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Sealy Commercial is Australia’s largest bedding manufacturer in the hospitality & accommodation industry, delivering specially designed bedding products that ensure guest satisfaction night after night. Our commercial sleep systems are specifically designed with the hotel industry in mind to ensure your guests experience a quality sleep experience to meet their comfort expectations and deliver long-term value for money and high performance.


All Sealy® mattresses are made to order and made by hand, right here in Australia and New Zealand. We are proud to have 6 production facilities across the region, employing over 800 Australian and New Zealanders servicing hundreds of Commercial and Retail Customers. Our highly experienced craftsmen and craftswomen make mattresses with the utmost care and professionalism. Every bed passes through 11 sets of hands, as a minimum; it is this end-to-end attention to detail and commitment to manual processes that Sealy prides itself on.


We are passionate about supporting our workforce and local manufacturing. As sleep experts, we strive to ensure that we provide superior products for the accommodation industry.


Sealy® recognises the importance of environmental sustainability. We have many initiatives underway across our international business, from within our sourcing teams to our manufacturing facilities. Over 90% of the materials in our mattresses are recyclable. We use plantation timber for foundations. Local manufacturing ensures the carbon footprint of each mattress is minimised through fewer transport miles.


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ICC Sydney Exhibition Centre
Darling Harbour, Sydney

Wednesday 18 September 2024
Thursday 19 September 2024
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