLE 4 Public trust in the world’s leaders
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Leveraging artificial intelligence to derive insights from public health and clinical trial data

Public health experts, pharma professionals, and researches have been looking for signals in data for a long time — by tracking case numbers, evaluating survey results, and analyzing clinical trial findings — with the ultimate goal of assessing the health of people and communities. What has changed is that we now have a multitude of data indexes at our disposal, and powerful AI tools to derive insights. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of understanding data has been crucial to help find the next outliers of this ongoing story while pointing experts towards potential solutions. Join this session to learn more about how emerging computational journalism and artificial intelligence are being deployed to better surface health and clinical trial data.
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The innovation imperative during a pandemic

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CBP’s biometric partnerships: A model for the future of secure, touchless travel

Under the Department of Homeland Security, CBP is one of the largest federal law enforcement agencies in the world.CBP has a complex, multifaceted mission, including a Congressional mandate to biometrically record all foreign nationals who enter and exit the United States. Years of testing have demonstrated that biometric facial comparison technology is the most secure, efficient and cost-effective way to fulfill the Congressional mandate while protecting the privacy of all travelers. CBP is expanding public-private partnerships with airlines and airports to implement a facial biometric process that can be used wherever an identity check is required in air travel. The use of facial biometrics provides travelers with a hygienic, touchless process that is even more critical given the devastating impacts of COVID-19 on all modes of travel. Mr. Cordone will provide an update on CBP’s Entry/Exit program at air and sea and will highlight the need for stakeholder partnerships to support the travel recovery efforts.
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  • Using ‘Advanced Market Commitments’ to guarantee large pharma volumes of purchase
  • What do developing nations need right now to cope? Strategy, PPE and support
  • Equitable access
  • What are the barriers to developing a “peoples” vaccine?
  • The benefits and risks in engaging public/private partnerships to achieve national health goals
  • Emerging Trends in selfcare & preventive care in COVID days in developing world
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