MOVE America Speakers | Autonomous Vehicles

  The Autonomous Vehicles stream will showcase the AV sector’s progress from level 3 autonomy to levels 4 and 5. Learn of the progress of latest technologies and how to make the right choice for more cognitive cars.

Maha Achour, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Metawave

Jared Aho, Automotive Test Director, National Instruments

Jared Aho |  | National Instruments » speaking at MOVE America

Paul Ajegba, Director, Michigan D.O.T.

Darran Anderson, Director Of Strategy And Innovation, Texas Department of Transportation

Darran Anderson |  | Texas Department of Transportation » speaking at MOVE America

Sam Anthony, Co-Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Perceptive Automata

Carla Bailo, Chief Executive Officer And President, Centre For Automotive Research

Tarik Bolat, Chief Executive Officer, WaveSense

Tarik Bolat |  | WaveSense » speaking at MOVE America

Don Burnette, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Kodiak Robotics

Israel Duanis, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Fleetonomy

Justin Erlich, Vice President Of Strategy, Policy And Legal, Voyage

Justin Erlich |  | Voyage » speaking at MOVE America

Bibhrajit Halder, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, SafeAI

Gerardo Interiano, Head Of Government Relations, Aurora Innovation

Gerardo Interiano |  | Aurora Innovation » speaking at MOVE America

Brian Johnson, City Manager (Chief Executive Officer), City of Peachtree Corners

Jody Kelman, Director, Self-Driving Program, Lyft

Jody Kelman |  | Lyft » speaking at MOVE America

Jason Levine, Executive Director, Center for Auto Safety

Greg Mcguire, Lab Director, Mcity

Greg Mcguire |  | Mcity » speaking at MOVE America

Dietmar Meister, CEO and Co-Founder,

Paul Newman, Founder And Chief Technology Officer, Oxbotica

Amit Nisenbaum, Chief Executive Officer, Tactile Mobility

Matt Peak, Managing Director, Energy Systems Networl

Matt Peak |  | Energy Systems Networl » speaking at MOVE America

Tony Pino, Vice President - Sales, Bestmile

John Rich, Chief Operating Officer, Ford Autonomous Vehicles, Ford Motor Company

Karina Ricks, Director Of Mobility And Infrastructure, City of Pittsburgh

Karina Ricks |  | City of Pittsburgh » speaking at MOVE America

Jay Rogers, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, LM Industries

Alex Roy, Human Driving Association

Alex Roy |  | Human Driving Association » speaking at MOVE America

Frantz Saintellemy, President And Chief Operating Officer, LeddarTech Inc

Sabine Scheunert, CDO, Daimler AG

Benjamin Schmidt, President, RoadBotics

Danny Shapiro, Senior Director Of Automotive, NVIDIA

Danny Shapiro |  | NVIDIA » speaking at MOVE America

Louis Stewart, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Sacramento

Jessica Uguccioni, Lead Lawyer Automated Vehicles Review, Law Commission Of England And Wales

Jessica Uguccioni |  | Law Commission Of England And Wales » speaking at MOVE America

Tram Vo, Chief Creative Officer, Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative

Steve Vozar, Chief Technology Officer And Co Founder, May Mobility

Steve Vozar |  | May Mobility » speaking at MOVE America

Kimberly Williams, Chief Innovation Officer, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County

Kimberly Williams |  | Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County » speaking at MOVE America

Brian Wong, Chief Executive Officer, TriLumina

Brian Wong |  | TriLumina » speaking at MOVE America

Yonatan Zur, Chief Executive Officer And Co-Founder, Regulus Cyber

Yonatan Zur |  | Regulus Cyber » speaking at MOVE America
last published: 27/Jan/20 17:55 GMT

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