Ellis Spiezia | Electric Racing Driver
Ellysium Racing

Ellis Spiezia, Electric Racing Driver, Ellysium Racing

There’s more than one route to the finish line. With a start in indoor karting & sim racing, Ellis Spiezia is an 18 year old American electric racing driver paving an untraditional path. Having completed two seasons of competitive electric karting with four manufacturers across Europe, Ellis made the move to cars in 2022, taking an active role as a development & test driver for nearly every electric motorsport powertrain available at the junior level.  Ellis believes the rewards of being first far outweigh the risks, and proved it when his family left the US during a global pandemic in 2020 to pursue his singular passion for motorsport. By prioritizing electric racing, he is doubling down, leading a new generation that will transform education, the economy, and sustainability through innovation. Focused on web3, gaming and the metaverse, he sees this unique opportunity to have a critical role in the evolution of this new vertical within a legacy sport. A nominee for the inaugural BBC Green Sports Young Athlete of the Year Award, a member of EcoAthletes and High Impact Athletes, Ellis is confident and charismatic on stage and on track, bringing a fresh voice to the motorsport world.  He believes the rewards of being first far outweigh the risks.  


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The future of fuel cell propulsion

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