Dr Jerome Galon | Director
Centre De Recherche Des Cordeliers

Dr Jerome Galon, Director, Centre De Recherche Des Cordeliers

Dr. Jérôme Galon is a French biologist and a first class Research Director (DR1) at National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM).
He received his Ph.D. degree with specialty in immunology in 1996 and he did his postdoctoral work at the National Institute of Health (NIH), in Bethesda (USA) between 1997 and 2001. Since 2007, Dr. Galon has been the Research Director of the Integrative Cancer Immunology Team at Cordeliers Research Center, INSERM.
Dr. Galon has received numerous awards including the Gallet and Breton Cancer Research Award by the National Academy of Medicine and the
Simone et Cino del Duca Cancer Research Award by the National Academy of Science, in 2011. In 2010, he jointly received the prestigious William B. Coley Award (NY, USA) for his groundbreaking studies demonstrating that the “immune contexture”—including the functionality, location, and density of immune infiltrate in colorectal tumors—is a major prognostic factor for human cancers.

His work aims at a better understanding of the tumor microenvironment and the dynamics of the immune response in human’s tumors. His laboratory has identified and demonstrated the importance of the immune contexture against cancer. He defined the Immunoscore as a new method for routine clinical assessment of prognosis of patients with cancer.

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