Emily Tiemann | Manager, Health Policy & Insights
Economist impact

Emily Tiemann, Manager, Health Policy & Insights, Economist impact

Emily is a Manager in the Health Policy and Insights team at Economist Impact, based in New York City. In this role she works with global clients, managing the conceptualization, delivery, and execution of evidence-based health policy projects. Her responsibilities involve engaging with diverse stakeholders and leading teams through quantitative and qualitative analyses across key thematic areas. She has conducted in-depth work on fertility, women's oncology, and other pertinent topics and her expertise extends to managing complex projects and navigating the intricacies of health-related issues on a global scale. Emily has a comprehensive background in international health and research, and prior to the Economist Group she worked in private fertility healthcare in Canada followed by health policy and regulation in the UK. During this period, she managed strategic programmes working closely with the Department of Health, contributing to the development and implementation of impactful initiatives. Emily holds a Master's degree in Women's Health from University College London and a Bachelor's degree in Biology from McGill University in Canada.


Day 2 - World Antimicrobial Resistance Congress & Disease Prevention Control Summit 2024 @ 10:55

Chair Person

Day 2 - World Antimicrobial Resistance Congress & Disease Prevention Control Summit 2024 @ 13:40

Chair Person

last published: 12/Jun/24 19:45 GMT
last published: 12/Jun/24 19:45 GMT

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