Krupa Parmar | Researcher
Mayo Clinic

Krupa Parmar, Researcher, Mayo Clinic

Krupa Parmar, MS
Research Technologist/ Fellow
Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory
Mayo Clinic, Rocheste MN Krupa Parmar is a Phage Researcher at Mayo Clinic's Infectious Diseases
Research Laboratory in Rochester, MN. She is a qualified microbiologist and has
experience in bacteriophage research for over 10 years.
Her research experience involves work on phage therapy targeting enteric
pathogens and phages controlling anaerobic sulfate-reducing bacteria in petroleum
oil wells in India. During her doctoral studies in Germany, Krupa delved into
understanding the intricate dynamics among antibiotics, phages, and bacteria,
unraveling their impact on bacterial community structures.
Currently positioned at Mayo Clinic, Krupa's research focuses on several fronts.
She leads efforts in testing phages tailored to combat staphylococcal biofilms in
prosthetic joint infections, tackling multi-drug resistant bacteria. Additionally, she
works with phage susceptibility testing for the NIH's Antibiotic Resistance Leadership Group clinical trial for cystic fibrosis.
Her study extends to investigating the stability of phages in phage-nanopolymer
assemblies for wound healing applications and standardizing phage susceptibility
testing methods, aiming to pave the way for
innovative approaches in phage therapy research.


Day 2 - World Antimicrobial Resistance Congress & Disease Prevention Control Summit 2024 @ 14:30

Presentation: Next steps: Standardizing guidelines for phage susceptibility testing

last published: 12/Jun/24 19:45 GMT
last published: 12/Jun/24 19:45 GMT

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