Frank Martz | City Manager
City of Altamonte Springs

Frank Martz, City Manager, City of Altamonte Springs

Frank Martz is the City Manager for the City of Altamonte Springs, Florida. His blend of leadership, vision, empowerment, and fiscal management has produced one of the most innovative cities in the world. Altamonte Springs has one of the lowest tax rates in Florida; one of the lowest utility rates in the region; and the City has been completely debt-free for twelve-years.

During Frank’s tenure, the City of Altamonte Springs has gained international recognition for delivering world-class services at a great price, while preparing Altamonte Springs to remain economically and environmentally sustainable and stable for its residents and its business partners. Those efforts are working. This year, Altamonte Springs was named one of only three Florida cities to be ranked in Money Magazine’s Top 50 cities in the US to live, and was ranked the 9th best small city in the United States for business by WalletHub.

Throughout his tenure, he has perfected public-private partnerships. He believes that business and government can and should leverage one another. Among the programs that have garnered national attention, Frank led the development of one of the first demand-response transportation algorithms in the United States, which was funded by multiple federal and state agencies. He then partnered with Uber to create the first community-wide mobility partnership Uber had ever done, eventually expanding that program to include five cities in two counties. His model was replicated in more than 70 cities on four continents. Recently he partnered with FDOT and Beep Mobility to deploy the first mixed-traffic autonomous vehicle project in Florida called CraneRIDES, which operates on both public streets and private properties.

Workforce development and STEM-education is at the center of much of what the City does. Frank and his team created the first city-led STEM education program in the state called the Altamonte Springs Science Incubator (AS2I), in partnership with the Seminole County Public School System, Duke Energy, and AdventHealth. In its ten years of existence, AS2I has hosted more than 20,000 Seminole County middle and high school students, and the City has awarded more than two dozen STEM-related college scholarships through its partnership with Dr. Ashley Ansara and his family.

Frank has led internationally recognized environmental innovations, some of which existed no other place in the world when the City launched them. One of which, pureALTA, creates drinking water from reuse water without reverse osmosis. The City won an international innovation award for pureALTA, beating 45 other countries, including China. Frank also led the creation of the Altamonte Electric Utility, which built what was then one of only three floating solar installations in the US that generated one megawatt of electricity. The City has used that system to power as much as 70% of the City’s regional utility plant using solar power, saving taxpayers more than $130,000 annually.

In 2023, Altamonte Springs became the first city in the US to launch AI-powered site plan review in partnership with AutoReview.AI. Around these innovation platforms, Frank and his team created workforce development and robust internship programs with private sector partners in the banking, law, financial planning, and insurance industries. Later in 2024, the City will host a second pilot of hydrothermal processing technology, which employs heat and pressure to expedite the conversion of carbon components in the waste stream into biocrude and biogas. This mimics the natural processes that create fossil fuels, but at a much quicker pace – typically minutes instead of millions of years.

Frank has launched the Altamonte Global Innovation Lab (AGīL, pronounced agile) which serves as a testbed for development of both public and private sector mobility, environmental, technological, and data-driven innovation solutions at scale. With national partners like NASA already on board, and a growing number of national and international companies joining as innovation partners, AGīL has reached out to our government and educational partners in Seminole County to join AGīL. Together, Frank believes we can collectively exploit economies of scale to attract and deploy innovation that creates further savings for taxpayers and economic opportunities for business. Frank sits on U.S. Representative Cory Mills’ Congressional Transportation Advisory Committee. He is a founding board member of ACES Mobility Coalition. He participates in a number of national and international think-tanks like London-based Cities Today Institute; Technology & Entrepreneurial Center at Harvard University; he was a Global Founding member of MasterCard’s City Possible Program; and was recently a speaker at the PowerSource Global Summit, hosted by NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center leadership. He was named one of the Top 10 Public Sector Transportation Innovators in the United States by the Eno Center for Transportation.


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Case study: How Altamonte Springs' culture of innovation led to the 1st multiphase, multi-year city government autonomous deployment in the U.S.

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