Kurtis Lindqvist | Chief Marketing Officer And Executive Director

Kurtis Lindqvist, Chief Marketing Officer And Executive Director, LINX

Kurt Erik “Kurtis” Lindqvist has a broad background in engineering and business development of ISP and worldwide carrier networks. He has spent the past 20 years working actively in the Internet community in several varied roles.

From 2002 to 2015 he was the CEO of Netnod. Kurt Erik has been the chairman of Euro-IX since 2003. He is also a dedicated WG Chair for RIPE where he has serve d as NCC-Services WG Chair since 2004. He is a regular and appreciated speaker at several International Internet conferences such as RIPE, APRICOT and Nanog.

Previously Kurt Erik has chaired the Multi6, shim6 and v6ops WGs in the IETF. He is also the co-author of two RFCs. Kurt Erik has served as a member of the Internet Architecture Board between 2005-2009.

Over the years Kurt Erik has participated actively in the development, standardisation and deployment of IPv6 in the IETF and various other operational forums. In addition Kurt Erik served as an adviser to the Swedish Minister of Information Technology and Energy cooperating with Anna-Karin Hatt and the Swedish Minister of foreign affairs, Carl Bildt.


Carriers World 2019 Day 1 @ 14:20

Is the Internet Exchange the new interconnect model for us all?

  • Do we have a more complex choice of where and how to interconnect?
  • How can internet exchanges provide more cost effective interconnectivity with the emerging and more complex eco-systems emerging from the cloud?
  • What are the services that might migrate to a peering type approach?
  • How does the Enterprise stand to win with a growing IX eco-system?
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