Louis Carver | Chief Commercial Officer
AFR-IX Telecom S.L

Louis Carver, Chief Commercial Officer, AFR-IX Telecom S.L

Louis Carver, CCO at AFR-IX Telecom, a leading provider of integrated data services, spanning over 40 countries in the west, central, southern and eastern Africa regions with additional presences in the major data centres of Europe. Using multiple oceanic and terrestrial support systems and working closely with in-country licenced partners, AFR-IX Telecom bridges the digital divide with a simple "go-to-market" process, coupled with a cemented SLA, based on a unique regional network topology, thus limiting excessive latencies.

Bringing over 25 years of experience of deploying network services in Europe, the Middle East and Africa with various well-known Global Provider logos, Louis oversees the strategic business development at AFR-IX Telecom in terms of commercial activities, and partnership programmes.

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