2019 Speakers     

David Blackburn, CTO, G3 Comms Plc

David Blackburn | CTO | G3 Comms Plc » speaking at Carriers World

Aurelie Canales, Head Of Product Management, Telia Carrier

Aurelie Canales | Head Of Product Management | Telia Carrier » speaking at Carriers World

Francois Collobert, Sales Director, CDN and Vyvx Solutions EMEA, Centurylink

Francois Collobert | Sales Director, CDN and Vyvx Solutions EMEA | Centurylink » speaking at Carriers World

Mark Daley, Director, Digital Strategy And Business Development, Epsilon

Arun Dehiri, Managing Director, Red Dawn Consulting

Sven Dirschauer, Director EMEA, Twilio

Patrick George, Group Chief Strategy Officer, Tofane Global

Patrick George | Group Chief Strategy Officer | Tofane Global » speaking at Carriers World

Eran Haggiag, Co-Founder And Executive Chairman, Clear Blockchain Technologies

Federico Homberg, Head Of Commercial Roaming Business Development, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier

Harald Krohg, Chief Executive Officer, Global Wholesale, Telenor

Kurtis Lindqvist, Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Director, LINX

Ravindran Mahalingam, Senior Vice President - International Business, HGC Global Communications

Robert McCabe, Director, Global Cloud & Strategic Solutions, Colt Technology Services Pte. Ltd.

Robert McCabe | Director, Global Cloud & Strategic Solutions | Colt Technology Services Pte. Ltd. » speaking at Carriers World

Yann Le Merle, Vice President Carriers, Ringcentral Inc

Yann Le Merle | Vice President Carriers | Ringcentral Inc » speaking at Carriers World

Kevin Paige, Chief Technology Officer, M247

Johan Peetermans, Head Of Carrier Relations, Voxbone

Johan Peetermans | Head Of Carrier Relations | Voxbone » speaking at Carriers World

Christophe Reyes, Managing Director, Unified Communications, Arkadin

Christophe Reyes | Managing Director, Unified Communications | Arkadin » speaking at Carriers World

Claudio Scola, Head of Product Management - EMEA, Centurylink

Adrian Shatku, Chief Executive Officer, WIS Telecom SA

Stacy Stubblefield, Co-Founder And Chief Innovation Officer, TeleSign

Stacy Stubblefield | Co-Founder And Chief Innovation Officer | TeleSign » speaking at Carriers World

Mike Van Den Bergh, Chief Marketing And Strategy Officer, PCCW Global