Sean Adgerson, Chief Operating Officer, Maryland Transit Administration

Sean Adgerson | Chief Operating Officer | Maryland Transit Administration » speaking at MOVE America

Jim Adler, Founding Managing Director And Board Member, Toyota AI Ventures

Samir Agrawal, Sr Director of Hardware Engineering, NIO USA

Priya Ajit, Head of International Business Development, Lyko

Nick Albanese, Head of Intelligent Mobility, Bloomberg NEF

Travis Allan, Vice-President, Public Affairs and General Counsel, FLO

Jon-Erik Arjanen, Vice President And Chief Operating Officer, Rail, Trinity Metro

Pernilla Arnell, Global Director Digital Sales, Autoliv

Michelle Avary, Head Of Automotive And Autonomous Mobility, World Economic Forum

Michelle Avary | Head Of Automotive And Autonomous Mobility | World Economic Forum » speaking at MOVE America

Daniel Barel, Co Founder And Chief Executive Officer, REE Auto

Brittany Barrett, Assistant Director of Transportation, Emory University

Blaire Bauman, Director of U.S. Marketing, Wejo

Blaire Bauman | Director of U.S. Marketing | Wejo » speaking at MOVE America

Marcus Behrendt, Partner, BMW i Ventures

Marcus Behrendt | Partner | BMW i Ventures » speaking at MOVE America

Assaf Biderman, Founder & CEO, Superpedestrian

Anna Borbotko, Mobility and On-Demand Product Marketing Manager, TomTom

Alan Boyle, Contributing Editor, GeekWire

Olabisi Boyle, Vice President, Product & Mobility, Hyundai Motor America

Brandon Branham, Chief Technology Officer / Assistant City Manager, City of Peachtree Corners

Grayson Brulte, Innovation Strategist & Co-Founder, Brulte & Company

Cory Bullis, Senior Public Affairs Specialist, FLO

Don Burnette, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Kodiak Robotics

Peter Campbell, Global Motor Industry Correspondent, Financial Times

Kyle Clark, CEO, Beta Technologies

Cristina Commendatore, Executive Editor, Fleet Owner Magazine

Gabrielle Coppola, Auto Industry Reporter, Bloomberg

Aurelien Cottett, Board Director, The Maas Alliance

Ron Cygnarowicz, Vice President of Clients, TransLoc

Amy Davidsen, Executive Director, North America, The Climate Group

Chris Dempsey, Director, Transportation for Massachusetts

Vikram Dogra, Deputy Chief of Capital Programs, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Vikram Dogra | Deputy Chief of Capital Programs | Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority » speaking at MOVE America

Caroline Drabe, CEO, M Sverige

Caroline Drabe | CEO | M Sverige » speaking at MOVE America

James Eaton, Solutions Engineer, Wejo

James Eaton | Solutions Engineer | Wejo » speaking at MOVE America

Lauren Fix, Sector Analyst, The Car Coach

Lauren Fix | Sector Analyst | The Car Coach » speaking at MOVE America

Harry Foster, Marketing Manager, MOVE America 2021

Harry Foster | Marketing Manager | MOVE America 2021 » speaking at MOVE America

Derek Fretheim, Senior Director, National Innovation, First Transit

Derek Fretheim | Senior Director, National Innovation | First Transit » speaking at MOVE America

Alan Ghelberg, Vice President Of Strategy, Aurora

Carolyn Gonot, Executive Director, Utah Transit Authority

David Graham, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Carlsbad

Ethan Grob, Director, Delivery Strategy & Product, Kroger

Ethan Grob | Director, Delivery Strategy & Product | Kroger » speaking at MOVE America

Nina Grooms-Lee, Chief Product Officer, May Mobility

Jordan Guerrero, Sales Enablement Manager, Wejo

Jordan Guerrero | Sales Enablement Manager | Wejo » speaking at MOVE America

Bryan Hansel, Chief Executive Officer, Chanje

Bryan Hansel | Chief Executive Officer | Chanje » speaking at MOVE America

Sean Harrington, CEO, Optimus Ride

Paul Hendriks, Owner, SafeDrivePod

Eric Hoarau, Sr. Director Technology & Business Development, Flex

Ganesh V Iyer, Global CIO and US Managing Director, Nio

Charlie Jatt, Head of Commercialization, Waymo

Mark Johnson, CEO, Mobi Safety Rewards Pty Ltd

Debra Johnson, CEO, RTD Denver

Shefali Kapadia, Senior Editor, Supply Chain Dive, Industry Dive

Sofia Kjellqvist, Product Manager, Scania

Kini L. E. Knudson, Street Transportation Director, City of Phoenix

Erinn Leahey, Global General Manager, SaaS, Gett

Pierre Lefevre, CTO and Board Member, COAST Autonomous

Phillip Lindberg, Vice President Of Product, Starship Technologies

Christoffer Malm, Director, Digital Business & Mobility, Autoliv AB

Christoffer Malm | Director, Digital Business & Mobility | Autoliv AB » speaking at MOVE America

Ben Marcus, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, UP. Partners

Mallory McMorrow, Senator, State of Michigan

Jessica Mefford-Miller, Executive Director, Metro St Louis

Daniel Nguyen, Senior Director of Marketing, FLO

Amit Nisenbaum, Member, Forbes Technology Council

Pierre Olivier, CTO, LeddarTech

Darren Palmer, GM, Battery Electric Vehicles, Ford Motor Company

Peter Pantuso, President And Chief Executive Officer, American Bus Association

Jamie Parks, Liveable Streets Director, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Jamie Parks | Liveable Streets Director | San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency » speaking at MOVE America

Akshat Patel, Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder, Udelv

Andy Pickering, Head of Product Marketing, Wejo

Andy Pickering | Head of Product Marketing | Wejo » speaking at MOVE America

Sander Pluimers, Product Manager, TomTom

Annie Pratt, President, Atlis Motor Vehicles

Alla Reddy, Deputy Chief, Data Research & Development, New York City Transit

Karina Ricks, Director Of Mobility & Infrastructure, City of Pittsburgh

Kyle Rowe, Global Head of Government Partnerships, Spin

Sam Saad, Head of Strategic Initiatives, Gatik AI

Caroline Samponaro, Head of Transit & Micromobility Policy, Lyft

Reuben Sarkar, President & CEO, The American Center For Mobility

Matthew Satterley, Policy & Government Relations, Wing

Matthew Satterley | Policy & Government Relations | Wing » speaking at MOVE America

Shiv Sikand, Executive Vice President and Founder, Drako Motors

Shiv Sikand | Executive Vice President and Founder | Drako Motors » speaking at MOVE America

Daniel Sisco, Senior Director - Automotive Systems, Renesas

Brett Smith, Director, Technology, Center for Automotive Research

Brett Smith | Director, Technology | Center for Automotive Research » speaking at MOVE America

Austin Stanion, Senior SE, TransLoc

Katie Stevens, Global Head of Policy, Lime

Chris Stoddart, President, New Flyer

Jordan Sun, Chief Innovation Officer, City of San Jose

Shyam Sundar, Sr. Director, Faraday Future

Lava Sunder, General Manager, Culdesac

Kristina Swallow, Director, Nevada Department of Transportation

Uri Tamir, General Manager, North America, Mobileye, an Intel Company

Chris Teale, Reporter, Smart Cities Dive

Daniel Tibble, Director of Data Science & Analytics, Wejo

Daniel Tibble | Director of Data Science & Analytics | Wejo » speaking at MOVE America

Jim Tymon, Executive Director, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

Terry White, General Manager, King County Metro Transit

LeeAnna Wiggs, Customer Success Manager, TransLoc

Paul Wilson, Chair, Smart Cities World

Howard Wood, Executive Director, DriveOhio

Sarah Wray, Editor, Cities Today

Sarah Wray | Editor | Cities Today » speaking at MOVE America

Ben Wrightsman, President And Chief Executive Officer, Battery Innovation Center

Dosanna Wu, Product Marketing Manager, TomTom

Dosanna Wu | Product Marketing Manager | TomTom » speaking at MOVE America

Sam Zaid, Founder & Executive Chairman, Getaround

Tracey Zhen, President, Zipcar