Disease prevention and control has been catapulted to the top of the global agenda. 

For the last 20 years we have been working with the leaders in vaccine development, drug development, infection control and safety across our pharmaceutical events spanning North America, Europe and Asia. 

Some of our global brands include:

  • World Vaccine Congress
  • World Vaccines Emerging and Re-emerging diseases
  • World Vaccines Clinical Trials
  • Phar-East
  • World Orphan Drug Congress
  • World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress
  • World Drug Safety Congress 

Now, we need to gather the best of the best in disease prevention and control from the pharma and biotech community, government and technology sectors. No more pandemics. This is our cause. 

Over 2 days, we will host this virtual conference with more than 75 speakers from around the world sharing ideas, strategic approaches and execution best practices.

The Disease Prevention & Control Summit addresses strategic approaches and execution surrounding infection control, vaccines, drug discovery, and more.

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Infection Control & One Health


Vaccine Safety

Drug Discovery, Development & Trials

Manufacturing Drugs & Vaccines


Contact Tracing

Contact Mapping

Quarantine & Border Control

Developing World

Funding, Investment & Economics


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