Hartnell Ndungi | Chief Data Officer (CDO)
Absa | Kenya

Hartnell Ndungi, Chief Data Officer (CDO), Absa

Hartnell is the first Chief Data Officer in the East Africa Region. His specialty is in the Banking and Financial Services sector where he has been able to master the development and execution of key Data Strategies for large banks and financial institutions. He was previously the Head of Data & Analytics for Co-operative Bank of Kenya where he set up the bank’s Data office and delivered a comprehensive Data Strategy for the enterprise. He is currently the Chief Data Officer at Absa Kenya where he leads the Data Science, Data Governance, Business Intelligence and Analytics teams. With a deep understanding of Data Management, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Advance Analytics and Governance, he seeks to ensure that organizations are able to set up dynamic data teams, understand the data they hold, harness actionable insights and deliver key use cases encompassing profitability, artificial intelligence, operational efficiency, product development and growth.

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