Seamless East Africa consists of multiple, coexisting conferences. They are all packed with content.

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Innovative technology advancements continue to drive growth across the payments ecosystem. As mobile payments continue to soar, digital transformation strengthens its hold and consumer expectations rise, Seamless Payments will strive to tackle to biggest trends disrupting and reshaping the industry.
The banking ecosystem is evolving and shows no signs of slowing down. Digital transformation is a core focus as banks strive to remain relevant in the digital era. Addressing innovation, AI, analytics, automation and more, our banking innovation track addresses the question that matters: what’s next?
Fintech is changing the financial landscape at a rapid pace. Highly attuned to customer needs and agile enough to adapt to meet them, fintech holds huge potential. Seamless Fintech will gather key industry players under one roof to discuss all things fintech and further solidify EA’s status as a fintech hub.
Insurtech has added a new dimension to the insurance ecosystem. Innovative technology and an abundance of data presents the industry with a wealth of opportunity. Seamless Insurtech will bring together insurance innovators and disruptors to discuss what the future holds.
A new wave of technology is causing industry players to rethink their regulation and compliance approach. As organisations strive to balance risk with innovation, our dedicated regtech and compliance stream will address everything from sandboxes to KYC to cybersecurity.
As financial inclusion continues to improve the financial situation of the unbanked and underbanked, it also creates massive business opportunity. Our Financial Inclusion stream will cover everything from financial innovation to digital lending to agritech as we strive to spark innovative ideas and further drive financial inclusion forward.
As merchant payments evolve, key players must now pioneer or perish in an era of payment innovation. Throughout an engaging two days of presentations and panel discussions, we will explore the technology advances enabling the next generation of streamlined payments



Overview of the agenda



Premium keynote plenary session
Payments Banking innovation Fintech Insurtech Regtech Fintech focused financial inclusion Merchant payments
Networking drinks (sponsored)


Keynote plenary session
Payments Banking innovation Fintech Insurtech Regtech Fintech focused financial inclusion Merchant payments



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