MOVE America Speakers | Autonomous Vehicles

  The Autonomous Vehicles stream will showcase the AV sector’s progress from level 3 autonomy to levels 4 and 5. Learn of the progress of latest technologies and how to make the right choice for more cognitive cars.

Paul Ajegba, Director, Michigan D.O.T.

Darran Anderson, Director Of Strategy & Innovation, Texas Department of Transportation

Darran Anderson |  | Texas Department of Transportation » speaking at MOVE America

Sam Anthony, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Perceptive Automata

Scott Belcher, Technology Specialist, Central Ohio Transit Authority

Scott Belcher |  | Central Ohio Transit Authority » speaking at MOVE America

Jeff Brandes, Senator, State of Florida

Grayson Brulte, Innovation Strategist & Co-Founder, Brulte & Company

Grayson Brulte |  | Brulte & Company » speaking at MOVE America

Cathy Colbath, Transit Manager, City Of Peoria, Arizona

Cathy Colbath |  | City Of Peoria, Arizona » speaking at MOVE America

Yasmine Fage, Co-Founder And Chief Operating Officer, Goggo Network

Yasmine Fage |  | Goggo Network » speaking at MOVE America

Raphael Gindrat, CEO & Founder, Bestmile

Andrew Grant, Intelligent Mobility Associate, BloombergNEF

Andrew Grant |  | BloombergNEF » speaking at MOVE America

Gerardo Interiano, Head Of Government Relations, Aurora Innovation

Gerardo Interiano |  | Aurora Innovation » speaking at MOVE America

Jody Kelman, Director, Self-Driving Program, Lyft

Jody Kelman |  | Lyft » speaking at MOVE America

Pierre Lefevre, CTO and Board Member, Coast Autonomous

Pierre Lefevre |  | Coast Autonomous » speaking at MOVE America

Kamil Litman, Vice President of Software, May Mobility

Noel Marshall, Engineering Director, Schaeffler Paravan Technologies

Patrick McGee, San Francisco Correspondent, Financial Times

Patrick McGee |  | Financial Times » speaking at MOVE America

Dietmar Meister, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder,

Joe Moye, CEO, Beep

Paul Newman, Founder And Chief Technology Officer, OXBOTICA

Pierre Olivier, CTO, LeddarTech Inc

Pierre Olivier |  | LeddarTech Inc » speaking at MOVE America

Daniel Sisco, Senior Director - Automotive Systems, Renesas

Shaun Tate, Manager - Engineering, Chassis Mechatronics, Schaeffler Paravan Technologies

Shaun Tate |  | Schaeffler Paravan Technologies » speaking at MOVE America

Kimberly Williams, Chief Innovation Officer, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County

Kimberly Williams |  | Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County » speaking at MOVE America
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