Kai Boysan | CEO

Kai Boysan, CEO, Flix

Kai Boysan serves as the Chief Executive Officer, responsible for the strategic leadership of both FlixBus and Greyhound in North America. Before assuming this role, Boysan contributed significantly to Flix SE following its acquisition of Kâmil Koç Buses, Inc. in 2019. As the former Chief Executive Officer of Kâmil Koç, Turkey's largest intercity bus carrier, Boysan played a pivotal role in efficiently managing an expansive fleet of over 1,200 buses, catering to more than 22 million passengers annually.

With a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in national intercity bus operations, coupled with a strategic mindset and forward-thinking approach, Boysan is committed to spearheading the growth of FlixBus and Greyhound in North America.

The robust legacy of Greyhound and the innovative technology of FlixBus combine under Boysan’s leadership to offer innovative and cost-effective travel solutions to millions of travelers throughout North America. Holding a master's degree in economics from Yale University, he incorporates both, academic acumen and practical industry experience in his leadership role.


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