Luis Benavente | Chief Technology Officer

Luis Benavente, Chief Technology Officer, BTS

Luis serves as BTS’ CTO which is ranked in the top 12 globally as one the largest Wholesale Operators which also designs, develops and operates its own technological applications. Luis heads the Operations and Network Teams responsible for the development of solutions used by BTS and its customers. Working together with its partners, BTS has been very active in the creation and implementation of innovative solutions for the telecom industry.


Carriers World 2018 Day 1 @ 15:20

Exploring AI’s potential to transform the wholesale industry

- Key AI touch points for the carrier industry- Transforming operations and service provision- Exploring the AI partnership ecosystem- How will AI impact the voice, capacity and transit business?- AI for pricing- AI for fraud
last published: 13/Aug/18 10:22 GMT

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