Alex Sun | Deputy Managing Director
China Telecom Europe

Alex Sun, Deputy Managing Director, China Telecom Europe

Alex Sun, Deputy Managing Director of China Telecom (Europe) Ltd, has worked at China Telecom for almost 25 years. Having begun his career in the Engineer, Operation and Maintenance Department of the Jiangsu branch, he later moved on to such roles as Senior Marketing Manager, Senior Manager of Budget & Planning, and Director of the VIP Customer Department in Shanghai.

In 2011 Alex moved to the US to as Deputy Director, Enterprise Business of China Telecom (Americas). In 2014 he became Director of Mobile Business – a position he held until 2019 when he moved to London to take up his current role.

Alex holds a BSc in Information and Science and Engineering, and an MBA from Nanjing University.


Carriers World 2019 Day 1 @ 11:30

Cloud & Enterprise ICT: the new hunting ground for the CSP

  • New partnerships, competitors and business models
  • Cloud provider - carrier partnerships
  • New streams of revenue
  • Developing new service offerings
  • How can carriers use their network advantage to capture advanced services revenue?
last published: 10/Sep/19 11:15 GMT

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