"Our vision is to create a new type of event for the wholesale market, one where disruptive technology and innovation enables the network as an agile building block for the digital ecosystem."

For over 20 years, Carriers World has been setting the agenda for the capacity market, delivering a high-level conference and exhibition where wholesale operators and their partners find the solutions to their challenges.

Now, Carriers World is transforming to reflect a landscape where wholesalers need to transform every aspect of their business, from corporate culture to employee skill sets, from process to technology, as they seek greater efficiences and to develop new offerings to market.

A more complex landscape demands that wholesalers offer a wider range of products and solutions to existing and new customers, and deliver with the speed and agility of the Cloud. It will be an environment where the successful are able to deliver not just for their customer, but for their customer's customer - utilising the strength of their network and developing platforms to deliver services as APIs for new offerings, ranging from IoT and blockchain, to AI and cloudification.

Carriers World will deliver even more content, greater attendance, and a larger networking exhibition for suppliers to showcase the products and solutions that will enable tomorrow's wholesale market.

Welcome to wholesale's digital future.



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