Shawn Taikratoke | Chief Executive Officer
Mozee inc

Shawn Taikratoke, Chief Executive Officer, Mozee inc

As the Co-Founder and CEO of Mozee, Shawn Taikratoke is revolutionizing the transportation landscape through the innovative use of autonomous, electric, multi-passenger vehicles. With a deep-seated passion for computer engineering and a career that spans several prestigious roles, including time at Fossil, as a Principal Software Engineer in the Department of Defense focusing on UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), and impactful work at Apple, Shawn brings a wealth of experience and insight to the forefront of autonomous mobility solutions. Under Shawn's leadership, Mozee stands as a testament to the potential of driverless technology to make transportation accessible for all, effectively closing the first-mile, last-mile gap in urban and semi-urban settings. Each Mozee deployment is more than just a step towards universal mobility; it's a stride towards harnessing real-world data and insights essential for developing cutting-edge, vehicle-agnostic solutions. Shawn is a visionary who looks beyond the horizon of current technological advancements, advocating for a future where technology serves as a bridge between people, places, and services. His background, ranging from crafting elegant solutions at Fossil to pioneering UAV technologies for national defense, and contributing to Apple's legacy of innovation, positions him uniquely as an advocate for transformative change in the mobility sector. As a speaker, Shawn Taikratoke offers a rare blend of technical expertise, leadership prowess, and a genuine commitment to democratizing mobility. His discussions delve into the complexities of autonomous vehicle technology, the societal impacts of driverless transportation, and the role of innovation in shaping a more connected, accessible world. Shawn's narrative is not just about the journey of Mozee but about inspiring a future where technology and transportation converge to enhance collective well-being.


Day 1 @ 13:10

Commercial use cases: delivery, ride hailing & logistics 

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