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The 16th annual World Vaccine Congress is the place where the global vaccine industry meets to discuss commercial and scientific issues
around regulation, strategy, manufacturing, clinical trials, partnering, influenza, cancer, emerging diseases and veterinary.

On day one congress plenaries will cover the hottest issues for the full sector. Day two and three will be split into co-located conferences to meet the needs of specific functions and research focuses. Speakers already confirmed include:


Dr Tim Alefantis, Director, Pre to Early Development Project Leader - R&D Global Projects, Sanofi Pasteur Inc

Dr Tim Alefantis at World Vaccine Congress US 2016

Dr David E. Anderson, Senior Vice President, Research, Vbi Vaccines

Dr Cecilia Lindestam Arlehamn, Instructor, Division of Vaccine Discovery, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

Mr Bo Arve, Executive Director, Pfizer Vaccine Research

Mr Bo Arve at World Vaccine Congress US 2016

Tara Azimi, Associate Principal, Mckinsey & Company

Dr Carol J. Baker, Head of Infectious Disease Professor of Pediatrics, Baylor College of Medicine

Dr Jessica Baker Flechtner, Chief Scientific Officer, Genocea Biosciences, Inc.

Dr Roy Baynes, Senior Vice President of Global Clinical Development, Merck Research Laboratories

Dr Kristin Bedard, Director and Head of Virology, Kineta Inc

Dr Natalia Bednarska, PhD, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Dr Francesco Berlanda Scorza, Scientific Director of Influenza Vaccine Project, P.A.T.H.

Dr Jay A. Berzofsky, Branch Chief, Vaccine Branch, National Cancer Institute - NIH

Dr Murali Bilikallahalli, Asso Dir, Medimmune L.L.C (A.Z.N)

Dr Pamuk Bilsel, Vice President Research and Development, FluGen Inc

Dr John Boslego, Head of Development, Takeda

Dr John Boslego at World Vaccine Congress US 2016

Dr Thomas Breuer, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer, G.S.K. Vaccines

Dr Rick Bright, Director of the Influenza Division and Emerging Infectious Disease, HHS/OS/ASPR/BARDA

Mr Doug Brough, Chief Scientific Officer, Genvec

Dr Peter Brown, Clinical and Scientific Consultant, Immunotherapeutics, Scancell Holdings plc

Lynlee Burton, Director of Project Delivery - Vaccines, PRA Health Sciences

Dr Roman Chicz, Associate Vice President and Global Head Of External Research and Development, Sanofi Pasteur Inc

Dr Giuseppe Ciaramella, Chief Scientific Officer, Valera

Dr James Dale, CSO, Vaxent

Dr Henry Daniell, Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Dr Lisa Danzig, Vice President, Clinical Development and Medical Affairs, PaxVax

Prof Annie De Groot, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientific Officer and Director, EpiVax Inc

Dr Michel De Wilde, Former Senior Vice President R&D of Sanofi Pasteur & Owner, MDW Consultant LLC

Dr Lelia Delamarre, Group Leader, Cancer Immunotherapy Department, Genetech

Dr Rakesh Dixit, Vice President R and D, Global Head, Biologics Safety Assessment, MedImmune Inc

Dr Ruben Donis, Chief of the Molecular Virology and Vaccines, U.S. Dept. of Health

Dr Diane Doughty, Lead Scientist, MedImmune

Dr Cynthia Dukes, Vice President - Global Project Management, ICON

Christopher Egerton-Warburton, Fund Manager, Global Health Investment Fund

Dr Andrei Egorov, CSO, Vacthera BioTech GmbH

Prof Zelig Eshhar, Chair of Immunology, Tel Aviv Surasky Medical Center

Dr Ali L. Fattom, Senior Vice President of Vaccine Research and Development, NanoBio Corporation

Dr Ali L. Fattom at World Vaccine Congress US 2016

Ms Tania Fernandez, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, DreamCatcher Ventures

Dr Jennifer Filbey, President, Mazen Animal Health

Dr. Leonard Friedland, VP, Scientific Affairs and Public Health Vaccines, North America, GSK

Mr Louis Fries, CMO, Novavax

Dr Tong Ming Fu, Senior Investigator, Merck and Company

Dr Jerome Galon, Director, Centre De Recherche Des Cordeliers


Dr Cyril Gay, Senior National Program Leader, A.R.S. National Programs

Dr Bruce Gellin, Director National Vaccine Program Office, National Vaccine Program Office

Dr Jens Gertow, Senior Scientist, Mabtech

Basav Ghosh, Sr. Director, Pfizer

Dr Kevin Gilligan, Senior Medical Advisor, Clinical Research Management

Dr Ann Ginsberg, Chief Medical Officer, Aeras

Dr swati gupta, exec director, Merck

Dr Ramiro L Gutierrez, Head, Enteric Diseases Department Deputy Dir., Infectious Diseases Directorate Chair, Institutional Review Board, Naval Medical Research center

Dr Keith Haffer, Chief Scientific Officer, Braasch Biotech Llc

Dr Drew Hannaman, Vice President of Research and Development, Ichor Medical Systems

Dr Hank Harris, President, Harrisvaccines & Merck Animal Health

Dr Bill Hearl, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Immunomic Therapeutics

Dr Bill Hearl at World Vaccine Congress US 2016

Dr Teri Heiland, VP of Research and Development, Immunomic Therapeutics

Ms Renske Hesselink, Senior Scientist of Formulation Development, Janssen Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

Dr Seth Hetherington, Chief Medical Officer, Genocea Biosciences

Ms Deborah Higgins, Director - RSV Vaccine Project, P.A.T.H.

Dr Stephen Hoffman, Chief Executive and Scientific Officer, Sanaria Inc

David Hoover, Senior Medical Advisor, Clinical Research Management, Inc.

Dr Peter Hotez, President of the Sabin Vaccine Institute and Dean of National School of Tropical Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine

Andrea Hulse, Chief, Clinical Review Branch II, Division of Vaccines, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research F.D.A.

Andrea Hulse at World Vaccine Congress US 2016

Dr Nicholas Jackson, Vice President, Head of Global Research, Sanofi Pasteur

Dr Renaud Jacquemart, Principal Scientist, Natrix Separations

Dr Luis Jodar, Vice President, Vaccines, Global, Medicines Development group and Scientific Affairs, Pfizer

Dr Joseph Joyce, Director, Vaccine Process Development, Merck

Dr Ming-Chung Kan, Founder, vaxsia

Dr Ming-Chung Kan at World Vaccine Congress US 2016

Dr Howard Kaufman, Chief Surgical Officer, Assoc Director, Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Dr Peter Khoury, Senior Program Officer, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Dr Jerome Kim, Director-General, International Vaccine Institute

Dr Melvin Kohn, Medical Director for Adult Vaccines, Merck Vaccines

Dr Mahesh Kumar, Vice President, Global Biologics Research, Zoetis

Dr Michael Kurilla, Director, N.I.A.I.D. N.I.H.

Dr Peter Kwong, Chief, Structural Biology Section, NIH

Dr. Patricia Lawman, Chief Executive Officer, Morphogenesis I.N.C.

Tim Leard, Director of Biologics Research and Development, Merial

Dr Kees Leenhouts, Chief Scientific Officer, Mucosis

Dr Richard Lesniewski, President and CEO, Madison Vaccines Inc.

XiangLiang Lin, Founder, President & CEO, VacciXcell, Esco Global

Mr Thomas Lingelbach, President and Chief Executive Officer, Valneva SE

Mr David Lyon, Senior Vice President of Research, Bend Research

Dr Kutub Mahmood, Director, PATH

Dr Joanne Maki, Veterinary Public Health, Merial

Dr Joanne Maki at World Vaccine Congress US 2016

Dr Robert Malone, CEO and Consultant, R.W. Malone M.D. Llc

Dr Robert Malone at World Vaccine Congress US 2016

James Mansi, Global Head, Medical Affairs, Novartis Influenza Vaccines

Dr Francois Maree, , A.R.C. O.V.I. Transboundary Animal Diseases Programmed

Dr Andreas Meinke, VP Preclinical & Translational Research, Valneva Austria GmbH

Dr Matthew Memoli, Director, Clinical Studies Unit, Laboratory of Infectious Diseases, NIAID - NIH

Dr Matthew Memoli at World Vaccine Congress US 2016

Dr James Merson, CSO Vaccine Immunotherapeutics, Pfizer Inc

Dr Lopa Mishra, Director, Center for Translational Research Department of Surgery and GWU Cancer Center, George Washington University

Dr Duane Mitchell, Director, University Of Florida

Dr Gary Nabel, Senior Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Sanofi Inc

Stephen Nagler, Executive Director, MedPro Investors LLC

Stephen Nagler at World Vaccine Congress US 2016

Dr Nicolas Noulin, Principal Virologist, hVIVO

Dr Christian Ockenhouse, Director, Medical and Clinical Operations, PATH

Dr Derek O'Hagan, Global Head of Vaccine Chemistry and Formulation Research, GSK Vaccines

Dr Thomas Page, Assistant Vice President of Engineering, Fujifilm Diosynth Biotech

Dr Peter Palese, PROFESSOR and CHAIR Microbiology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Mr Marcelo Paniago, Director Global Veterinary Services Poultry, Ceva Santé Animale

Dr Peter R. Paradiso, Former Vice President, New Business And Scientific Affairs, Pfizer Vaccines

Dr Elliot Parks, President & CEO, Hawaii Biotech

Dr Daniel Peréz, Chair in Poultry Medicine, University of Georgia - College of Veterinary Medecine

Dr Robert Petit, Chief Scientific Officer, Executive Vice President,, Advaxis

Dr Nikolai Petrovsky, Chairman, Vaxine Pty.

Blaine Pfeifer, Assoc. Prof., State University of New York at Buffalo

Dr Patricia Pietrobon, Associate Vice President, R&D, Cdiff Program Leader, Sanofi Pasteur

Prof Stanley Plotkin, Emeritus Professor, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Dr Gregory A. Poland, Director of Mayo Vaccine Research Group, Mayo Clinic and Foundation

Dr Andrew Potter, Director and Chief Executive Officer, VIDO-InterVac

Ms Linda Powers, Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc

Prof Mark Prausnitz, Regents’ Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

Dr Steve Projan, Senior Vice President of Innovative Medicines, Research and Development and Head of Infectious Diseases and Vaccines, MedImmune Inc

Vijay Ramiya, , Morphogenesis I.N.C.

Dr Mukul Ranjan, Senior Advisor for Innovation and Technology Transfer, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases N.I.H.

Dr Rino Rappuoli, Chief Scientist, GSK Vaccines

Dr S D Ravetkar, Executive Director, Serum Institute of India Ltd

Dr Andrew Robertson, Director, Global Regulatory Policy and Affairs, Merck and Company

Dr Jeffrey Rosen, Medical Director and Founder, Clinical Research of South Florida

Dr Ted Ross, Director, Vaccines & Infectious Diseases, University of Georgia

Adam Sabow, Director, McKinsey & Company

Dr Jerald Sadoff, Senior Advisor CEO, Janssen Infectious Diseases and Vaccines

Dr Niranjan Sardesai, COO, Inovio

Mr Jagannadha Sastry, Professor of Immunology., The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Mr Richard Schwartz, Chief of Vaccine Production Program, Vaccine Research Center of N.I.A.I.D. of N.I.H.

Hui (David) Shao, Chief Financial Officer, Yisheng Biopharma

Dr Scot Shoemaker, Senior Director, Takeda

Dr George Siber, CSO of ClearPath Vaccines & Scientific Advisory Board of Genocea, ClearPath Vaccines

Rahul Singhvi, Chief Operating Officer, Takeda Vaccines, Inc.

Rahul Singhvi at World Vaccine Congress US 2016

Dr Heather Sings, Senior Director and Medical Lead, Pneumococcal Vaccines, Pfizer

Mr Paulo Sison, Director, Innovative Finance & Private Sector Partnerships, GAVI Alliance

Dr William Smith, President & Medical Director, NOCCR

Lars Staal Wegner, Vice President of Commercial Affairs, Bavarian Nordic A/S

Dr. Konrad Stadler, Head of R&D Vaccines EU, Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH

Dr Michele Stone, Executive Director of Vaccine, Liquidia Technologies

Kirsten Strahlendorf, Senior Scientist - BioProcess R&D Formulation and Stability Platform, Sanofi Pasteur

Dr Wellington Sun, Director Division of Vaccines and Related Products Applications CBER, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Dr Jim Tartaglia, Vice President New Vaccine Project Head North America, Sanofi Pasteur

Dr Erich Tauber, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Themis Bioscience

Dr Elizabeth Trainor Schoenfeld, Fellow, Division of Bacterial, Parasitic and Allergenic Products, Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, F.D.A

Dr Ralph Tripp, PI, University of Georgia

Dr Sean Tucker, CSO and VP Research, Vaxart

Dr Jeffrey Ulmer, Head, Preclinical R&D US, GSK Vaccines

Dr Michael Vajdy, Co Founder, President and Chief Scientific Officer, Epito Genesis Inc

Dr Daniel Vellom, Senior Director Global Technology Innovation, Sanofi Pasteur

Dr William Warren, Vice President, Sanofi Pasteur

Michael Watson, Vice President of Global Immunization Policy, Sanofi Pasteur

Prof David Weiner, WW Smith Endowed Chair in Cancer Research, Director Wistar Vaccine Center, EVP of The Wistar Institute, Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Dr Daniela Weiskopf, Instructor, Division of Vaccine Discovery, La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

Ms Marian Wentworth, Vice President of Global Vaccines Strategy and Innovation, Merck and Co Inc

Ms Marian Wentworth at World Vaccine Congress US 2016

Dr Chan Whiting, Director, Immune Monitoring and Biomarker Development, Aduro Biotech

Adrian Wildfire, Project Director - Infectious Diseases & Viral Infection Unit, SGS Life Science Services

Mr Mark Wood, Director, Regulatory Affairs-Biological New Projects, Merial

Dr Christopher Yallop, Chief Operations and Scientific Officer, Batavia Biosciences

Dr Laura York, VP, Global Meningococcal Vaccines, Medical Development and Scientific/Clinical Affairs, Pfizer

Alex Zisson, Partner, Thomas, McNerney & Partners






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