5 conference rooms, 5 on floor seminars on the expo floor and even a demo launchpad!


Working with our home delivery community from parcel and freight shippers to grocers and food delivery companies to supply chain and technology experts we will be providing more content than ever before!

Through case studies, panels, roundtables and demos you will have a toolkit to navigate the rapidly evolving area of home delivery.

The 5 major themes of content for the event will focus on parcel, freight, supply chain, data & analytics and grocery & food.






  • How to increase shipping speed, efficiency and reduce costs by leveraging technology and software
  • How to strategically place trucks and optimize routes
  • How to use autonomous robots and vehicles for the last mile 
  • How to leverage LIDAR, camera, sensors and radar technology to optimize vehicles in the last mile 
  • How to implement a successful omnichannel fulfillment strategy


  • How to roll out a white glove service that compliments same-day delivery 
  • How to collaborate with LTL carriers and improve on-time delivery rates 
  • How to reduce reverse logistics costs 
  • How to compare and leverage different ports 
  • How to achieve efficient and exceptional in-home installation


  • How to leverage data to establish cross departmental KPIs 
  • How to implement robots and automation in the warehouse 
  • How to take control of the supply chain and provide a distribution that meets demand
  • How to implement augmented reality and connectivity in the warehouse 
  • How to utilize technology to reduce picking costs


  • How to establish a home delivery eCommerce platform 
  • How to source effective last mile partners 
  • How to transport perishables 
  • How to use technology to deliver faster 
  • How to ensure product safety


  • How to implement blockchain and IoT in logistics 
  • How to effectively process last mile data with data analytics 
  • How to evaluate cybersecurity service providers and protect data
  • How to transform omnichannel retail with predictive analytics 
  • How to improve shipping and eCommerce performance with analytics

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Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA

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