Gorkem Yigit | Senior Analyst, Research
Analysys Mason

Gorkem Yigit, Senior Analyst, Research, Analysys Mason

Gorkem is the lead analyst for Analysys Mason’s Digital Infrastructure Strategies research programme, covering NFV, SDN and cloud computing technologies and markets. His research focuses on the building blocks, architecture and adoption of the software-defined, disaggregated and open networks that will underpin the delivery of 5G, video, IoT and edge services and enable operational automation. He has published research on the strategic direction of key virtualisation technologies and platforms; NFV/SDN value chain disruption; competitive analysis; and use/business case evaluation. Gorkem also works on consulting projects with a wide range of telecom operator and vendor clients, providing strategic advisory, technical expertise, quantitative analysis and thought leadership collateral.


Carriers World 2019 Day 1 @ 12:30


Operator strategies for building the 5G NFVI

last published: 10/Sep/19 11:15 GMT

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