For over 20 years, Carriers World has been setting the agenda for the capacity market, delivering a high level and content driven event where wholesale operators and their partners find the solutions to their challenges, exchange ideas, network and build partnerships. The event has remained popular and relevant by continually evolving the agenda to include new topics and attracting industry leading speakers.

Carriers are currently undergoing a transformation that encompasses every aspect of their business including business process, commercial strategy, technology, corporate culture and employee skill sets. The evolving landscape of the carrier business demands that the industry offer a wider range of products and solutions to existing and new customers, as well as developing a service offering not justfor their own customer but for their customer's customer.

Digitalisation in the economy is seeing the industry ecosystem constantly expand and with this development comes new partnerships, new customers, new competitors and new service offerings. For 2019, we are reacting to the dynamic changes in the industry and so, whilst still including the traditional Carriers World content, we will also be adding two new tracks of content focusing on cloud & enterprise ICT and the new service and partnership opportunities emerging in the platform space.

Carriers World 2019 will deliver even more content, more attendees and a larger networking exhibition for suppliers to showcase the products and solutions that are enabling tomorrow's wholesale market.

Welcome to wholesale's digital future.



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