2019 Speakers     

Tom Barkan Benkler, Senior Product Manager, Nexmo a Vonage Company

Luis Benavente, Chief Technology Officer, BTS

David Blackburn, Chief Technology Officer, Conn3ct

David Blackburn | Chief Technology Officer | Conn3ct » speaking at Carriers World

Dean Bubley, Founder, Disruptive Analysis

Dean Bubley | Founder | Disruptive Analysis » speaking at Carriers World

Amy Cameron, Senior Industry Analyst, STL Partners

Amy Cameron | Senior Industry Analyst | STL Partners » speaking at Carriers World

Aurelie Canales, Head Of Product Management, Telia Carrier

Aurelie Canales | Head Of Product Management | Telia Carrier » speaking at Carriers World

Louis Carver, Chief Commercial Officer, AFR-IX Telecom S.L

Andrew Collinson, Partner And Research Director, STL Partners

Andrew Collinson | Partner And Research Director | STL Partners » speaking at Carriers World

Francois Collobert, Sales Director, Cdn And Vyvx Solutions Emea, CenturyLink

Roland Da Silva, Strategy Advisor, Consultant

Roland Da Silva | Strategy Advisor | Consultant » speaking at Carriers World

Valentina Dal Borgo, Sales Director, China Mobile International (UK) Limited

Valentina Dal Borgo | Sales Director | China Mobile International (UK) Limited » speaking at Carriers World

Mark Daley, Director, Digital Strategy And Business Development, Epsilon

Michael Dargue, Vice President, Cartesian

Michael Dargue | Vice President | Cartesian » speaking at Carriers World

Arun Dehiri, Managing Director, Red Dawn Consulting

Andrew Edison, Vice President, Wholesale & Cloud/Content, Colt Technology Services

Massimo Fatato, Management Consultant, Simphonia

Massimo Fatato | Management Consultant | Simphonia » speaking at Carriers World

Jaume Fornos, Principal Consultant, Strategy, Cartesian

Patrick George, EVP Product And Business Development, iBASIS

Adam Godwin, Head Of Wholesale Emea, Telstra

Cedric Gonin, Senior Marketing Director Mobile Services, Orange International Carriers

Cedric Gonin | Senior Marketing Director Mobile Services | Orange International Carriers » speaking at Carriers World

Mark Greatorex, Vice President Emea, Fuze

Martin Guilfoyle, CTO, Cirrus Core Networks

Martin Guilfoyle | CTO | Cirrus Core Networks » speaking at Carriers World

Marcus Hacke, Managing Director, ngena

Eran Haggiag, Co-Founder And Executive Chairman, Clear Blockchain Technologies

Vorgan Helary, IoT/M2M Business Development Manager, iBASIS

Andreas Hipp, Chief Executive Officer, Cataleya

Federico Homberg, Head Of Commercial Roaming Business Development, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier

David James, Principal Analyst - Wholesales, Ovum Ltd

David James | Principal Analyst - Wholesales | Ovum Ltd » speaking at Carriers World

Matthew Jones, Head Of Mobile Solutions, Telia Carrier

Matthew Jones | Head Of Mobile Solutions | Telia Carrier » speaking at Carriers World

Eli Katz, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Xconnect

Harald Krohg, Chief Executive Officer, Global Wholesale, Telenor

Matthew Larbey, Managing Director, Uk And Ireland, EdgeConnex

Matthew Larbey | Managing Director, Uk And Ireland | EdgeConnex » speaking at Carriers World

James Lasbrey, Director of Carrier Relations, Nexmo a Vonage Company

Kurtis Lindqvist, Chief Marketing Officer And Executive Director, LINX

Derek Long, Head Of Telecoms And Mobile, Cambridge Consultants Ltd

Martin Male, Head Of Emea Portfolio Project Services, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Martin Male | Head Of Emea Portfolio Project Services | Verizon Enterprise Solutions » speaking at Carriers World

Robert Mccabe, Director, Global Cloud And Strategic Solutions, Colt Technology Services Pte. Ltd.

Yann Le Merle, Vice President Carriers, Ringcentral Inc

Yann Le Merle | Vice President Carriers | Ringcentral Inc » speaking at Carriers World

Christian Michaud, Senior Vice President, Usage Based Services, Voice and Mobility, Tata Communications Limited

Steve Miller-Jones, Vice President Of Product Strategy, Limelight

Steve Miller-Jones | Vice President Of Product Strategy | Limelight » speaking at Carriers World

Philippe Millet, Chair, i3 Forum

Philippe Millet | Chair | i3 Forum » speaking at Carriers World

Vito Morawetz, Vice President, Access And Interconnect Practice, Cartesian

Clayton Nash, Head Of Products, CityFibre

Kevin Nethercott, Chief Commercial Officer, Telestax

Tom Northeast, Business Development Manager, HGC Global Communications

Grainne O'Sullivan, Program Manager, Voice of the Customer, HubSpot

Kevin Paige, Chief Technology Officer, M247

Isabelle Paradis, President, Hot Telecom

Isabelle Paradis | President | Hot Telecom » speaking at Carriers World

Johan Peetermans, Head Of Carrier Relations, Voxbone

Max Roettgermann, Product Manager, Deutsche Telekom

Francisco J Santos, Head Of Wholesale Services, Telefonica

Francisco J Santos | Head Of Wholesale Services | Telefonica » speaking at Carriers World

Claudio Scola, Head Of Product Management - Emea, CenturyLink

Adrian Shatku, Chief Executive Officer, WIS Telecom SA

Inderpal Singh Mumick, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Kirusa

Stacy Stubblefield, Co-Founder And Chief Innovation Officer, TeleSign

Stacy Stubblefield | Co-Founder And Chief Innovation Officer | TeleSign » speaking at Carriers World

Alex Sun, Deputy Managing Director, China Telecom Europe

Mike Van Den Bergh, Chief Marketing And Strategy Officer, PCCW Global

Justin Van Der Lande, Principal Analyst, Research, Analysys Mason

Wouter Van Renterghem, Global Business Development Manager, DE-CIX

Simon Waller, Vice President Carrier and Indirect, GTT

Mark Weait, Vice President Europe, Tata Communications (UK) Ltd

Simon Withers, Head Of Digital Solution Design, Vodafone Business

Simon Withers | Head Of Digital Solution Design | Vodafone Business » speaking at Carriers World

Gorkem Yigit, Senior Analyst, Research, Analysys Mason